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Mission Complete: You’re Not Special -

All four members of Team X we’re running towards the screams of their injured comrades. Kaiser looked over to her left at an uninterested Lola “giving it her all” to run towards their classmates.

“Lola, we need to talk about your – uh, people skills.” Kaiser mentioned, trying her best to put it nicely Lola just laughed like a snob.

“Is this really the time, really? In a world filled with monsters, who cares about something as simple as feelings?” Lola asked in disbelief that Kaiser would even consider the conversation.

“Yes, it’s the perfect time actually.” Kaiser began, only to be cut off by the screams suddenly changing direction – without a world they made a sharp right and continued the chase towards the screams. Maximus pulled his eye patch off as he looked around with caution.

“Whatever their fighting sure can move.” Maximus said, Kaiser and Lola started up the conversation again.

“You see Lola, they’re alone fighting recklessly right now – desperately trying to find that security as well as showing us that they don’t need us because of what you said that which, hurt their feelings.” Kaiser explained, with annoyance in her voice from how Lola was acting Lola continued to press her buttons with her uncaring attitude.

“That’s bullshit Kaiser, utter bullshit and you know it!” Lola said, nearly yelling at her as they all continued the chase – Maximus and Konan could only watch the argument and sigh.

“Was it like this when Kaiser and I yell at each other from your point of view?” Maximus asked shaking his head at the two girls.

“No, at least you guys put on a show and fought.” Konan said, making Maximus laugh.

“I know it’s the truth, as for feelings – they play a role in battle. Going into a fight stressed will only result in failure.” Kaiser said just as a huge wing like shadowy figure flew over them, making Kaiser stop in her tracks her other teammates soon stopped running as well to figure out what was the hold up.

Kaiser looked up to see a brown bird passing over their heads and even circling them – her eyes widen in fear. Without thought she made a small flame energy disc and tossed it at the bird, slicing it in half it fell to the ground close to them. Kaiser with caution went to go examine the bird, it was smaller than the ones she has seen before.

“Is this what you do for fun? Fucking humans…” Lola said with disgust, only to be ignored. Before Kaiser could touch the bird it began to glow white, transforming into a regular sized King Cobra it quickly went to bite Kaiser even drawing blood from her hand as it’s fangs dug deep into her skin she yelped in pain as the cobra let go and quickly made it’s leave.

“Holy shit, that dead bird regain life and even transformed! I’ve never seen anything like that!” Konan said in disbelief.

“We’re always being watched…” Kaiser said under her breath, fear laced with every word she spoke.

“Excuse me?” Konan asked in confusion, hearing the screams again Kaiser shaked off her fear and began to run towards the screams. They eventually found themselves in a wild open, grass field. No birds were singing or flying around, the clouds and flowers seemed motionless.

“This feels like a trap.” Kaiser said to her team, making them all hold on to their weapons. Several cats leaped out of the brushes, all of them circling around Team X with their mouths wild open – doing the screams of different classmates.

“Copy cats…” Kaiser said, recalling the cat from long ago that made them go on their rescue mission for Rolf Koza – Gein’s father.

“It’s nothing to worry about then, these aren’t combat execliss by any means – so their just annoying.” Lola explained as she casted wind energy at a group of cats, ripping them into pieces the screams of Sully, Gein and Kaicus died off. Konan, Maximus and Lola began killing off the cats – Lola took great joy in killing them.

“If this is a distraction…then what’s really going on?” Kaiser asked herself as she watched her teammates kill the copycats, stopping the screams of their friends. Out of the corner of her eye noticed a sparkle, similar to like before she moved. “Everyone look out, we have a sniper!” Kaiser yelled out as she ran over to her team the sound of a gun shot rang though the forest. Several shots disbursed, all missing Team X Maximus was quick to form a large ice wall surrounding his Team front to back – just as it finished forming over Maximus’s face an arrow hit the ice dead center of where Maximus’s forehead was, he smirked.

“This won’t last for long, we have to think of a plan.” Maximus warned them. Kaiser could only sigh as another arrow flew into the ice wall, this time coated in earth energy making the arrow out of rocks and gravel. Lola attempted desperately to open her eye, to no success.

“It was a fools decision to start a mission like this not even 2 days after the attack on our nation.” Lola stated as she finally dropped her hands away from her head in frustration. Kaiser placed two fingers on her forehead and smiled.

“You don’t need your future sight to fight, you’re strong on your own.” Kaiser said, encouraging Lola - Kaiser suddenly grasp from watching Lola’s eye open.

“H – How did you –“ Lola asked in shock, Kaiser was speechless as she simply nodded her head ‘no’ having no idea what she did. Three more arrows hit the wall covered in heat, earth and sound energy the wall of ice began to crumble.

“Congratulations you two, but we can’t take another hit.” Maximus warned his team, Kaiser thought for a minute before doing a large wind energy leap into the air – she coated her legs in wind energy and began to fly around as she expelled heavy flame and smoke from her mouth.

“She like’s a small, fierce dragon.” Maximus commented, making Konan crack up with laughter. Before they knew it the smoke covered up the field, a short boy with glowing red hair took off the scarf around his mouth in frustration.

“These trees and smoke is making it very difficult! I can’t snipe like this. Drop him off and let’s go.” The boy commanded as the tall girl threw a small green capsule into the smoke.

