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Check my Channel out please! by Kenny1315
Check my Channel out please!
I just got a universal mic, I record gameplays but now I will be adding my voice, doing song covers and anime/manga reviews! Check out my channel @ shaquanshia
I just got a universal mic, I record gameplays but now I will be adding my voice, doing song covers and anime/manga reviews! Check out my channel @ shaquanshia
The King's Passage - 6th Installment of ~SHU~

When I posted here the format totally changed - if you want to read it in a better and spaced out format the link is:…

“While I'm off with your instructor Erwin you will be given a special mission, me being who I am – I know everything. Nothing passes me, I entrust you to guard my child from these wicked creatures.” The Kng said lifting his right hand towards the slowly hidden door rising. Two guards walked out from the door, traveling behind them long brown hair flowed violently, coming in between the guards a young girl with bold green eyes looked over the group – her father and the teacher's were no where in sight. “S-she's beautiful! I know I can become King and ma-” Beowulf began spitting out before feeling a swiss punch from Konan, holding his side in pain he dropped to the floor. “Ow, ow, ow, ow.” Beowulf said in pain. “This mission isn't to seduce her bonehead.” Konan said annoyed as she walked up to the girl bowing as the rest of the team followed along with. “Rise your heads warriors, will you risk your life to keep me out of trouble? Better than the guards behind me?” The Princess asked looking at them with the same expression, the guards began to chuckle. “We'd fail our mission if we didn't Princess..?” Kaiser responded, in await for her name. The Princess just smiled before she spoke again. “I am Princess Zeida of the Earth Nation.” Princess Zeida said as she began walking back into the hidden room, everyone began slowly falling her. The room and the castle itself changed, the beautiful natural room combined beautiful with the expensive gold and glass around. Flowers of all types surrounded the room, Zeida picked one up and began walking over the bridge. “I don't care if you fail this mission, nor do I care if you live, if I'm in trouble – die. If I'm bored die, for example – Guard 2 jump off the bridge.” Princess Zeida said coldly not turning around, without hesitation the 2nd Guard jumped over the bridge falling to his death – she threw the flower off the bridge. “He'll be honored, it's not everyday I do a proper grave with flowers.” The Princess Zeida finished as stairs appeared at the end of the bridge, going deeper in the castle the elements themselves began to change. “She just ordered him to die, are we suppose to follow those orders too if need be?” The Dr. asked whispering around at her team, Beowulf gulped in pain. Kaiser shook her head as she pressed her finger to her lips. “The elements – suddenly it's just sightly uncomfortable to have my jacket on it.” Kaiser admitted as she unbuttoned her jacket, Beowulf began nodding. “So nice of you to notice, I get whatever I want when I want. Have you heard of the tree called “Cherry blossoms, or the Sakura Tree?” The Princess asked interested in the group. “Ah yes, they originated from Japan – beautifully blooms the pinkest of leaves around.” Lola said answering her, Zeida began smiling brightly. Konan nodded. “They bloom only in the Spring.” Konan added, Zeida began skipping along til a wooden door ended their path. Opening it, the smell of Spring and pink leaves flew out of it gently. Coming in one by one they the weather, scenery, and the feel was changed in an instant. “To the right is my families Buzoku, I could of changed this room to my liking – but this was too beauitful.” The Princess said walking into the decent sized home. Lola stayed outside enjoying the fresh leaves falling upon her skin. Entering the house it seemed empty, but the smell of food filled the house quickly racing towards the smell food was out and the queen was snacking on fine dark roasted bear and dark fried lobster. The chiefs waved them over to come eat. As began eating a young boy, or girl opened the door – their attire completely green from hair to shoes. “Hello, I am Jesse.” Jesse said introducing themselves as they took a seat and began shoving down food. Beowulf blinked at him curiously. “Are mission is to guard her, who are you exactly?” Beowulf said with caution, making one begin to rise only to be stopped by Zeida's hand. “He is your assistance, fresh back from traveling. Do you really think I'd allow just some Senior High students to protect me?” The Princess said laughing