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Tournament Part 5 -

“What..?” Maximus asked in confusion, Moonair also gave off a similar look of confusion as did the others.

“What is a country even?” Moonair asked, Kaiser could only place a hand under her chain and thought about that question herself.

“Can you put the word ‘country’ in a sentence perhaps?” Konan suggested, he too couldn’t answer Kaiser’s question – Erwin could only choke on his water as Rex couldn’t take his eyes off of Kaiser.

“Don’t say such a word you fool!” Erwin whispered but was clearly upset as he grabbed at Kaiser’s collar, he lift her off her feet.

“W – Why is this word so sickening?” Kaiser barely managed to ask, Rex pulled Kaiser away from Erwin to get a better look into her deep blue eyes.

“Whatever Erwin has taught you, you must not let it cloud your mind! Rid your mind of all negativity child.” Rex begged, stroking Kaiser’s hair softly just as Eledon made a leap to get down to the ground level where they stood. Walking over to Kaiser he gave her a quick glare before putting on his signature laid back smirk.

“History books are nothing more than fairy tales, do not let them confuse you. Any of you.” Eledon said calmly, reassuring all those random him but Kaiser.

“So whatever a country is, can be described in the history books?” Kaiser asked, translating Eledon’s words only to receive a sharp hit upon the top of her head.

“Shut your mouth.” Eledon yelled, shoving her into Moonair he walked away jumping back into the audience soon after. Kaiser’s head began to hurt slightly, her eyes widening she got a flashback – she saw herself laughing with confidence over a game of chess as Eledon simply slapped Kaiser with annoyance. Coming back to reality she immediately spoke the first thing on her mind.

“I must be on to something, he use to always treat me like this whenever I was beating him in chess.” Kaiser casually said as Moonair helped Kaiser keep her balance.

“Oh? Do you know him, Kaiser?” Lola asked curiously, Kaiser realizing what she said could only give off a weak nod.

“I think I do, it just came to me so I said it honestly.” Kaiser admitted, Goma could only be shocked as their eyes widen.

“For you to know Sir Eledon like that on such a level even is shocking Kaiser!” Goma beamed, even with a hint of jealousy in their voice they were still proud and in mysterious belief of what Kaiser suddenly proclaimed – Erwin lifted an eyebrow.

“Is he important?” Kaiser asked curiously, Goma nodded.

“He’s a mystery in and of itself for one, but he is extremely talented. No one really knows, but they say he’s from the sound nation which honestly sounds strange to me – why does someone of his structure work under someone like a General and of the Earth Nation of all things is one but many of his illimitable mysterious.” Goma cheered with pure joy and acknowledgement in their voice.

“Why do you know so much about him, more so – why do you care?” Erwin asked in annoyance, Maximus ended their beginning conversation with his question.

“Are we fearful of Eledon being a spy or something? I mean, shouldn’t we?” Maximus asked, attempting to get a better grasp on this situation.

“Well Erwin, who wouldn’t know all about Sir Eledon? Maximus, he also is part human and something else that he is hiding. Some people in the higher up know that part and trust that will not make him go twisted – everything he does is for justice.” Jesse exclaimed, a strong blush was across his face Kaiser could only throw up from the sudden explanation – Moonair patted her back as Konan gave Kaiser a tissue he made from earth energy. Sully’s laughter rung out from behind the pack.

“You guys are fools! Eledon is nothing more than a weak toy my mom treats as a high ranking pet, similar to a dragon! When she wants and only when, Eledon will split fire from his mouth like a good boy – but all of his attacks are weak and for show. His looks are what interest my mother so.” Sully explained, Goma and Jesse couldn’t hide their giggle fit – both falling to the ground in laughter they held on tightly to their sides.

“His attacks are for show!!” Goma laughed out between breaths, they could barely talk from how hard they were laughing.

“Maybe Sully can beat him even!” Jesse rang out, causing the two to laugh harder as the students of Team X looked ‘worried’ about the two – Erwin could only massage his head.

“W – What do you mean by his looks?” Kaiser asked curiously, making Sully’s flushed face from getting laughed at disappear.

“He is part African-American, since the fall of the Heat Nation – every African American and their off springs were killed. He’s the last few of his kind, a mix breed no else!” Sully exclaimed, Lola had a puzzling look on her face.

“So if someone could, they’d do the same to Kaiser since she is a full blood?” Lola finally asked, Kaiser realizing the depths of this conversation began to get nervous slightly which Moonair noticed – she was quick to grab on to Kaiser’s hand for comfort.

“It hasn’t happened yet, which is odd but means there is nothing to worry about now.” Konan replied, giving Kaiser’s a few pats on the head.

“Your nation and race was destroyed, yet I can’t figure out why you aren’t being used to mass reproduce your entire race.” Jesse questioned, making Erwin glare from his ‘hot’ question.

“Are you implying..” Kaiser began but was shut out by Jesse’s quick response.

“No I’m not.” Jesse replied, only furthering her confusion – her train of thought was broken by Maximus throwing wrapped food at her head; catching the food she turned her attention towards Maximus who handed her a chocolate milk.

“You need body energy too, idiot.” Maximus suggested with a sigh, having to look after the leader of the team like was a drag to him.

“Good idea, thank you Maximus!” Kaiser cheered, wrapping her arms around Maximus she gave him a hug as Maximus desperately tried to pull her off.

“No no, stop!!” Maximus shouted as Kaiser’s arm held tightly around Maximus, Lola could only watch in shock.

“A – Are they hugging?” Lola asked curiously, Konan giggled.

“Jealous?” Konan asked, making Lola hit Konan with her book.

“They just never do that, it’s weird.” Lola whispered, watching Kaiser and Maximus break their hug up – Kaiser’s smile was wide and bright. “Does forming a union really help people grow together, even if their at total opposite ends of understandment?” Lola asked, surprising Konan with her words.

“You mean you never created a union with someone?” Konan asked in amazement, Lola simply hit Konan on the arm.