“He’ll be mad we didn’t capture her.” The girl said as she joined the boy who was making his leave.

“He’ll be mad we didn’t talk to her, he wants her to come to us. This is a waste of time, we could have kidnapped her a long time ago. No matter.” The young boy said, the both made their leave. The capsule began to glow green and form into a mighty wind execliss lion, with one loud roar he pushed the smoke and Kaiser aside – Kaiser regained her balance and landed on a tree branch.  

From the height she was at she noticed two figures in cloaks and hood were running off North – East. She threw a flame disc at the enemy but they were out of reach. Sighing, she jumped down to level herself with the lion. Konan already had his minions out who were getting tossed around like candy, Maximus went to freeze the lion by cast water energy over it the lion pushed the water away at the last minute making it splash on Maximus just as he was freezing the water over.

Kaiser quickly pushed Maximus into safety as she leaped back to charge in at the lion sword in hand, the lion roar again pushing Kaiser back once more along with Konan and Maximus, they were all open for an attack as the lion bearded it’s fangs and began to charge in at Maximus a greater gust of wind pulled the team out of harm’s way.

“I’ve never fought an execliss like this, he’s strong.” Konan admitted as he got up slowly in pain.

“Do execliss normally have different strength levels?” Kaiser asked, no one had the answer she needed. She released another sigh as suddenly she began to feel discomfort, her sign glowing she put a hand over her chest in shock – Maximus put a hand on her back.

“Are you ok?” Maximus asked with worriness in his voice, Konan and Lola was right beside her with curious eyes as well. Before Kaiser could answer her mouth and eyes suddenly began to glow a bright orange – Flammel quickly came out to defend as Kaiser went back to normal she fell to her knees. Flammel flames quickly absorbed and put an end to the abnormal winds.

Kaiser and Maximus quickly leaped to kill the execliss, without warning a blue orb surrounded the lion and began to “crush” it until nothing was gone including the orb leaving no trace. Kaiser and Maximus landed on the ground to find Lola waving cutely at them and Konan pointing at Lola, she killed the lion – Kaiser and Maximus gave her a thumbs up.

“So uh, Kaiser. Who is your little friend here?” Konan asked nervously as Flammel was cuddle himself around Konan, Lola could only giggle.

“It’s a – long story. To put it short he’s my loving pet.” Kaiser stated, making Konan give off a questioning look.

“What? A dog is too originary for her!” Lola called out, making Kaiser chuckle and nod in agreement.

“We still need to find the others, this was lovey distraction but where is everyone?” Kaiser asked, looking around she could see nor hear anyone. Flammel ran off, stopping for a minute he looked back at the others and roared then continued running.

“He wants us to follow.” Kaiser said as she quickly chased behind Flammel, within minutes the team was taken to the other students all laying on the ground. Kaiser quickly ran over to Sully and Po.

“I hope we made it in time, how are you two?” Kaiser asked in fear, Sully did a big yawn as she began to open her eyes before she could say something a masked man revealed himself and started to laugh. “I’m sick with all these hoods and masks!” Kaiser yelled out as she charged at the man, without hesitation she slammed her fist across the man’s mask making it fly off.

“Don’t you dare lay a hand on my friends!” Kaiser yelled out, making the others wake up Goma was revealed as the man behind the mask. “M – Master Goma?! I, uh – oh. I’m sorry!” Kaiser finally managed to say, Goma smiled.

“I guess this mission is passable.” Goma stated with a smile, the students began to cheer and hug each other.

“Sensei! About our reward!” Tora said with greed, Goma smiled nervously. Kaiser was looking around, making Maximus smile.

“Looking for the red head? She ran off in a hurry.” Maximus said, solving the doubt in Kaiser’s mind she simply blushed.

“Oh yes, 350 coins has all been placed in your inventory. You’re all dismissed.” Goma stated, within minutes the other students were gone – off running back into the Earth Nation.

“So this mission, everything we fought was setup by you and the other teachers?” Kaiser asked, not feeling right about it all.

“If you can call that one punch on me a fight, then yes.” Goma replied, making the students of Team X look at each other weirdly.

“What about all the execliss’s we fought, and other people? We even saw copy cats.” Kaiser stated, Goma suddenly got distant and silent.

“This is no place to be talking, we’re outside the border we need to get back to the Earth Nation.” Goma simply said as he turned around and began to walk.

“Another odd mission, why don’t they just kill us off instead of playing this mind game.” Konan whispered with anger, Lola was obviously nervous.

“N – None of that was really part of the mission, those men and monsters we’re – they we’re…” Lola couldn’t continue her own sentence.

“Seriously trying to kill us, yes. Kaiser and I will try to get information out of Goma later. Konan you’ll have better luck with Erwin and Lola – Jesse.” Maximus whispered back, they all began to follow Goma quickly retuning to the Earth Nation. They all soon made to the Earth Nation.

“Another successful mission nonetheless, is there anything we can’t handle together?” Lola asked smirking.

“Cocky, but you realize it’s the power of being a team and not just you alone. So you’re improving – goodnight everyone.” Goma said, they all parted ways – everyone but Kaiser and Goma.

“I need to talk with you, lead the way to your house.” Goma ordered, before Kaiser could reply Rex walked up to them.

“Finally, I’ve been wanting to say this but I didn’t find it appropriate to say this on a mission. You two look very beautiful, your skin is unreal.” Rex commented, making both Kaiser and Goma blush intensely.