along with Jesse, Kaiser slowly raised her hand. “About that, not only this tree safe – but the whole Nation. Why is he so worried a mer creature attacking you Ma'am?” Kaiser asked, The Princess, chief, and Jesse sat still as the question escaped from her lips. “Who cares what you think or why you're doing this? Just do your job.” Zeida said shoving their food off the table as she walked out the room with Jesse steadily behind her. Kaiser sighing, Lola grabbed her shoulder for support. Minutes passing they all began enjoying the quiet house that surrounded them. “It's, too quiet.” Kaiser said slowly, looking around the room. They all ready their weapons as they slowly walked towards the door that the Princess walked out of. Before Konan could wrap her hand over the knob it was immediately opened from the outside by a tall, look a like Zeida minus the boobs. All taking a step back in shock the boy smiled and waved. “Are you the skillsmen due to guard my sister?” The man asked – Lola sighing in relief she lowered her weapon. “You scared us Prince, your sister ran out and we got worried.” Lola said smiling as she bowed respectfully. “Sorry for the sneak up, my sister stormed past me so I thought I'd get you lot before she goes off somewhere.” The Prince said as he walked off with the others behind him closely. Going deeper underground the silence grew and grew, only darkness was close to them at all times. The Prince sped up turning a sharp corner, Kaiser put her hand up for the group to stop. “I don't recall the King saying he had children, only a child.” Kaiser said a loud the groups shocked face slowly turned towards where the Prince ran off. Beowulf lite a torch – the darkness fading the hallway was straight and endless. “But we saw him turn a corner in front of us – where is he?!” Lola asked in fear looking around as they all pulled out their weapons Konan took a few steps a head stopping in place black and purple energy flowed all around her seeking into the floor of the castle. The ground under them began to shake lightly, hands flew out from underground til 3 dead looking guards rose from the ground. The team took a step back as the guards bowed to Konan. “Tell me my beauties – who has killed you and where are the killers?” Konan asked as a box of white energy covered her hand she pulled out a small thin sword – gently laying it upon each guards shoulders quickly. “What the fuck is this..” Beowulf said falling to the ground as he held his weapon tightly, he gulped. Lola quickly pulled him to his feet placing him in front of her. “She specializes in death – she's a necromancer. The dead is her puppets.” Lola stated as she felt a sharp glare coming from Konan – looking back Konan's eyes were filled with fire. “Puppets? Are you a barbarian? A slave trader? These are my partners.” Konan stated proudly as she turned her attention back to her guardsmen. The immediately began walking towards a solid wall – placing their hand on it, the hidden door rose. They began leading the group into a well spaced out room – lightly lite around the edges the room was dim and yet again silent. The guardsmen stopped in the middle of the room, looking around as if confused. “It's silent again, and this time I'm following my gut.” Kaiser said as red energy appeared over her hand – balling her hand into a fist a fired flame was now around her arm. Throwing a blast of fire at the ceiling it spread into pieces seconds before impact. Four other people shielded their eyes from the flame, all dressed in torn and used green forest robes. Behind them stood a large dark beast of an unknown kind, gripping the Princess tightly in it's tuck as she screamed. The “Prince” appeared as smooth as air, taking his seat on the beast's hand – he stroked the Princess's hair. The Doctor threw a dagger only for it to simply bounce off the beast, The “Prince” began to laugh. “I'm Ersten, thank you for handing me the Princess.” Esten said as he licked the girl slowly from her forehead to her shoulder – suddenly the dagger blew up. Releasing yellow steam around the opposing team, only three fell to their knees. “I can't move my body!” Ersten said as he began to fall off the beast – one of the hooded men took off their robes relieving blue short hair and a build of a thief. Quickly jumping on the wall for support he catch Ersten and laid him safely on the ground. The other hooded man who remain standing began slicing his finger releasing blood onto the floor the green energy flowed though his body. Konan threw dark energy on the floor, the dead began to rise quicker than the 1st time. They began forming a shield around the team. “It's a summon! Brace yourself