“Shut up, so what if I haven’t?” Lola asked annoyed, Konan could only sigh.

“It’s just weird, you helped Kaiser and Maximus release their whatever sign to form a union. Naturally, I thought you would have created one before.” Konan explained, rewording his question for Lola to calm down.

“I’ve unlocked my eye, awakening my third eye is similar to releasing your sign – aliens do both in one go. Both paths always end with the user going on a spiritual journey, but I have never created a union form before – I didn’t know if the book Kaiser picked up was factual.” Lola explained, biting her thumb nail as Goma suddenly peered into the conversation.

“Using your teammates like lab rats is a terrible deed, you know?” Goma whispered into Lola’s ear – making her jump high out of shock.

“I knew it would come out ok, he showed me – they needed to create this form.” Lola exclaimed, only confusing Goma.

“He?” Goma asked, Lola could only keep her mouth shut not sure what to say.

“Goma Sensei! We’re talking, privacy please!” Konan whined, making Goma give him a solid look before walking away – Konan sighed in relief.

“Thank you for that.” Lola cheered, looking over at Kaiser and Maximus thoughts began to run through her head. “Is that what Maximus wanted, to be closer to me?” Lola asked, Konan simply face palmed himself.

“Duh! He likes you.” Konan exclaimed, he ruffled his own blonde hair in slight frustration.

“I will not date within the same race that captured me, and killed my mother – sorry?” Lola simply replied, not caring about anyone’s feelings or observations – Erwin came into the conversation much to Goma’s joy as they gave off a slight smirk while watching the events unfold.

“You do realize this nation has nothing to do with this, right?” Erwin asked, re-informing Lola in case she forgot – she simply glared up at Erwin.

“So what?! You’re all alike, all humans are good for is for barking orders then pointing your fingers at each other when something goes wrong!” Lola said, raising her voice as she got minor attention from others.

“Not all humans are like that, we must give them a chance.” Moonair gently said, hugging Lola passionately from behind but Lola could not calm down.

“Why? They didn’t us or our parents a chance!” Lola shouted, pushing Moonair off of her Erwin grabbed at Lola’s arm.

“Fine, let your anger out but on me. Hit me as hard as you like.” Erwin offered, the gears in Lola’s head began to turn in every direction – but her revenge was fueling herself. Picking up her fist in anger she went to punch Erwin but stopped just seconds before impact. She began looking at her shaking arm in confusion, tears ran down her face as she touched one of them and looked at it in shock. Both her hands shaking like mad, tears rushed down her face.

“Come on, do it! Hit me, kill me – I’m just like the rest right?! A pathetic human and it’s all your fault little alien girl.” Erwin whispered but loud enough for Kaiser and Maximus to hear.

“Stop, Lola is – “Maximus began but was quickly cut off.

“Shut up.” Erwin simply said, not even bothering to look back at Maximus.

“What are you trying to prove?!” Lola asked, Erwin smirked.

“Your loyalty of course, if we fall in battle, can we count on you to heal us or to run away with your ears down?” Erwin explained, making Lola eyes widen in shock – she looked over each one of her teammates and her teachers. Holding her hands to her chest, she began to yell.

“I am Lola of Earth, and I pledge my undying allegiance to the Earth Nation! I will use my body for worldly good only, and without a second thought sir! Planet Earth is where I belong!” Lola shouted, making Erwin smile warmly as the audience and other students in the tournament began to clap and cheer – shocking Lola greatly she could only blush as she smiled brightly. Goma gave a simple thumbs up as Jesse hugged Lola in approvement.

“That was a nice speech.” Maximus said softly as the blush on his face was unhide-able, Eledon made a bee line towards Sully which Kaiser noticed immediately. Whispering something in Sully’s ear, Sully jumped up and ran towards her locker room. Eledon simply adjusted his glasses and left the scene, Kaiser feeling eyes on the back of her head turned around to see General Red glaring at Kaiser with a devilish smirk across her face.

“Something isn’t right.” Kaiser said to herself as she put a hand to her chain, her train of thought was broken once more by the announcer no less.

“We will be having two team leaders face each other! Doce of the Earth Nation VS Kaiser of the Earth Nation!” The announcer called out, Doce was in pure excitement – leaping onto the platform he began to run around it in happiness.

Kaiser simply shook her head, focusing on her opponent she walked up on to the platform and began to stretch her legs and arms. Both of them had a reasonable fan base within the tournament, the audience were yelling names “Doce” or “Kaiser” with shirts as well as signs – Kaiser could only smile from the acknowledgement.

“I’ve been waiting for this Kaiser, for too long!” Doce said cheerfully as he finally stopped hopping around – he took his proper place on the field.

“That’s the Nation Hopper of Heat, keep tabs on her – I want to know everything.” Phozor commanded as a human nodded and disappeared – taking Phozor’s orders.

“That boy…” Erwin began but couldn’t continue, he couldn’t place where he knew the boy from.

“He’s the 2nd runner up of last year’s tournament – the main tournament.” Goma explained making Erwin somewhat nervous.

“Kaiser has this in the bag, believe gentlemen.” Jesse exclaimed as he wrapped his arms around both Goma and Erwin.

“5…4…3…2…1…0 Fight on!” The announcer yelled as Doce was quick to make the first move, he created a ball of fire using heat energy from his gauntlet firing it at Kaiser she didn’t make a single move – easily eating the fire ball in one swallow she smirked but Doce was nowhere to be seen much to Kaiser’s surprise.

Before Kaiser could make a move random pieces of the platform they stood on began to float and spin in the air, the square rocks charged at Kaiser who easily punched them into pieces.

“This is like something out of a video game.” John said in amazement as Kaiser was in no trouble, just wasting time.

“Stop hiding!” Kaiser called out, taking a few steps back Kaiser stepped on a square panel of the platform making it turn black  - a burst of black dust hit Kaiser in the face simply making her fall to her knees.