“Yes we’re beautiful, you pointed out the obvious – goodbye.” Goma said as he grabbed Kaiser’s hand lead her into the direction of her house.

“M – Master Goma, do you already know where my house is?” Kaiser asked, realizing Goma was getting awfully close without her saying a word.

“I’ll admit, I do know already.” Goma replied.

“My house isn’t anything special, maybe we should just talk at school tomorrow.” Kaiser suggested, but Goma wasn’t taking no for an answer – they will be talking tonight. They arrived at Kaiser’s home, Goma took home look and sigh.

“Sorry…” Goma said under his breath, confusing Kaiser as she opened the door and welcomed him inside.

“I have a lot to say, but we can’t talk – nowhere is safe.” Kaiser stated as she closed the door behind them, Goma ignored her fear.

“Kaiser, what did you see on this mission?” Goma asked, throwing Kaiser off guard.

“Several things, butterfly, spider and lion execliss’s – we had to fight them even. There we’re several people, some wearing blue robes and some with red. They even made clones as well of us as well for us to fight, we ended up having to form Kaimus – Maximus and I.” Kaiser confessed, completely stunning Goma.

He didn’t quite understand it all, without a word he began to play a video tape with his scanner – a hologram tv displayed their mission as he skipped around. No execliss or robed men ever attacked them.

“Perhaps it was an illusion, Spring is awfully good at those.” Goma suggested, Kaiser quickly nodded no.

“What we all fought and felt, was very real. How did you find the others? Why were they sleeping?” Kaiser asked curiously, Goma went to the end of the video displaying the classmates eating several fruit and then passing out.

“I placed these trees myself all over the place, they were traps. If you eat even one bite, you’ll fall asleep. If you all ate them, the mission would fail. You four saved the others from failing.” Goma explained, Kaiser still confused.

“This doesn’t make any sense, we all nearly died several times on this “easy” mission! Sully even got kidnapped!” Kaiser said, Goma could only shake his head back and forth – without warning he smacked the wall with his hand, cracking it.

“I’m a fool, I can’t believe I haven’t realized it before – even with Princess Zeida missing and the Earth Queen, their still watching you.” Goma whispered in anger, Kaiser was shocked from his sudden outburst.

“I – I need to tell you something, the truth. I guess, I am Human, Demon and a Valkyrie. I’m not just human as I once thought.” Kaiser began to say, leaving Goma quiet to listen. “But, I am Kaiser E Feuer. Princes – Prince of the Heat Nation!” Kaiser said aloud, making Goma grab her and put his hand over her mouth.

“Don’t go shouting that around, and do you mean Princess? You were right the first time.” Goma replied as he released Kaiser from his hold.

“No.” Was all Kaiser replied with a sly smirk, making Goma smile stupidly.

“Even after what you’ve been through, you’ve still maintain some of your old personality.” Goma said with joy, making Kaiser curious.

“You knew me, from before? Uh, you’re African-American – so why are you here in the Earth Nation?” Kaiser asked, with more questions to come. “Why is Eledon an asshole to me? Where is my parents? Who are you exactly?!” Kaiser added, making Goma sigh.

“I am Goma. Goma Vogelscheuche, I was once a very noble and loyal butler. Assigned to a very young, Kaiser E Feuer. But now, I am back where I should be.” Goma spoke, his words getting softer and softer.

“W – What about my other questions?” Kaiser asked, still obviously taken back from Goma’s words.

“I’ll answer them when the time comes.” Goma replied, making Kaiser annoyed.

“I’m – I’m in command, I order you to answer me!” Kaiser commanded, making Goma look at her in anger he was quick to push her back into the wall until they were face to face.

“I am not your butler here, nor am I under your command. We’re in the Earth Nation now, here I am your Master. Remember your place before I have to remind you.” Goma spoke with a harsh voice, sending fear into Kaiser’s bones – he stepped away from her and began to walk out the door. Before leaving he turned his head at a still scared Kaiser who was pressed up against the wall.

“Hm, by the way. Before I was your butler, I was your father’s retainer.”

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The Truth -

Lola was intensely healing Kaiser whose blood was vastly overflowing, Kaiser is slowly passing out.

“What’s wrong?!” Maximus asked in fear.

“She was stabbed with a special weapon, maybe with a seal. Just shut up and let me heal.” Lola replied, trying her best to heal Konan noticed an undead didn’t return to its grave.

“Hey you! I order you, retreat back to your grave!!” Konan ordered a purple long haired girl who ignored him, they instead push Lola aside and began to heal Kaiser.

~ Kaiser’s Dream ~

Kaiser is scared beyond belief, she touched her non-existence stab wound.

“S – Sorry about that, I had too!” Firitzal said aloud, scaring Kaiser even more she jumped back to notice it was the same boy who stabbed her – she immediately got in a defensive stance.

“I do deserve such treatment for how I acted, sorry big sister.” Firitzal said, smiling slightly he was obviously confusing Kaiser.

“Please explain, because I’m beyond confused.” Kaiser said in confusion.

“I can’t control my physical body, I planned for this attack message before death. My body from this point of view is, only knows hate until you he sleeps of course. You’re lucky, big sister.” Firitzal replied with a loving voice.

“So uh – who are you exactly?” Kaiser asked with confusion.