my partners can only survivable though so much damage!” Konan yelled as they all began to brace themselves. The summoner's robe began getting pushed violently by the wind but the summoner himself remained on level ground. His wasted blood began taking forming with black and green energy around it – a large armored elephant stood from the blood. Giving a loud roar, the summoner began to screaming in pain. “Armored Phenomenon of The Forest – kill these traitors!” The summoner yelled as blood came their mouth, without another words sharps roots sprung from underground, impaling the summoner in multiple places. H-how could you just kill her like that?!” The blue haired boy said as he drew his twin daggers and charged at Lola. Stupid boy, she killed herself – her summons aren't in line yet. She simply wasn't ready.” Lola said looking at the boy with dull eyes, seconds before his dagger made contact Lola hopped over his shoulder. Touching her leg silver energy appeared around it, kick the attacker in the back sending him I flying, then doing a smooth front flip. Her legs – their like rocks.” Kaiser whispered admiring Lola's leg work, the silver slowly disappeared off Lola's legs. Smiling she, the other two began to finally move. Look into my eye – realize who your tamer is. Get us out of here!” Ersten commanded as his eye glowed a bright black, he grabbed on to the beasts horns as they smashed though the upper floors they charged though the walls. This beast.” Lola said as she threw blasts of blue energy around the beast – freezing them it was ineffective. They charged though still. I'll handle this guy, some of my partners are still here and can be put to use.” Konan said as two of her dead guards charged at the hooded man. The man held his hands together in front of his face, release a small bubble of purple energy. Immediately it blasted out into poison mist, the attacker's clothes started burn away slowly. The last hooded man began backing into the corner trembling scared to attack. The flames – their purple. Why are they dying after one a attack?” Kaiser asked, Beowulf pulled at her arm and they all began running after the beast. All of them stopped at the same time upon the 1st hole entrance of where the beast ram – the hole was hit ground level, 120 meters away. How high – is that?” Beowulf said in shock, The Doctor began looking around sighing, she looked at Beowulf and touched his unicorn horn making his knees buckle. 393.700787 ft. exactly, we have to get moving.” The Doctor replied, the others mouths dropped. They began running up at full speed, within 2 minutes they popped out onto the surface. The path straight ahead was freshly made, houses, buildings, and farms were torn apart all thanks to the beasts charge. We failed this mission.” Konan said face palming herself as Kaiser nudged her sightly. Sh, follow those tracks or we will.” Kaiser warned her as they began following the tracks – the deaths were small but the descution was far too great. Looks like only 49 deaths Konan said running as she opened her eyes, The Doctor groaned. Only 49? Do you not realize that simply 1 death is too much?!” The Doctor yelled in anger, Lola sighed making a mirror ahead of them the beast was on the other side – dead.” That's enough. 49 is a good number, 1 would be worthless and lonely. Two is still as lonely - “ Erwin said jumping in front of them, making them all come to a hard stop – The Doctor began to yell. Do you realize what you're saying?! People are dead because you vanished without an explanation! We didn't fight creatures we fought another group of tier one even zero students!” The Doctor yelled out with tears falling off her cheeks her white eyes glazed with pain she fell to her knees crying. You're over reacting, and you saw things you thought you did. But the beast was killed by me of course.” Erwin said smirking at The Doctor, he began to walk past them. What is justice to you?” Konan asked out loud, making Erwin stop he began to chuckle. Saving as many lives possible, and living out my job to the fullest.” Erwin said, not turning around to even face them. Then after I get out of college, I'll teach you what it is.” Kaiser said balling her fist he finally turned around laughing. If you want a preview I guess I could show you – your energy span doing ok kid?” Erwin asked smiling as he got his mace got – putting it in his mouth, he held his head up high. Just, fine.” Kaiser stated as she placed both hands on the halt of her sword. Beowulf began looking at the two in shock. This isn't happening right? You can't go up against a teacher.” Beowulf warned Kaiser, Konan pulled him back nodding her head. Erwin