“He’s trying to scare me off guard and attack me when I’m looking for him, of course.” Kaiser feared as she let out a low sigh, a spider fell beside her making Kaiser scare she jumped out – finally getting feeling back into her legs she blew fire from her mouth killing the small spider.

Another spider no sooner landed on Kaiser’s shoulder making her scream and hit the spider off of her. Looking up at the sky, she turned her eyes to her teammates until she realized what she saw. Looking back up towards the sky, hundreds of spiders were everywhere above making her eyes widen in shock – opening her mouth nothing came out as she weakly pointed at the sky. Much to everyone’s confusion, they saw nothing even Maximus taking off his eye patch saw nothing.

“I don’t understand, what is she pointing at?” Maximus asked, Lola could only shrug as she looked at Kaiser who was obviously distressed.

“Most likely an illusion, the black dust was to draw out something – maybe her greatest fear? It would make sense why we can’t see it, he didn’t apply dust to us and we would probably see our own different fears on top of it.” Goma answered, enlightening the group around him.

“I’m sure Kaiser will overcome this.” Moonair cheered, Kaiser shook her head and pulled out both her revolvers – shooting the two closest spiders right above her they both disintegrated instantly much to Kaiser’s joy giving her encouragement.

Before she could even make another step one bullet hit her tie making a hole and the other scrapped against her face shocking her greatly, she touch the blood coming from her face due to the her own bullets she just fired. For a moment she felt a weird presence peering over her, looking into the right section of the audience she saw an unusual man who oddly caught her eye he even smiled at her once Kaiser noticed him.

Looking at her teammates, they were simply clapping and cheering but it different somehow a hint of lifeless-ness was worded across their faces. Moonair and her team was the same, seeing a fully healed Tigz clapping also she began to understand. Taking her goggles out from her back pocket she put them on her face as she encased them with dark energy all the spiders were black globs, Doce was standing on the biggest glob that was in the back – taking her goggles off he appeared to be on the ugliest spider.

“Hiding on the ugliest spider in hopes to scare me huh? Idiot.” Kaiser laughed to herself, using wind energy around her legs she leaped up high - aiming straight towards Doce she made a fist creating a strong flame around her fist she simply went through every spider that attempted to stop her with just their appearance, Doce could only sigh.

“She’s too quick to figure out my game plans, is she going to make me work for this win?” Doce whined, peering down at Kaiser who was closing in on him fast he use sound energy to make a strong high pitch yell – hitting Kaiser hard she fell into the platform’s ground.

“Some team leader, he doesn’t want to fight Kaiser head on – he just wants to play hide and seek. Kaiser destroy him, I mean it!” Maximus yelled, demanding Kaiser could faintly hear it – Doce creates a small dimension of their own to fuel nightmares. People can see in, but only the physically people – the people inside the dimension can only see and hear what’s happening inside.

“He can be reckless, but in this case he’s playing it safe. I’m actually surprised.” Konan replied to Maximus, seeing Kaiser looking over at them he began to wave to see if Kaiser could see – she didn’t respond to the wave.

“Spiders don’t affect me anymore, why not come down here?” Kaiser called out, Doce simply glared as he made the spiders disappear he then created walls around himself and Kaiser with stone lion heads acting as a water fountain as each head gashed out water that quickly began filling the room. “I’m far from stupid Doce, I may not know how to break this nightmare but I swear I’ll break you!” Kaiser promised as Doce could only laugh, Kaiser fired several shots of earth energy towards Doce that missed terribly – throwing draggers at Doce she also that also missed much to Doce’s joy.

“I didn’t even have to move a muscle, are you sure you can handle a gun little girl?” Doce asked barely able to control his laughter, Kaiser smirked as she began to pull back her fingers revealing small thin stings everywhere that was coated in black ash – using fire energy from her finger tips she quickly made the stings light up in flames around Doce. The audience all watched in amazement.

“Such power…she’s perfect.” Sully spoke with pure excitement in her voice, watching Kaiser from a strange room above Eledon and Res stood beside Sully watching Kaiser.

“Did you see him?” Res asked, Eledon simply nodded.

“No doubt about it.” Eledon replied as the fight continued.

“Finally, I got you! Now come down here and fight!” Kaiser ordered, Doce did just that. Coming down hard on Kaiser he slammed his left greatsword at Kaiser barely missing her Kaiser stumbled away out of her shock.

“Whoa!” Kaiser exclaimed in pure shock, Doce simply looked over and smirked.

“Sorry about that, I won’t miss next time.” Doce promised, making Kaiser glare as Doce swung his other sword which Kaiser quickly dodged – landing on top of his sword she stuck his tongue out at him.

“You wield your swords with strength, but if you can’t hit me it doesn’t mean anything.” Kaiser advised, making Doce angry.

“Don’t give me advice you nation hopper!” Doce yelled, water began pouring out so hard the lion’s heads all began to break.

“Enough of these tricks asshole!” Kaiser yelled back, making Doce take a few steps back as Kaiser punched the ground with as a bright light appeared and vanished – all of Doce’s nightmare illusions faded. Kaiser could see everyone now, Erwin simply nodded in approvement.

“She overcame his illusions.” Goma spoke, Maximus cheered.

“What – what was that?” Konan whispered to himself not believing what he saw.

“How did you destroy my darkness spell?” Doce asked in amazement, looking over at his lively teammates John was annoyed.

“I can’t believe you haven’t ended this fight yet, stop playing around!” John whined, making Doce sweat a bit from the pressure he simply sighed.

“Oh trust me, this fight is far from over!”









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Dust Tournament Part 4

It was early in the day, the birds were singing and flying freely – kids and families a like were all ready to watch the tournament. Some kids even reacting the battles, much to Kaiser’s amusement Lola could only sigh.

“We’re so busy teaching ourselves to fight each other, we’ll all being distracted by what’s really at foot. Execliss are still a problem so as long as one tower still stands, no one should be laughing!” Lola insisted, even glaring at the children ahead from them who thought this was all game. One of the children spotted Lola, even past her glare the child still ran over to her in joy – Lola’s face grew more with disgust.