“You’re very mean, and a poor listener. I’m a Firitzal E. Feuer, your young brother.” Firitzal replied, Kaiser only stood there in shock. “Don’t believe me? We of the E. family share the same family crest, wherever the birthmark maybe.” Firitzal explained, going into demon mode he revealed his alternative form to Kaiser – exposing an obvious birth crest in his left eye.

He touched Kaiser’s crest on her right arm, revealing her incomplete demon form with the one horn in the middle of her forehead. She also had an angel wing a demon wing, scaring Firitzal.

“You’re so – incomplete my god! What has happened to my once mighty sister?” Firitzal said in sadness, making Kaiser speechless.

“I don’t – understand?” Kaiser said slowly, looking overly her oddly angel shaped and demon shaped hands.

“Wow, they took all of your memories didn’t they?” Firitzal asked with sadness.

“T – They?” Kaiser asked curiously just then Firitzal began to fade away.

“Heh, fucking witch. Our conversation has come to an end.” Firitzal said, quickly hugging Kaiser she suddenly woke up looking up at a perfectly healthy Tharja.

“Welcome back young Lord, I have to return now.” Tharja said warmly, returning to her dead form she fell on the ground lifeless – Kaiser laid there for a moment shaking. Sitting up quickly she crawled over to Tharja and began to shake her.

“She’s – gone Kaiser. I disabled the spell quite a bit ago, why she didn’t fall before is beyond my understanding. But anyway, I’m glad you’re ok.” Konan admitted, Kaiser looked up at him with a spaced out look.

“You hate me, I understand now.” Kaiser said softly, looking down at Tharja – she picked up her body and placed her back in her grave which was beside Firitzal. Using earth energy she covered up the grave, Konan placed a hand on Kaiser’s shoulder which made her jump. “Don’t touch me!” Kaiser shouted in pain, confusing the rest of the group.

“I think that sleep did do something to her, Lola you need to check out Kaiser.” Maximus called out as he went to place a hand on Kaiser’s forehead she moved.

“You don’t understand! I keep trying to tell the truth, but I don’t remember certain things – important things. Maximus, we’ve fused and I haven’t been honest with you or anyone on the team – Doce and Konan right I’m just a monster!” Kaiser shouted, tears rushing violently down her face.

“I thought I would never get to see this day come, Kaiser – a nation hopper is breaking down!” Doce said with joy, pulling out his camera from his inventory he began to take pictures – no more than five pictures in Maximus went over and smashed his camera on the ground.

“You better pay for that! Doce said angrily making Maximus laugh.

“Hmph, poor boy!” Maximus said with a smirk, throwing a few diamonds on the ground Doce was quick to dive down and pick them up. Maximus walked over to Kaiser and hugged her.

“I’m going to give you, I think the term is uh – tough love? We need to get going, we only have two more landmark to go and we can’t have our leader’s head in disarray. I assume you’ve seen something that made you remember something? We will talk about it, all night long after this mission is over. I will not look at you any different, because you have learned a lot about me and you still give me those same eyes from when we first met.” Maximus encouraged, making Lola give a slow slap – Kaiser sniffled as she did a small smile.

“Where is the next land mark?” Kaiser asked, John pulled out his map.

“20 minutes away, still in Heat territory.” John explained.

“We should be prepared for a fight, this was creepy – but easy.” Renton warned, all in understand-ment they headed South with no trouble so far. The trees ahead of them had a thick layer of spider web all around them that the fire couldn’t burn off. Walking deeper into the forest, they noticed several execliss baby spiders of abnormal size charge at them – they weren’t very effective or dangerous. They all easily killed them with one hit, be it with their foot, sword or spell.

“Something interesting better happen, I’m growing bored.” Lola stated, Kaiser could only hold her sword with two shaking hands.

“I – I – I…..fuck spiders!” Kaiser said aloud, making Maximus giggle.

“Is someone scared of spiders? Why didn’t I know this?” Maximus asked, making Kaiser jump around.

“This isn’t something to joke around about!” Kaiser shouted with fear, making Maximus giggle even more. “Hey Lola, since you’re so bored why don’t you handle this in my place?” Kaiser asked jokingly, and somewhat seriously making Lola giggle now too – sudden a straight long shot of spider web came from the darkness ahead, Kaiser quickly grabbed Lola and dodged to the right along with John and Doce while Konan, Maximus, Renton and Isaac dodged to the left.

Without warning execliss baby spiders came from the darkness behind the trees – wrapping Kaiser and Lola up tightly in their webs the others on the right began to kill the oncoming spiders. The trees began to break and fall at a fast rate – something huge was coming straight for them much to their dismay.

“Lola, don’t ever get bored again!” Maximus called out as he ran over and began to attack the spiders around them – Konan casted dark energy blades around the girls and freed them quickly with no harm. The large beast finally arrived, revealing itself Kaiser nearly fainted.

“O – Of course, a mother spider is here to protect what’s left of her young.” Kaiser said, her words shaking with fear as she stood up to fight. Kaiser disbursed a small wave of flames – killing the spiders around her but to her teammates the fire was just warm.

“Such control, I’m impressed. You’re still not at equal level to my wet abilities.” Maximus said, making Kaiser roll her eyes.