is no good.” Konan whispered as Lola began to back away slowly in fear. Erwin leaped over, ready to slam Kaiser into the ground with his mace seconds before impact her lips moved fast as sky blue colored symbol appeared around her legs. Agility.” Kaiser said she quickly shoulder bashed into his chest sending him rolling he bounced back – throwing his mace directly at Kaiser in mid rebound. She quickly got her pistol her out and shot two dark energy blasts at his mace making it vanish. Where did you put my mace?!” Erwin yelled making Kaiser smirk in amusement, Erwin's hand glowed silver as he pulled out an axe – he quickly charged at Kaiser, with a click of a button the shaft became longer with an extra axe blade – spinning it, it starting cutting some of Kaiser's clothes and skin. Kaiser gripped the handled, pulling out her sword the smooth black steel began appearing – Erwin smiling wickedly he pointed to the ground. Kaiser looking down to see a hand in a “hand-gun” motion fired a sharp rock though Kaiser's shoulder – she fell. Erwin grabbing the hand instructor Gomosaku popped out from underground, sighing they yelled over for medical attention. The group remain silent and in shock as a 3 man group of medical workers began rubbing their nations herbs over the wound – healing it instantly Kaiser still looked sick. Well at least her wound is healed, she'll be healing it for a day or so still.” The Doctor said sighing in relief as Erwin's leg appeared in front of her as she looked up. Because of your motivational speech of bullshit caused this, you both will be in detention.” Erwin said as he patted her on the head and began to walk off – Beowulf helped Kaiser up as they began walking towards their homes. Before you go, due know never speak about the mission. It's for forbidden – final warning.” Gomosaku shouted out as they went their own ways the kids groaned in pain. I didn't have a chance.” Kaiser said coughing as she leaned on Beowulf for support he began chuckling. Damn straight – he's 5 years ahead and meant to train us, he's the best of the three.” Beowulf stated and Kaiser nodded her head in disagreement. Gomosaku is amazing, staying underground that long without air – then that move, I just never saw it coming.” Kaiser stated as the sun began to set Kaiser clutched her fist. Team 01! Where is the Princess?!” Gomosaku said running from the west of them – they all stood their in shock as their eyes widen. He was able to change himself into a look of like of the princess – and of course he posed as you two.” Kaiser said face palming herself now, Gomosaku grabbed at Konan. Where is the Princess?!” Gomosaku asked nearly yelling at her, Konan just nodded her head no. Erwin and The King disappeared and left us with a ridiculous mission. We was ambushed more than once.” Beowulf explained, Gomosaku rubbed their head in frustration. The Princess is missing – The King and Erwin are at symbolism meeting along with Jesse. Who's the traitor, damn-it.” Gomosaku asked, sighing they waved them off. “Forget this, the tournament week is within two weeks – focus on learning a new skill and prepare for this.” They added as they began running towards the impact sight. Just drop me off at house 802, please.” Kaiser said in pain, they all parted ways as Beowulf took her to Gein's house – word of the Princess got out quickly, The townsmen began talking furiously about their missing Princess. Seeming endless they finally reached Gein's house, walking up the door opened immediately. Sully screamed as Gein quickly covered her mouth, sighing he waved the two off. Going down into his basement Beowulf laid Kaiser down on the padded floor. Sully immediately began pulling up Kaiser's shirt and began checking her healing wound. “Her wound has already been treated thankfully.” Sully said in relief as Kaiser was fast asleep, Gein chuckled. “Are you Kaiser's teammate? Gein Koza.” Gein introduce himself with a slight bow – Beowulf smiled. “Just call me Beowulf, this is my 2nd mission with her and it's been interesting.” Beowulf said smiling as Sully giggled. “She's reckless but she cares.” Sully said as she looked over the sleeping Kaiser. “What happened exactly?” Gein asked – Beowulf's smiled quickly disappeared as he sighed. “We had a mission to protect the Princess, but we was deceive so badly.” Beowulf explained as he shook his head. “I have to get going, make sure she's ok.” Beowulf stated as he walked up the stairs and made his way home. A loud knock was heard from the door, Gein's dad answering a young boy/girl wearing all green walked down the stairs. “I'm Jesse, Kaiser's new teammate – before any weird question's I'm a boy.” Jesse