“You – You’re so awesome Ms. Lola! Don’t give up!” The small boy cheered her on, making the rest of her team softly smile as Lola’s eyes grew wide in shock – the boy shyly hugged her leg and ran back to his parents.

“You’re so sweet after you let that heart of yours melt.” Kaiser stated with her tongue sticking out, Lola went back to glaring but at Kaiser. Their conversation was broken by Erwin’s loud groan of distress, they closed in on the doors of the cafeteria.

“Will you grow up you big baby?” Goma asked, poking at Erwin’s face who was obviously uninterested.

“What’s the deal with you?” Maximus asked from behind the two, Erwin could only sigh as he pointed at the doors.

“Behind those doors are the teachers again, this is our first year with students – they’re going to rip us apart in there! You know what, I’m not even hungry.” Erwin whined as he grabbed his head in frustration he turned around to walk away but Goma held on to his shirt.

“I thought you were proud of us?” Kaiser asked in dismay, Moonair gave a supportive hand on Kaiser’s shoulder.

“I’m not proud of myself, don’t give me that sappy shit!” Erwin demanded as he huffed and puffed, he walked into the cafeteria leaving them behind – they quickly followed as they made their way into the seats next to Erwin, all eyes were on them as a few teachers came over to sit next to them.

“Hey Erwin, Goma – Jesse. Do you miss being out on the field?” The boy asked grinding as Jesse could only sigh.

“You guys we’re in the field? Like actively traveling around the lands, fighting execliss at any turn?” Kaiser asked with stars in her eyes, Erwin could only face palm himself.

“We have various missions.” Goma replied, Erwin simply slammed Goma upside the head.

“Thanks Rex, you’re great ya’know? No I don’t fucking miss being out in the field, you run into things that you shouldn’t. You see things that aren’t even there, you forget how to interact with people, and all you know is to survive. It’s terrible, nothing to be excited about.” Erwin stated as he snapped his fingers to get someone to take his order, he need a beer to wash down the excitement.

“Still thought being a teacher would be the last thing you ever thought of doing, none of you are exactly – team players right Spring?” Rex chimed, giving the teacher beside him a name.

“Team of 3 is more their style. Me, myself and I right?” Spring asked with a smirk as Jesse rolled his eyes.

“It’s been years since we’ve fought against or along each other, people and skills change.” Jesse stated, a chill went down Kaiser’s spine making her turn around in fear – General Red entered the room and darted right towards the unknowing Erwin. She was quick to wrap her arms around him, even nibbling on his ear slightly making Erwin stand up knocking General Red off of him.

“Can you fucking chill out? Your daughter will start copying you if you continue your behavior, it’s unprofessional!” Erwin scolded her angrily, but she was unaffected by his words.

“You’re just still upset over that girl aren’t you?” General Red asked making Rex fill the room with laughter, Kaiser was simply stuffing her face as she listened word for word to the gossip that was being loudly talked about beside her.

“Noo, you can’t be serious! He’s still head over heels over Vivi?” Rex asked trying to hold his laughter in, Erwin simply glared.

“So what if I do still love her, so what?!” Erwin asked slamming his hands on the table in anger, getting everyone’s attention once more.

“You do realize she died right?” Rex asked, making the color in Erwin’s face vanish slowly as his hands began to shake – Rex could only smirk at Erwin’s realization. “She used a dark transfer skill, killing her but she transferred something to someone. Most likely her powers, I wouldn’t understand why an angel would want a mortal to have their powers but to sacrifice yourself like that – it had to be for something important like that.” Rex added making Erwin grab him by the collar as he lifted him up in the air.

“You’ve been studying this, how long did you know?!” Erwin shouted as Goma and Jesse grabbed at Erwin’s arm, Goma sighed as they simply hit a pressure point making Erwin release Rex. Konan threw up suddenly, most of the teachers ignored it as Lola and Maximus made sure he was ok.

“Look, I’m telling you this for a reason. I need your help.” Rex finally split out but Erwin was already done with him.

“You won’t get it.” Erwin promised, glaring at Rex eye to eye Spring simply sighed.

“Girls will make you crazy.” General Red said proudly with a smirk.

“You and these kids need religion, if we all listened to it we’d be better off.” Spring stated with her head held up high, Kaiser could only snicker.

“How is that the bible of all things remain in contact after so many years, but we can’t even find not one book about our past?” Kaiser asked making Rex, Red and Spring turn their harsh eyes towards Kaiser – slightly making her uneasy.

“History is stupid and man-made, Religion is pure and always unchanged.” Spring stated, only confusing Kaiser more.

“What if someone burned the original bible, re-wrote what you’re reading today?” Kaiser asked making Spring nod her head in disbelief.

“You poor child, you overthink far too much – why would someone do anything like that?” Spring asked rubbing Kaiser’s head, she gave a small glare towards Goma.

“But of course with a witch like Goma being your teacher, I bet you do believe in religion – you simply choose to follow Satan.” Spring stated in disgust, only fueling Kaiser’s confusion.

“I don’t care for any side of it truly, nor does Goma say anything about Satan.” Kaiser replied annoyed, Goma made no means to hide their glaring eyes peering down upon Spring who could only smile from Goma’s reaction.

“You know Goma, there is a reason God left Lucifer. Even she couldn’t break him from her old ways.“ Spring commented making Goma reach over and slam their fist across Spring’s jaw in anger.

“This isn’t about religion, you shut your fucking mouth!” Goma yelled, Erwin was quick to hold Goma down sighing from the physical contact.  Kaiser held her heart in frustration, hearing Spring’s hateful words made her feel the need to defend this man.

“You know only what they want you to know, not the truth!” Kaiser yelled back, shocking a few of the teachers as Spring could only laugh. “What? Do you expect a nigger not to know what justice is?” Kaiser asked getting the attention of all the adults in the room, General Red could only glare.