“Let’s get to work.” Kaiser order, charging in she dodged the oncoming web attacks of the execliss mother spider – using a blue hexagram she increased her speed, swiftly cut the all 6 of the right legs on the spider. Simultaneously Maximus cut off the 6 set of legs on the left. John did a large leap as he readied a mighty thunderbolt in his left hand – the mother looked with looked at John in fear with all 16 eyes. She quickly trapped herself in a hard flaming orange stone with the heat symbol around it. John threw his thunderbolt at it only for it to dissolve on impact much to his frustration as he landed on the ground.

“Oh my, this was a guardian we took on! Kaiser, Maximus – you know as a whole we’re quite unstoppable. Res will cry if we can all four can display such synchronization as Kaiser and Maximus.” Lola stated with amazement, the baby spiders began to retreat quickly.

“For the children to leave their mother like this….something isn’t right everyone!” Lola warned, she stood still – placing her hands beside her head she tried to open her third eye only to fail. “Fuck…” Lola said, falling to her knees Konan quickly helped her up.

“Isaac, scan the area. We’re leaving right away.” Doce ordered, without hesitation Doce began to scanning a small spot with his scanner. Kaiser felt extreme heat slowly escaping the ball of energy the guardian spider trapped itself in – the ball began to glow.

“Everyone get away!” Kaiser order as she rushed over to the ball she touched it as she began to think to herself. ‘I – I have to do something, but gods – I don’t know what.’ Kaiser thought to herself as she put her forehead on the ball to think. She began to cast a hexagram, she started sweating from as she tried to turn the hexagram’s color into a rainbow. ‘I may…not be…Ser’Don but…I have to save my friends!’ Kaiser said to herself – the ball started to spill out flames as the hexagram changed into a rainbow she teleported somewhere – anywhere just as the ball self-destructed Kaiser simply absorbed the fire energy that approached her.

After the explosion ended she put out the remaining bits of fire with ease by eating it. “Only you can prevent – oh that’s a trademark isn’t it?” Kaiser asked herself, do a large stretch she began to walk back only to notice the explosion had uncovered a large easily moveable rock from the outside. After the years, it got covered by growth but the explosion pushed it away.

She pushed it out the way and peeked inside, using fire energy she used her finger like a candle to light the way as she curiously went inside the cave to take a look. She noticed a large candle like wick in a glass was in the center of the room, walking over to it she tripped and fell –extinguishing her light she landed on top of something bumpy. Grabbing what was against her face felt like a smooth around ball with 4 fours in it – using her finger as a light again she saw it was a head to a skeleton. Dropping it she did everything in her power not to scream.

Without warning she felt a tapped on her shoulder, she casted her right arm in flame and went to hit the person behind her only to find out it was Konan who quickly casted a dark energy shield that was see though – Kaiser stopped her fist just inches away from the shield, it began to melt from the center.

“Hmm, you really shouldn’t go wondering off like that you understand that right?” Konan asked, sighing as he lite the large wick to reveal the room covered with skeletons.

“W – What is this place Konan?” Kaiser asked with a shaking hand, his shield dissolved as he took a few steps to look around.

“Looks like, they stored most of the elderly and children here – seems strange.” Konan said, bending down to view their Heat tribal clothing.

“Those are – war tactics.” Kaiser said softly. “They put them in here for protection, once a war is over they’ll supposed to let them out. They only have enough food and water for 2 months top usually.” Kaiser explained, working around at all the once lively people filled with hopes and dreams.

“Since no one from the heat nation survived that attack, there was no one there to free them.” Konan stated, confusing Kaiser a bit – from what she heard the Heat Nation didn’t know about the attack beforehand. Speechless, she began to look around – finding a skeleton holding a note she bent down and took the yellow stained paper from the boney fingers she began to read,


‘ Why didn’t they come back for us? The Red girl said they’d be back, for a monstrous war it sure is quiet. Could there have been a mistake? ‘

    -        Abbie Johnson 6/1/2025


“The Heat Nation has only been around for 100 years! Same time the execliss appeared, so why are these Heat Nation people using dates from thousands of years ago?!” Kaiser asked in confusion.

“How many days are in a year?” Konan asked, throwing Kaiser off.

“I – uh. I have no idea.” Kaiser said with embarrassment.

“Exactly, none of can. We’re not taught how many, how of the blue it it’s suddenly a new year – what if our calendars today are – twisted?” Konan asked. “Who’s to say the Heat Nation wasn’t the first nation here? No one knows anything, the winners make history.” Konan finished, making Kaiser speechless for a moment.

“The year, 24B1 is odd… isn’t it? In the past, it was pure numbers, it’s like they did this to confuse us – get lost in time.” Kaiser mentioned, making Konan nod his head in agreement. “I thought you hated, conversations like this?” Kaiser asked.

“I hate being lied to even more.” Konan replied, giving Kaiser a reasonable answer. Kaiser was deep in thought: ‘How long how my nation been here? I guess it’s time to accept – I’m its Princess. Although the title Prince sounds better, maybe I can make it unisex?’ Without warning Konan hit Kaiser across the head.

“Ow! What’s that for!” Kaiser asked as they got out the cave.

“If you ever do something that reckless again, Maximus and I will kill you ourselves.” Konan warned, making Kaiser smile.

“You guys car –“ Kaiser started to say only to fall to her knees, Konan quickly helped her up. “S – Sorry, I guess doing that teleportation is taking a toll on me now.” Kaiser said, lending on Konan for support. “I need to go back to the camp.” Kaiser said, making Konan sigh.