said sighing as he walked over to the sleeping Kaiser. “I was in a tier 4 school but it was too easy.” Jessie added. “Is the Princess really missing?” Sully asked as she put a wet towel on her forehead. “Yes, while I was at the symbolism with your instructors we got note a beast racked some of our town.” Jesse explained as he pulled out a joint – he began smoking it. Sully yawning, she laid her head upon Kaiser's chest. “Both knocked out of course. This is ridiculous, the camping trip is due to happen tomorrow.” Gein stated as he laid on his sofa and Jesse smiled and took his spot near the wall – within seconds they were sound asleep. The next morning was dull and quick – qucikly getting dressed they all walked off to school together in silence. Making it into the school they all said their goodbyes and parted ways. The school event today was odd, students of certain age walked were in a line for a tattoo. Before Kaiser knew it she was in front of one. “This tattoo – it's for what now?” Kaiser asked blanking looking over at the other students. The staff member just chuckled. “You're a High Senior of Earth Nation – this symbolize tribute is necessary and again once a College Senior.” The staff member explained as Kaiser pulled down her right shelve and turned around, the tattoo was freshly backed on the her shoulder blade. “Now go to the back of the school and travel with a group. Wind Nation is our camping grounds for the day or so.” The staff member added. Kaiser began fixing her shirt as she headed outside towards the back area of the school – several groups were waiting and standing on pads one – by – one disappearing. The Doctor grabbed Kaiser's hand, pulling her towards the group they all looked relieved. “How do you feel?” Lola said as she held out a small ball of their nations herb she burn it and blew towards Kaiser healing her. “Ahh, nice with a good boost too. Thank you.” Kaiser said as they began going on the pads – within seconds of being on the pads they were teleported, high into the sky clouds were around them and the sun was so close yet not hot. “This is the wind nation?” Kaiser asked in amusement, looking down, the drop seemed endless. Jumping on to the next cloud she bounced with every step, they began following Kaiser til they reach solid ground. “This isn't my 1st time here, it's still emotionless as ever on the inside.” Lola stated as she sped up her pace not bothering with the scenery, Beowulf caught up. “You're part alien and human correct? So how are you a part of this place?” Beowulf asked Lola as she looked back with pain in her eyes. “My dad was human but he merely got my egg from the normal alien trade.” Lola stated as the group was soon around her. “What exactly is a alien trade?” Kaiser asked dumbfounded making Konan roll her eyes. “I don't expect a Nation Hopper to know everything outside the walls, they weren't even suppose to live up til now so who knows how little she knows. Anyway, the alien trade is located here at the wind nation. Their space program is too advanced, they've been planet hopping and trading objects for food if that.” Lola stated with pain in her voice, Beowulf gulped. “They're not doing much trading huh? It's more like stealing – this is why you resent us.” Beowulf said calm as a warm hand came across his face. “I'm not like them, I love everyone equally and that's all I ever wanted. Why do just alien kids have to be captured? What about my parents, and then if I try to start a new life people think I'll probe them! Nonsense and too much Energy TV!” Lola screamed as the tears rushed down her face,Kaiser put a hand on Lola's shoulder and smiled. “We can change the status quo together, it will happen soon enough because as everyone can see – nothing is right. But why are we the only ones to sit here and question?” Kaiser asked after making her speech – the group began thinking. “Because you guys are above average.” Jesse said coming out of the lighthouse a cloud over, waving he spit out a yellowish energy ball into the air above him, expanding it became a large thin board appeared – jumping on it he flew to them and extended his hand. “Sorry I'm late – I'm the new team member Jesse, I crashed with Kaiser but I was still late.” Jesse said shrugging Kaiser hopped onto the board. “How do I know you're the real Jesse? I met someone like you, er – once.” Kaiser said softly, and Jesse shrugged again. “I dunno crazy lady, let's just go to their dojo.” Jesse suggested as the others got on – they began flying high above the clouds. “How does their dojo work exactly?” Kaiser asked curiously as it came into eyesight – many of their school students were already there. “This