“Where did you learn..” Goma slowly asked but was over spoken by the tons of other asking Kaiser to forget such a word, before Kaiser could say anything the Wind Lord was quick to make his appearance down below interrupting the babbling teachers.

“Why hide her ancestor’s history? You want to know, Kaiser?” Wind Lord asked smirking, Kaiser gulped as she nodded her head slowly widening the Lord’s smile even more. “To keep things short, your people were apparently enslaved somewhere that I don’t even know – or care to find out. Anyway, after they dropped you off letting you have your long awaited your women and men had a choice. Go left or right, they both couldn’t decide so the men went left – all but one choose to stay with the women because of his love for the strongest one.


Left was death unfortunately for the men, the women however found lands filled with flames and burnt trees - claiming the uncaptured land as theirs the strongest female warrior along with her love took over as Queen and King of the Heat Nation. But of course their love was truly unforbidden, both not knowing their true nature until they birthed their first hybrid child the Valkyrie Queen and Demon King did not know what do.

Before long, this stress would start to overrun the nice Demon who had only intentions of living among humans in peace along with the Valkyrie who wanted the same – he would eventually start to commitment unspeakable acts including experiments on his own people. Joining an alliance to let the true execliss’s in to overrun this world, the Queen was forced to make a vast decision – leaving her husband and kill him for the sake of the world or go with her husband and become the ultimate dictator of the free world? Of course she killed him with honor in a battle, saving us all – our God is our savior.” The Wind Lord explained with Kaiser hanging on to every word with value.

“Religion is based off the Queen and King of the Heat? They we’re really that great?” Kaiser asked confused as some of the teachers tried hard to keep their composure from such a ‘silly’ question, Moonair laid her hand upon Kaiser’s hand in support.

“Their simply great, creating the largest food production over the lands, best training environments, they even had a personal library filled with nothing but books under their basement still standing today said to have more books than the great Wet Nation’s Library of Knowledge – the most popular rule they had was: Nation Hoppers had no meaning here, anyone was welcome.” The Wind Lord finished as he walked away leaving Kaiser speechless as she stared at his back, she looked down at her shaking hands.

“B – but who enslaved the aliens?” Kaiser softly asked making The Wind Lord look back sharply, Kaiser jumped from the sudden eye contact – she couldn’t believe how clearly he heard her.

“She is just hungry, we’re sorry your majesty!” Moonair quickly stood up apologizing as she bowed in return for Kaiser’s ignorant questions, the Wind Lord simply glared once more and left Goma let out a breath of relief as they hit Kaiser up the head.

“You better be lucky they don’t cut you up for that!” Goma threatened in her ear, Kaiser suddenly fell into Goma’s arms holding her head in pain she was experiencing another flashback of a medical breathing mask being put on her face during a medical operation. Goma sat Kaiser on the bench seat behind them, giving her some water they simply sighed. “Just relax.” Goma added running their hands though their hair.

“So their just people of different races who took the titles of God and Satan? What in the world, this is beyond confusing – beyond.” Kaiser stated shaking her head in disbelief. “It’s in some ways I feel like I knew them, but I try to see their face and it escapes me. Even their real names, how can I just forget?” Kaiser asked herself as she looked at her again shaking hand.

“The same way you did.” Jesse replied casually, the Wind and Earth Lord began their announcements of the usual welcoming them to the 1st ever Dust Tournament – after the speech all the teams headed towards the teleporters in the back to teleport to the 2nd Arena for Round 2. All around their was new and familiar faces cheering different teams on, but the person’s name they were cheering the most was for Po of Team O. John was obviously annoyed as he stuck his tongue out Po who wasn’t paying attention, making Lucy giggle.

“I can’t believe she’s getting the spotlight! I actually won a match, hello!” John shouted in anger as Po finally turned around noticing John she smirked at his jealousy.

“Tigz and Blake will be 2nd battle today, I wish to see more of Team X!” Wind Lord announced from above watching over, he smirked as Team X could only sigh in frustration.

“You seem to have angered him.” Jesse stated as he took off his glasses and cleaned them, he could only smile at himself from the situation.

“He wants us to fail, how funny that think that we will fail!” Erwin said snickering at up the Wind and Earth Lord.

“We have the confidence, doesn’t leave out how unfair their being.” Goma commented with a sigh as the announcer came on to the battlegrounds in the middle of the open arena, with a smile he started his speech.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first ever Dust Tournament, Round 2 will be overwhelming! Starting off for today will be Konan of Team X and Aang of Team .2!” The announcer shouted as Konan held in a deep breath and let it out, he made his way on to the platform to wait for the fight. Aang smiling jumped on to the platform landing in front of Konan they shook hands as they began to separate themselves the announcer started the countdown. “5…4…3…2…1…0 Battle!” The announcer shouted, without another move Konan was quick to pull out his spell booking – casting a simple fire blast at Aang he created a water shield extinguishing the flame with ease.

“Is that all you got? My turn.” Aang cheered as he spun his staff out, with sky blue energy coming his staff it quickly coated itself in ice as he rushed Konan who moved much slower than him. All Konan could manage to do was hold his arms up as Aang steadily beat him up with several spins of his ice staff, finally having an idea Konan casted bright energy on his hands – before the Aang could hit Konan again Konan grabbed at his staff melting the ice.

Konan smiling he changed the energy to fire burning Aang’s wooden staff to pure ashes, Aang’s eyes filled with pure rage as he simply began beating Konan with his fist – he got several face shots before he pulled at Konan’s hair and threw him to the side. Konan getting up on his knees saw Aang walking towards him, with dark energy he did a small vanishing act disappearing from the whole arena much to Aang’s surprise.

“Wow! It seems Konan has vanished before our very eyes, is this an illusion or did he run away?!” The announcer yelled out as Aang was growing inpatient.

“He can’t just hide out like this!” Aang yelled in frustration as the audience began to boo from Konan’s disappearance.

“If Konan doesn’t appear within 10 seconds, he will be disqualified along with his team!” The Announcer stated, Maximus’s face got red in anger.