“We have one more marker left, but it past the camp so we can stop there to wait for the others. We wanted to all take on the final marker together.” Konan explained.

“T – The faster I get there, the more rest I can obtain!” Kaiser shouted out as she suddenly began to run full speed for the camping shocking Konan greatly. She was getting closer and closer to the camp, just down this hill and she could sleep. Without warning Kaiser passed out from exhausted in mid step.

“What do you think happened?” Maximus asked with worriness in his voice.

“More importantly, she can fucking teleport using just her energy?! Who is she?!” John asked in shock, Kaiser suddenly came rolling down the hill and into the tents scaring them. They raced over to check on her, Sully was quick to be the first one there to aid Kaiser.

“Holy shit did she just die?!” Doce asked in fear, only to find Kaiser peacefully asleep and snoring. Konan finally made it, late to the party.

‘Everything uh, went ok?” Maximus asked curiously.

“We just found something old, nothing important.” Konan replied, making Maximus glare at him.

“Anyway John, if you haven’t noticed we on Team X is quite special. It’s no surprise that Kaiser has a teleportation technique.” Lola bragged, making the other teams ( C, O and T ) glare from smite.

“Heh, more bullshit nonsense?” Doce asked, making Lola stick her tongue.

“Jealous?” Lola asked with a snicker.

“I’ll have to agree, you smell like bullshit.” Gein said, raising his voice.

“You both bought Kaiser, Gein you fought Maximus as well – you two should know firsthand. Stop playing dumb.” Lola said, brushing off their feelings with a smirk.

“You want to know what I know first-hand? That Kaiser is a monster, and now she remembers why.” Doce called out, making Maximus charge at him only for Lola to get in the way.

“Kaiser is as human as you and Maximus, she has human DNA.” Lola stated, defending Kaiser.

“You also have human DNA, but unlike us yours is infused. Is she the same way?” Doce asked, refusing to be played like a fool.

“Who knows? I’m not a DNA specialist.” Lola replied rudely, making Doce roll his eyes.

“Then don’t go around making claims you don’t fully understand.” Doce stated, shutting Lola up.

“Just one more land mark, we can finish this off quickly.” Tora said, ending the ridiculous fight Team X stood at attention all but Kaiser who was asleep.

“You guys shouldn’t come...” John said, expressing his feelings towards them.

“R – Right! Your team leader is down, it’s best for you guys to watch over her.” Tora added on, the other teams soon left Team X behind.

“Tsh…Those fools.” Konan said under his breath.

“Lola’s little speech left them feeling quite insecure, what a shame.” Maximus said with a sigh, Lola simply laughs from joy.

“Anyway, Konan – what happened when you chased Kaiser?” Maximus asked, sparking Lola’s attention who was obviously annoyed at the conversation being about Kaiser.

“Not my place to say, you’ll be talking to her later about the graveyard incident. As her fighter partner, you’ll find out soon – she desperately needs to talk about it before she breaks down again.” Konan replied, giving Maximus a fair answer he accepted it as he turned his head to watch Kaiser sleep peacefully over the destroyed tents. Without warning Kaiser sprung up from her sleep, making Maximus jump back and yelp.

“A – A tower has been activated.” Kaiser said, holding her head in pain as she looked off in the distance of where the others ran to for the final marker – with her other hand Kaiser held her nose shut. “The smell is so foul!!” Kaiser said in dismay.

“What are you on?”  Konan asked in confusion.

“Probably hit her head.” Lola said casually, screams similar to the voices of team O, C and T. 

“Fuck, they bit off more than they could chew.” Maximus said in disbelief, Kaiser stood up straightening up her hairband she looked off at the tower just north of their campsite.

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The Hero of Time –

 “W – What are we going to do?” Kaiser asked as she extended her hand towards Maximus, he simply ignored her question as he quickly took her by the hand and began to do a small but quick series of spins before making Kaiser lend back – she could only blush as their signs started to glow. “Why couldn’t we just, do a handshake or something?!” Kaiser asked with a red stain face.

Both Kaiser and Maximus started bodies started to glow a bright white with only their InterYin/Yang sign showing, their bright bodies began to fuse into one solid entity as the glowing white disappeared Kaimus stood there with two hands on his swords, his other two on his hips – his samurai mask covered his face.

“What the fuck…” Kaicus said with a tremble in his voice, Kaimus in all his “glory” obviously made him discomfort to the point he backed away behind Po in fear.

“W – Where did those two brats go?!” the bald man yelled out in confusion, Kaimus could only let out a small chuckle as he removed his mask, revealing four sets of eyes – two blue and two red along with the similar face markings / scars that both Kaiser and Maximus had Po realized who they were. Her eyes watched their every movement with lust, rather romantic or amazed by their power she was mesmerized.

“Oh wow, Maximus – Kaiser you two fit each other well I must say. Your children would look like gods.” Po called out, making Kaimus give off a weird look from the comment.

“I am neither Maximus nor Kaiser – we’re Kaimus now.” Kaimus explained, making the man lose his patience.

“Enough of these tricks! I can copy anything!” The man said laughing evilly, using dark energy he began to form Kaimus only for it to a blood grueling scream as it suddenly cracked like glass it broke into pieces much to everyone’s surprise. “W – What? Why can’t I copy them?!” The man asked himself in confusion, shaking it off he sent the other clones all to attack Kaimus.