is the meeting place, I've already trained here – you guys have a few years.” Jesse stated making Kaiser groan. “Tell me, what do you!” Kaiser asked impatiently as The Doctor got out her notebook and pen and began writing, Jesse just rolled his eyes – as they got closer they all began jumping off the board onto the platform of the dojo. “So close to space, we can feel the slow gravity of space kick in a long with the time. Fighting here is actually a slow jump into the future, how you fight along with the condition of your body decides how much you learn in a day.” Gein stated beside Kaiser – looking to her aside she quickly put her arm around Gein's neck. “Gein! This is great who else is here?” Kaiser asked smiling wildly as Gein rubbed her head. “Everyone, just watch out. This camping trip can be in no more than 3 groups – but 1 out of 3 of the groups is always a traitor. I'm not worried you'll have a hard time fighting, but I'm sure you'll have a hard time dealing with Sully.” Gein said jokingly as Kaiser raised an eyebrow. The announcements began, the King of Wind was present up ahead on top of the dojo. “This camping trip is to test your teamwork, how good your suspicious skill is, and also your trust. Bonds will be made, and broken.” The Wind Nation King stated, smiling he started again. “As you know I am not your King, your King is on somewhere else here talking to my Wind Children. This will be a mixture Wind and Earth camping trip – this how you will learn your new skill, come back within two weeks or sooner.” The Wind Nation Lord added as he disappeared leaving behind yellow balls of energy that quickly faded away. The students started cheering and booing, these new rules kept getting we stranger and stranger. As the groups began separating they began their walk towards the East, sighing Konan stopped in front of them. “A new skill, we all must learn. I wish to learn how to control dead plants, could be every useful.” Konan stated as the rest began to wonder what they wanted. “How about flying?” Sully asked hugging Kaiser from behind as her team slowly came from behind them. “Hugging the Nation Hopper? Ridiculous.” Doce said smirking at Kaiser as she gave off a sharp glare, Sully only hugged harder. “Flying? That's what you want to learn?” Kaiser asked Sully taking her attention off of Doce, Sully nodded her head as she began dancing around Kaiser joyfully. “Flying is so free, and it could increase my speed.” Sully stated as she grabbed Kaiser's hand she smiled greatly. “You can teach me how to fly, and I'll give you an I.O.U” Sully said grabbing at Kaiser's tie as Joey came over and cleared his throat. “Sure, it'll take me a minute to figure out what I wish to learn but I'll begin with you immediately. I do have to ask how did you know?” Kaiser asked Sully as she slowly took a step towards her own space. “You passed out and I had to check you over, Jesse was there too. I noticed what you actually worked it.” Sully stated bluntly, taking Kaiser back she began scratching her head. “So like, no element of surprise eh?” Kaiser asked as Sully shrugged, and began dancing around her again. “It's still plenty of surprise and element. I bet me and your most intelligent member can figure the perfect skill for you.” Sully suggested as Joey once again cleared his throat. “Joey go get water and shut up.” Sully stated. “I'm not here for that! I mean, they could be the enemy.” Joey said as Chuck slowly came up seeing Kaiser, he began laughing. “I'll be, my eyes laying on you once again so soon? Soon, we'll fight.” Chuck announced pointing at Kaiser as she stuck her tongue out. “The fight will be another day, as long as I'm in charge our ally is Kaiser's Team.” Sully stated as she grabbed Kaiser's hand and began going off with everyone following. Within 15 minutes they quickly made their way to a large brick house surrounded in clouds. Moving the clouds aside they began to scope out the house. Sully, Kaiser, and The Doctor all headed downstairs for their skill training. Doce smiled at Konan as he came close up to her. “Why hello, I'm Doce – and you?” Doce asked smoothly, Konan's face began to turn. Slowing going red, she began backing up. “Uh, Kona-Konan.” Konan replied breathing somewhat heavily, Lola and Beowulf began eying each other with insane looks. “Konan, are you feeling ok?” Beowulf asked her, making Doce glare he put his hand up to Beowulf in acts of a “stop sign”. “Love was made for two pal, sorry.” Doce said winking as he slowly kissed the lips of Konan – his tongue swished deep into her mouth. Beowulf, Chuck, Lola, and Joey's mouth’s was on the floor. Doce smiling, he pulled himself and Konan back