“Don’t you dare give up!” Maximus yelled out in anger, dead arms grabbed at Aang from underground capturing him he was unable to move within the same breath Konan also sprung from the underground – aiming his rapier at Aang. Aang began to panic but quickly reacted, using wind energy he blew a rush of wind from his mouth – making both Konan and his minions fly back.

Aang was quick due his high level of wind energy, Konan barely opening his eyes was slam with 3 fierce balls of wind knocking Konan to his knees as he coughed up blood – Lola could only sigh at the situation.

“We may lose this.”  Lola feared as she looked away, no looking could she bare to see her friend get beaten so badly. Kaiser’s fist tighten as she watched the battle passionately.

“Why don’t you show yourself, you freak?!” Aang yelled out, getting close to Konan who had finally had enough – using a strength boost from heat energy he did a rough uppercut to Aang’s jaw. Konan picking up his rapier ran at Aang in attempts to stab the boy, within seconds of running dark black arms arm at Konan’s body, face, arms and rapier. Konan was quickly consumed by the dark arms, creating a dark orb around him Aang began to cheer over his victory.

Before he could start his speech the orb started breaking much to Kaiser’s joy as it was her turn to cheer loudly for her comrade. Large angelic wings sprung out of each side of the orb, the orb was quickly broken into pieces – Konan flew rushing towards Aang who again panicked.

Aang pulling out his assault rifle started to fire dark energy bullets at Konan who simply slashed at the bullets with bright energy, the bullets quickly disintegrated much to everyone’s shock. One feather from Konan’s wing slowly fell down, coming down towards Erwin he caught it – opening his eyes widely.

Aang’s reloading his gun with a fire energy clip, it blew up suddenly in his face as he threw his gun to the side in frustration he looked up to find Konan wiggling his finger ‘no’.

“How did you…?” Aang asked in pain, his hands catching the explosion damage Konan could only smile.

“Bright energy can melt ice as well as cause fire to burst. “ Konan replied making Aang groan in frustration, he simply leaped away trying his best to get distance between himself and Konan – forming water energy on his hand he covered his wounds in attempts to heal himself.

Within seconds he was violently stopped as a black shadow like hand grabbed him, throwing him into the ground – the hand still had a tight grasp on the boy. Aang began blowing wind energy from his mouth, the dark energy simply absorbed it making it stronger as it tighten its hold around Aang’s body he cough up blood.

“You coward, playing like a mage!” Aang yelled glaring at a smirking Konan, he was unable to move any parts of his body.

“Sorry but, it appears as if I’m 2 steps ahead of you – of something like that.” Konan said casually as he held his rapier to Aang’s face, he sent his angelic wings away the match was set.

“Konan of Team X wins, Team .2 is the first team to get kicked out of the competition!” The announcer called out loud, Sophia could only punch her fist into the floor as Dexter stared off with a look of disbelief – he didn’t even get to stand on stage yet his team was already out.

Before Konan could turn around Kaiser was already running up behind him, grabbing Konan she began to throw him up and down in the air out of joy as the rest of Team X walked over cheering.  Dexter could only run up to them and question the events.

“The elemental line is not being used here and that’s simple not possible, how did his bright energy overcome darkness? Purification isn’t something just anyone can grab...” Dexter trailed off hoping one of them would jump in with his answer.

“Tell him to train harder, what does he expect? A free ticket by using dark energy? Konan’s experience in bright energy outweighed Aang’s experience in dark energy.” Erwin stated, with that he told the boy to shoo just as Moonair came over with her third eye awoken.

“Nice game.” Moonair said casually as Kaiser was somewhat taken back, she smiled nervously. “Don’t be nervous, I can’t see the future as clearly as you think.” Moonair added turning to Kaiser who was still shocked at how clearly Moonair read her mind.

“So you know about him...” Kaiser asked nervously as Moonair could only smile as she began to walk back over to her team before saying one line.

“I always knew, and about you too.” Moonair said, confusing Kaiser greatly the announcer started to talk again.

“Next match up, we got Tigz of Wind and Blake of Wind!” The announcer yelled out, Tigz was obviously trying to keep his excitement inside – getting on stage after a quick pep talk from Moonair he was ready. Blake was already throwing insults.

“Here kitty, kitty – I won’t bite much!” Blake shouted, teasing Tigz which had no effect – he simply held his head up high.

“5…4…3…2…1…0 Fight!”




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 ( Dust Tournament Part Two ) -

“You’re a blind fool to think Luci is anything but evil.” Erwin commented as he roughly face palmed himself, Jesse could only slowly back away as his body began to shrink into a young child.

“Your temper made him get upset!” Goma whined only causing Erwin to get further frustrated. 

“You bringing up this conversation did, you’re so dense.” Erwin said looking off in annoyance, as Kaiser began to point.

“Why is Jesse small, or is it just me?” Kaiser asked as Maximus, Konan and Lola slowly nodded.

“Jesse isn’t.” Goma commented.

“Forget it, we will talk about this later.” Erwin said as he began to push Kaiser out the door.

“Talk later? So we get to see them form Kamius soon?!” Lola asked in excitement as Erwin glared, Maximus patted Kaiser on the back.

“Good luck out there.” Maximus cheered Kaiser could only smile she took off jacket and gave it to Maximus, she began to roll up her selves they all reached the center of the arena as Joey was already on the ring shirtless.

“What took you so long? Thought you got lost.” Joey commented with a sly smile as Kaiser stuck out her tongue.

“Oh I’m here.” Kaiser said smirking as the announcer began the countdown.

“5..4..3..2..1..0 Fight!” The announcer screamed as Kaiser and Joey rushed towards each other, they touched elbows as they leaped in the air. Joey began to smirk as he opened his mouth, a bright rainbow appeared all inside his mouth making Kaiser distracted as her mouth dropped.

“What is – that? A rainbow?” Kaiser asked curiously as it suddenly shot off at her, she was quickly sent flying out the ring as Maximus mouth simply dropped.