None of the clones were much of a match for Kaimus, extending both his arms towards Dark.Sully and Dark.Maximus running at them from both angles Kaimus released a rush of flames shaped like a tiger at Dark.Maximus with one hand and the other a strong jet of water resubliming a dragon at Dark.Sully.

Dark.Lola was blasting away at them from above with an AK – 47, the bullets were coated with earth energy – Kaimus put up a simple ice wall with a snap of his fingers – blocking the bullets much to her dismay he appeared behind Dark.Lola and slammed her into the ice wall he had just made. Dark.Kaiser unleashed a strong blast of dark heat energy, which Kaimus quickly tried to absorb which they quickly regretted it as the dark energy from the heat began to affect him Kaimus quickly jumped back.

“I thought heat energy was your specialty!” Kaimus said with more of Maximus voice taking affect. “Not when it’s fused with dark energy, it’s a different ball game for me, sorry.” Kaimus replied to himself, with Kaiser’s voice taking the lead.

“T – Their having a conversation with each other?” Tora asked in confusion.

“We’re still pretty new to this ourselves.” Lola answered, watching the merciless battle. Dark.Kaiser made two clones, one used two machine gun pistols to keep Kaimus at base as the other used different elemental energies – Dark.Kaiser herself charged at. Without warning, the giant black steel greatsword sliced all the Dark.Kaiser clones in half including three trees that were behind them.

“Holy shit!” Konan said aloud, Po just couldn’t stop her lustful smile along with Sully.

“Such power!” Po and Sully both said, nearly screaming out with pure lust from the great power Kaimus has shown with little to no effort. Kaimus made quick work of the rest of the clones, before the man could cast more clones Kaiser began their swift charge at the man giving him no time to cast his spell. They force the man to draw out his axe, poorly swinging it around at them Kaimus swung his sword – cutting the man’s hand off his hand and axe fell to the floor as the man began to scream, the blood gushed from his arm at an alarming rate.

“Creating all those clones over and over wasted a lot of your energy, you can’t even swing that axe poorly – or you we’re just bad with that axe from the start.” Kaimus said, the man looked up at them in fear. “We don’t want to kill you, let our teammate heal you and never come back here again.” Kaimus said, sparing the man’s life to the may and dismay of their teammates, Kaimus put his sword away as he bent over to help the man up, he gave off an evil smirk – creating a steel blade he slashed at Kaimus several times – getting his hair, face, chest and arm before Sully and Po quickly saved them with Po shoving her katana in the man’s throat Sully did a powerful kick spending him flying into a tree – breaking his back upon impact. Kaimus looked shocked.

“Damnit Kaiser! What did I tell you about letting your guard down?!” Kaimus said aloud, Maximus voice taking over – Team C and T came running up to the others.  “What the hell took you guys so long? Did you not see my flare?” Kaimus asked in annoyance, Doce jumped back out of shock from the sudden four armed and eyed person.

“Who or what the fuck is that?!” Doce asked, with a hint of fear in his voice Sora ran over to them and smiled.

“It’s you two isn’t it?! Kaiser and Maximus! Me next, me next!” Sora said in amazement, John’s eyes were as wide as the moon.

“T – That’s them?” John asked, Kaimus could sigh as they finally broke the union form both Kaiser and Maximus fell to their knees. Lola and Chuck were quick to begin the healing process.

“I guess that took more out of us than we expected.” Kaiser said with a giggle as she had slight trouble breathing.

“Uh, Po – Sully. Thanks.” Maximus said softly, Kaiser shot up and hugged both Po and Sully.

“Thanks you two!” Kaiser said in appreciation, making both girls blush.

“So um, to answer your question we saw no signs of any flares. We been looking for you guys for hours.” Joey finally answered, Maximus sighed.

“An illusion.” Maximus commented.

“Before we move on, Kaimus – our onion form is something we don’t talk about. Ever.” Kaiser reminded them all.

“Shall we continue to split up again?”  Doce said with sarcasm, both Kaiser and Maximus nodded yes – even Po and Sully too.

“We have no choice.” Po said with seriousness in her voice.

“We wasted too much time, we need to cover all the ground we can.”  Sully said, agreeing to the decision Doce simply sighed. Before they knew it Team X and Team T were together near a landmark.

“Our target is a huge cherry tree, un-missable to say the least.” Kaiser explained, making John smile.

“Too easy!” John said with pride, they all continued to walk a bit further in silence until john spoke up again. “Sooo, this Res guy – he’s the person who attacked us in the forest during the tournament right? What is he after exactly?” John asked, making Lola laugh out of how over she was with the whole Res situation.

“We don’t know, no one knows! He’s the one who destroyed the food supply storage and put the blame on us! His whole bean is worthless!” Lola said with pure frustration in her voice. They got up to the tree, scanning the area with their scanners the place was now marked – it seemed too simple.

“No fights? Execliss?” Kaiser asked with caution, looking around there was nothing to fear.

“Time to go to our next land marker.” Doce called out, with about 35 minutes passing they arrived somewhere in the outskirts of the Heat Nation.

“This is the Heat Nation…” Kaiser said with excitement as she looked around over the flaming wasteland with joy. Maximus took off his shirt and wrapped it around his head.

“The sudden climate change is killer, I can’t believe you’re happy.” Maximus said with disbelief.