into a comforty chair. “Love, teach me what you know about Kaiser will you?” Doce asked her kissing her neck to her shoulder causing Konan to blush. Jesse remain quiet while reading his book in the corner. “Kaiser's – my friend.” Konan said slowly as she slowly began blinking she realized what she was doing, hitting him in the stomach she quickly ran off. Sighing, Doce looked up smiling. “Heh, bitch.” Doce said as he got up and looked at Lola the same way, looking at her with the same lust in his eyes. Beowulf quickly got in front of Lola – glaring at Doce casing him to chuckle. “Why does this bastard get more lip than me?” Joey said with a hint of annoyance in his voice, sighing Chuck walked up to both of them extending his hand for them. “Chuck, Kaiser's 1st classmate. We are going to be allies and need to work on achieving a new skill yes? Then let's.” Chuck said as they shook his hand exchanged their names. “I'm a white mage, but fighting with regular energy is my style too – I'll figure out my new skill later.” Chuck added. The Doctor and Sully began writing and having conversation on the scanner board in front of them, talking endlessly to each other they finally turned back to Kaiser. “For the 1st part, what energy type do you want to focus on?” Sully asked going up to Kaiser checking out her wound from yesterday, she sighed in relief. “Healed for the most part.” Sully added. “If I had to think, Darkness would be reliable.” Kaiser stated as The Doctor and Sully looked at her shock, Kaiser began looking around the room for something weird. “Uh, something I said?” Kaiser asked blinking. “Wanting to learn something like that is – different.” The Doctor said slowly still in obvious shock, Kaiser laughed it off as she got up fixing herself she began walking up with Sully and The Doctor behind. “Your creep of a teammate made our teammate run off.” Lola immediately said to Sully as soon as they reached the head of the stairs, sighing Kaiser walked out looking at her scanner Konan was a few clouds away near a bridge. Heading over to Konan, the bridge was foggy and long. Walking around a figure grew closer, rushing to it – it was everyone but Konan. “K-Kell?” Kaiser asked as she stopped a few feet away from Kell, he was standing on top of the bridge looking over at Kaiser – he smiled. “My memory is fading – or maybe being replaced. Why is it – when I announce love to my “parents” it never feels right?” Kell asked quietly as he began looking down – the sky was his ground. “It's okay, we can figure this all out together!” Kaiser suggested as she began walking towards Kell, Kell simply shook his head no as the tears slowly fell. “Maybe Zolo and Thessius will have some answers, but I can no longer live when the world is confusing me this much.” Kell said as he lifted his weight forward and began falling before Kaiser's eyes. Konan coming out of the fog looked over the bridge, looking back at Kaiser she sighed. “Is he – can he make that?” Kaiser asked fearfully, slowly staring into Konan's eyes she knew the truth immediately. Grinning her teeth, she grabbed Konan's hand and quickly took her back to the brick house. “Doce isn't right, not around me.” Konan warned her before entering the house, Kaiser just opened the door ignoring her words the pain in her eyes showed all. Sully stopped her from walking, holding her hand she look worried. “Are you alright? It's like you've seen a ghost.” Sully said checking her temperature, nodding her head and bowing she simply went up stairs to sleep. Sully turned her attention towards Konan. “What happened to her?” Sully asked immediately making Konan's eyes roll while she chuckled. “1st off who are you exactly? Demanding such answers like you own the place.” Konan said rudely as Sully grabbed on to her shirt tightly. “I'm Kaiser's Fighting Mate. What's wrong?” Sully asked tapping her foot rapidly, Konan being silent she finally sighed pushing Sully off of her gently she looked into her eyes. “Some guy jumped off a bridge, literally.” Konan stated causing Sully to take a step back in confusion as even Beowulf popped his ears up to listen. “Kaiser knew him previously, something about lies and other nonsense.” Konan added as Sully's eyes flew up. “Kell?! Green hair, small boy?!” Sully asked nearly yelling, Konan merely shook her head 'yes'. Sully taking a step back again, breathing – she went up stairs too. “What's the relationship between those two exactly?” Beowulf asked looking up at the up stairs room curiously, Joey sighed shaking his head. “Fighting Mate apparently, an hour ago it was “true love” and “marriage”.” Joey stated shaking his head as a loud laugh came from Jesse, Lola