“S – She’s a shit fucking leader. Kaiser get up!” Maximus yelled as she slowly got up she began touching her stomach in pain, with wind energy from her legs she leaped quickly back into the ring. ‘That was strange, it was like – every element scarred my body all at once. I saw them take form seconds before they impacted me, I was a sitting duck. Lola’s not here, I can’t be careless.’ Kaiser thought as she sighed to herself.

Joey rushed in swinging his fist several times at Kaiser, hitting her Kaiser twice in the face she finally began to dodge his punches she bought herself to the ground as broke dance a bit taking Joey’s legs from under him – quickly slamming her right foot towards Joey’s head, Joey rolled away swiftly from her foot as he attempted to slice at Kaiser’s right leg, his sickle was bought to a harsh stop as a metal against metal sound was echoed.

“What the fuck are you?” Joey asked in confusion as he looked up in shock from seeing Kaiser’s fist heading towards Joey, her normal fist slammed into Joey’s jaw – dislocating it she did a large leap away from Joey.

Joey screaming began to slowly get up, glaring at Kaiser he slowly relocated his jaw.

“You shouldn’t had done that.” Joey said softly as hit himself in the chest, rainbow armor wrapped around his chest.

“Joey be careful!” Sora yelled, making Kaiser raise an eyebrow.

“Focus on me!” Joey called out as he was charging her with a rainbow coated hammer, she quickly pulled out her sword to block the attack much to Joey’s joy – he slammed the hammer into ground, totally not aiming for Kaiser. Colors of the rainbow began going all over the field, green filled the middle of the ring as it quickly formed into earth like pavement, Joey was quick to hop on the pavement as Kaiser attempted to follow she felt water wrap around her legs as she looked down – hands like water wrapped around her legs as Joey began to laugh, Maximus eye patch was off as he eyed the water in disbelief.

“The water is coming from the rainbow, not him. It’s as if he’s cheating, but this water isn’t right.” Maximus said in confusion as Sully began to giggle.

“Awww, is someone nervous?” Sully asked winking as Lola sighed in annoyance.

“Awww, someone is up already?” Lola asked smirking as Sully gave her the middle finger. From the yellow part of the rainbow razor winds started forming as they slowly came towards Kaiser, she began to sweat with fear.

‘Shit, shit – so many element all at once! How is this possible?!’ Kaiser asked herself as she looked over the hands, she began to get an idea. With sky blue energy coming from her hand she touched the hands as they turned to ice, she was easily able to break away. She leap from the blue water towards Joey, the razor winds rushing her she did her best to dodge the winds they all missed her but one barely brushed against her leg – doing nothing to her shock. She landed on the rock pavement doing a sigh of relief.

Looking up towards Joey she was hit dead on by a Joey’s rock, knocking her back into the rainbow field much to Joey’s enjoyment. Joey stomped his feet twice on the rock pavement, large tree roots began to surround the pavement keeping Joey safe – Kaiser was quick to throw her sword at the wood only to have it become stuck in the trees roots.

“So it’s not illusions! He’s a tricky fuck.” Kaiser said to herself as she did a loud groan, looking up she noticed a rush of red coming straight towards her – within seconds the red changed form into a stream of fire.

“This your chance to give up, or you will get burned. Maybe worse.” Joey shouted with a wide smile, looking back at Sully he gave her a quick thumbs up. Kaiser could only smirk as the fire drew close, opening up her mouth she began to inhale it – much to Joey’s surprise since his jaw was on the floor. Within seconds of inhaling the fire she bit down on it as it turned back into a gooy red form, she began to cough violently as the red slowly spilled out of her mouth.

“Your fire, taste like shit and its cold.” Kaiser said as she stood up tall and whipped the side of her face, she began to smirk.

“She really figured it out.” Maximus said in disbelief, his face slowly formed a large smile.

“I know exactly how your rainbow works, the oils learned can physically hit me. But the oils you don’t know are nothing more than illusions to trick me! I have to give you props Joseph, you almost had me.” Kaiser said proudly as Joey’s eye began to twitch.

“Good luck finding out which is real and which is fake you fucking loser!” Joey shouted at the top of his lungs, he slapped his hands together as the patch of blue Kaiser was standing on quickly formed into a bubble – capturing Kaiser inside. Kaiser immediately began to hold her breath, moving her body in the enclosed water - she didn’t freak out much to her own surprise.

‘Why did I steal that bubble book for Sully? Never thought it would bite me in the ass like this.’ Kaiser said to herself, Joey opened up his rooted gate as he began to charge towards Kaiser with his hammer.

“Kaiser get out of there!” Moonair yelled, quickly getting Kaiser’s attention she began to realize it.

‘I can hear?’ Kaiser asked herself, looking towards Joey she could hear him roaring as he charged her. Kaiser began to try to blow air bubbles but not one formed – she began to smirk as Joey drew closer.

“Well, she did her best.” Jesse said in his adult body, already fearing the worst he sighed.

“It’s not over yet.” Erwin said not daring to take his eyes off the fight, seconds before Joey’s hammer connected Kaiser flamed up her arm swiftly hitting him in the chest – sending his across the ring as his rainbow field began to disappear.

“Even though it’s mostly like illusions, you still need every stone. They use up more oil than Berserk.” Kaiser explained as Joey slowly stood, he bought out his sickles – coated in rainbow as the ring was back to normal. “Now all the oil you have left is for your armor piece and two weapons.” Kaiser finished as Joey leaped into the air, aiming for Kaiser he began to dive down at her – he bashed his sickles into the ground due to Kaiser’s quick dodge.

She held her arm in pain as Joey made an obvious cut, Joey was quick to follow up – slamming his sickles down at her again she quickly wrapped her hands in dark energy and caught both sickles at the last second.