“How can one live in this weather?” John asked as he too even rolled up his shirt a bit.

“Is it really that unbearable?” Kaiser asked with confusion, Lola could only laugh.

“The Heat Nation will remain hot like this for all eternal, or at least until the Earth is destroyed. It’s the will of the Queen, her undying love for her people keeps this place warm.” Lola explained, greatly shocking Kaiser.

“Lola, who was your past –“ Kaiser tried to ask but was quickly over talked by Konan’s words and laughter.

“Who would believe such garbage?!” Konan asked as he laughed out of hearing something so “stupid”.

“Let’s just find this next landmark, it’s at a graveyard.” Isaac said, cutting the conversation short as they had their eyes open for the graveyard. Seeing a small patch of flaming leaf trees gently blowing in the breeze Kaiser immediately began to walk over to it with the rest of her teammates behind her.

“Maybe she remembers?” Maximus asked, Konan rolled his eyes.

“Or she never forgot.” Konan said as they made their way into the trees, down the path at the end revealed a well-kept graveyard with the Heat Nation Symbol on the top of the open gate. Kaiser took only a few steps into the graveyard before she passed out falling on to the ground several flashbacks entered her mind violently.  Maximus was holding Kaiser in his arms as Lola was checking her body readings.

“She seems to be fine physically, but something is attacking her memories.” Lola explained, making everyone around look worried. Maximus gently placed Kaiser on Konan’s lap.

“Maybe she knows someone here, their spirit is reaching out to her. I’ll go take a look.” Maximus said walking off.

“Bi – Big sister?” The young boy cried out as the deformed rabbit execliss dragged the boy over to him, without a second thought he began to eat the boy part by part as if he was a prime piece of steak. His cries and begs for his sister fills the room.

“T – Tharja! Please, save him!” A young Kaiser begged, tears rushing down her face as Tharja took her away.

“I’m sorry my Lord, you know that is an order I cannot follow.” Tharja replied with sadness in her voice.

“Kaiser, wake up!” Lola called out, making Kaiser wake up as she woke up screaming covered in her own sweat Lola was quick to calm her down.

“You’re fine, you’re with us now Kaiser.” Maximus said as he rubbed Kaiser’s face gently – her screams came to a slow stop as he realized who she was all around.

“L – Lets mark the area and be on our way.” Kaiser said, making Konan eye her up and down.

“Kaiser, someone you know is here isn’t it?” Konan asked, Kaiser simply grew silent ignoring the question completely. “Now Kaiser, you know I hate being ignored.” Konan added, using black energy his book flew into the air as the black energy began to separate itself and dig into the graves down below – one by one the dead were rising. Most had their skin disintegrated, they were mostly skeletons with little to no meat all wearing the Heat Tribal clothing.

“Konan are you crazy?!” Maximus asked, shouting angrily at the mad man. Kaiser’s legs shook with immense fear from the sight that laid before her.

“Idiots shouldn’t mess around with the dead!” John called out, making Konan smirk.

“It’s a good thing I’m a genius now isn’t it? Hmph, so Feuer right? Step forth!” Konan called out, a hooded figure sprung from the crowd and landed beside Konan. The figure started to approach a scared Kaiser who fell on her ass and slowly began to crawl away as the figure extended his reach out to her, everyone else was cornered in by the other undead that lives in this cemetery. The figure wrapped his strangely still smooth brown skin hand around Kaiser’s arm, making a rush of flashbacks begin.

A solid white room, covered in blood with only one bed, one large cage and a drawer filled with god knows what. Three children were in the room, all very young with the same identical look of Kaiser. One of the children, with purple hair laid dead on the bed – eyes wide open. A white haired child began coughing furiously, all while in the arms of a black haired child – her Inter Yin sign was like Kaiser’s which was also in the same place as hers.

“You – You’re back!” The black haired one said with tears rushing down their face. Without warning she was being violently grabbed, the two children held hands tightly before finally getting separated.

“What do we do with this one ma’am?” The lackey asked.

“We collected more pregnant women with Das (short for: Das Leben –Esser) right? Go continue her union experiments with them, she’s not done yet.” The woman said shooing them both along, before the flashback could continue the black haired child grabbed the sharpest thing next to her, stabbing herself in the rib cage the flashback ended nearly bringing down Kaiser – she stood on her own two feet in pain. Without hesitation she grabbed the hood off the figure, revealing a purple haired boy with bandages going down each side of his cheek. Kaiser and the man stood there in silence.

“Are you controlling him?” John asked, whispering to Konan as the dead pushed John back a bit.

“No, er – not really. He is displaying high levels of freewill, which I assumed would happen.” Konan answered, without warning the boy dug his knife deep inside Kaiser’s stomach.  

‘Y….You’re worthless, it’s your fault for not being strong eno-“ The boy began to say but was quickly cut short after Kaiser using wind energy around her hand sliced the boy’s head clean off, she held her stomach and fell to the ground in pain.

Konan stopped his control on the dead, letting them all return to their graves Maximus and Lola ran up to Kaiser – Lola immediately started the healing process.

“Everything is going to be ok, just stay with us!” Maximus called out to Kaiser who eyes were rolling all over the place.

“H – He isn’t awake, I understand.”

( Note: Kaiser’s Sword is still broken, Lola’s arm is fully healed thanks to Moonair. )





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