sighing she walked over to Jesse. “It's wrong to laugh at someone's feelings but more importantly this is about my other skill – I want to use a gun.” Lola stated proudly, the room silent for a moment Jesse began laughing again. “One finger pull and bam! Black eye.” Jesse teased, making Lola's face get red from annoyance she grabbed at his ear and sighed. “Maybe at 1st, but I'll be better after training – faggot.” Lola stated quietly, Jesse rising his head out of his book glared at her. “I like your attitude.” Jesse said smiling as he grabbed his gun out of his jacket pocket, it was small energy pistol. “This is the basic one, for adults at at least. Go get some target practice in.” Jesse added shooing her away. Lola sighed looking over at the others in the room she thought hard about what to do. “I'd gladly go and and watch over you practice.” Joey said with a clearing of his throat, nodding she grabbed Beowulf along for the ride too. Beowulf happily began setting up the targeting equipment outside, Lola looking over her gun – she seemed dumbfounded. “That called a trigger.” Joey said pointing at it as he chuckled, only making Lola's face turn red. “I know what's, what!” Lola said angrily as she turned around and shot at one of the targets completely missing it the shot was on course for impact into the house – watching the engry in his hand Jesse looked over the 3 with annoyance. “He just caught that, with his hands.” Beowulf mumbled in shock – Joey pushing Lola in front he starts pointing. “Her idea and terrible aim, sir.” Joey stated, placing his feet together and flat hand on his head he saluted. “Is that a new sign of how to surrender? Jesse asked shaking his head at Joey, making Lola giggle with revenge – sighing Jesse took out the two beads that tied his hair. Poking himself to bleed a await he touched his beads and threw him in the air – the white energy blinded them for a minute. Getting their eye sight back, Jesse was no where to found but a Frog with a angry look took his place. “He got away from teaching me, by summoning his pet frog?” Lola questioned walking up to the frog, it showed more annoyance with each step Lola took. “You need help with your aiming do you not child?” The frog spoke, looking into Lola's eyes deeply. “How to aim? Well yes, I do need help.” Lola started as the Frog began walking past her, he sucked in air with one huge inhale – releasing it, it hits two targets dead on. “You're a mage yes? Then the problem you face is all in your head, you may have a new tool to fight with – but your aim is always at it's best.” The Frog stated as he did a large leap he grabbed on to Beowulf's horn making his knees buckle. “Oh my god, why does everyone do this?!” Beowulf asked throwing the frog at Joey he began to freak out and throw it back at Beowulf. “I don't want it loser! You have it.” Joey proclaimed as he began wiping off the slim from the Frog. As Beowulf was about to catch him, the Frog came flying towards him – with a swiss front flip he bashed Beowulf in the chest, knocking him back a few spaces. “You have more balance and control than what you lead people to believe, I like that.” The Frog said smiling, Joey sighing he bowed. “I'm Joesph Holin sir, and you're?” Joey asked, causing the frog to think he began laughing. “Can't remember something as small as that anymore.” The Frog said as he jumped on top of the house to get a better view. “Lola, focus is what you need.” He added, making Lola look at the gun again – she picked it up. Focusing, she quickly pulled the trigger twice – the two targets were destroyed. Smiling she began cheering. “I hit the targets! I did it! I did it!” Lola said joyfully, bringing a smile to both Beowulf and Joey's face. “If Kell didn't die, what about my father?” Sully asked worriedly Kaiser just laid on the bed in silence before she spoke. “We can't automatically say Kell had the best intentions from the beginning, he's a alive for a reason right? Must be something else.” Kaiser stated as she sighed. “Because he is the Principals son he must be bad?” Sully argued in pain as Kaiser could only smiled. “The friendship runs deep, but he's dead for good this time.” Kaiser stated as she received a sharp slap to the face by Sully. “All the people who once fell will rise up again, I'll make that wish when I beat the tournament.” Sully shouted with tears running down her face Kaiser hugged her, opening her mouth to get ready to talk the window breaks into pieces by the punch of one person. Rolling for the landing, the hooded man stood up with a peace sign. “Yo.” The man said as he took off his hood. “Oh shit.”


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