“This is…unbelievable! You must be cheating! This is too much energy to just simply absorb!” Joey shouted in confusion, this fight should be his. Lifting her fist up she slammed her fist into Joey’s chest plate armor, completely shattering it Joey was sent flying into the grass. Placing his hand on the ring, he began to slowly and painfully get up as he glared at Kaiser. “How did you figure it out?” Joey asked slowly as he got back into the ring, holding one sickle in his hand he used bright energy over it.

“The wind hit me but didn’t cut me. I noticed, if I think too hard your illusion will have physical traits. I could swim like I was in the water, but I could breath and hear things clearly. This rainbow energy you came across is interesting, I’ll give you that.” Kaiser said smiling as Joey took a step forward, a flame sword was held against his neck – looking behind him was a fire clone of Kaiser. Looking back at the real Kaiser she was now in his face with her sword also pointed at his neck, he could only sigh as he dropped his sickle.

“I give up.” Joey said as he bite his lip with frustration.

“Kaiser wins! Team X is up a point and Team C is down by one!” The announcer yelled as the audience went wild, some even began throwing food at Kaiser.

“Nation hoppers don’t belong in organized events!” Someone yelled amongst other things, Kaiser simply walked off the ring as her team surrounded her – all she could do was smile as they cheered for her. Sully could only smile at her off in the distance.

“Oh I knew you’d do well my love, your reward for this will be soon.” Sully said to herself as lust was the only thing in her mind, her breathing was rapid as her face was flushed red. Sora was quick to run towards Joey’s side the medics began healing him, Konan gave Kaiser a high five as they all cheered.

“I’m quite impressed Kaiser, thank you for winning.” Lola stated as she bowed gracefully, Maximus wrapped Kaiser’s head under his arm.

“I take it back, you’re a damn good team leader!” Maximus said happily as he ruffled her hair, letting her go they hugged.

“What the fuck, you guys hug now?” Erwin asked in confusion making Maximus’s eyes jump open, he pushed Kaiser quickly off.

“Pfft. No.” Maximus said with a blush as Moonair brushed past him and into Kaiser’s arms.

“The skill I taught you actually helped!” Moonair shouted in joy as Kaiser swung her around a bit.

“Thank you.” Kaiser replied, making Moonair blush as she lend in for a kiss – the announcer began to yell.

“Jin of Wind VS Sora of Earth!” The announcer screamed out, Kaiser smiled as she waved. Moonair went over to Jin for quick pointers.

“We both know you’re a good fight, but we both know what your problem is now don’t we?” Moonair asked, waiting to hear Jin’s respond as he groan.

“I’m too cocky, I won’t be cocky!” Jin whined as Moonair could only sigh, she stepped aside allowing him on to the arena – seeing Sora standing with her hammer at 4 ft. high, he began to burst of in laughter much to Sora’s annoyance. “I’m fighting someone below my fighting skill, age and height? Is this tournament a joke?” Jin asked, whipping away the tear from his eye from laughing too hard.

“You’re going to regret making that joke.” Sora threatened, making Kaiser giggle.

“Oh my god, I think Sora has a crush on Joey.” Kaiser said with tears in her eyes.

“5…4…3…2…1…0 Fight!” The announcer yelled, Sora quickly began expelling white energy from her mouth that quickly changed form into smoke – covering the title ring. Jin could only smile from the childish move, getting his arm cannon ready to fire he felt arrows barely missing him from behind – quickly he began to fire behind him, destroying the arrows on contact.

“Just because you covered my eyes, doesn’t mean I can hear or smell you.” Jin shouted out as he began to sniff at the air, he quickly fired it straight ahead – within seconds Sora’s painful cries was heard. “I beat you at your own game little girl, now enough of this.” Jin said as he place his arm cannon on his back, with wind energy he easily moved the wind away with a slight motion of his hands. Looking around Sora was nowhere on the field much to Jin’s shock.

“Did the baby get scared and run away awwww, I’m sorry.” Jin teased as suddenly as arrow went past his face, cutting some of his hair and scarring his face he looked at the arrow that landed just between his feet. Before he could even make another move the arrow exploded with sound energy, pushing him up into the sky only to be slammed back down in the ground by Sora’s hammer from above.

Sora landing on the ground lifted her hammer again to nail the defenseless Jin, Jin seeing her coming quickly used bright energy to blind her – making Sora drop her hammer as she held her eyes in pain. Jin did a quick dragon flip to get back up on to his feet, picking up Sora’s hammer he rammed it into her – sending her flying from her own weapon.

“Oh no, Sora you can win!” Tora shouted on fear as she watched her twin get nailed by her own hammer, Sully’s face got red from anger.

“Sora get up, you know we can be the first ones to be out!” Sully shouted, confusing Kaiser with her line as she lifted up an eyebrow. Sora slowly began getting up, managing to get up on her knees she looked up at Jin who was casually walking towards her.

“You know kid…..It’s foolish to have your primary and secondary all in one weapon right?” Jin explained as he looked over her weapon, studying it.

“Why not give it back?” Sora asked as she slowly got up on her feet, Jin could only laugh.

“What is this? An anime?” Jin asked as he dropped her hammer, he continued to go towards – with white energy around his foot a bright light began to shine brightly from it.

“Just give up, or this will hurt a lot on a whole new level.” Jin warned as Sora stuck out her middle finger.

“Fuck you!” Sora shouted as Jin began to kick her, Sora quickly pulled out the sword from behind her – covered in dark energy she smirked as Jin’s smile turned into fear. The two hits connected, forming different shades of whites, blacks and purples Jin created a small portal – before he could even turn around the two attacks finally counteracted – creating a violent blast both were knocked out in the grass unconscious.

“Whoa what?! Does Dark and Light always counteract like that?” Kaiser asked in amazement.

“It all depends, in that situation of course. But a person can learn both dark and light oils and have them freely flow together, Fire and Water will do the same.” Konan explained as stars were in her eyes.

“It’s been 5 seconds and neither person has moved to the ring, this match is a tie! No team loses a point!” The announcer called out as Kaiser could only groan.

“Team C is beyond lucky.” Kaiser said in frustration, Tigz quickly got on to the ring and carried Jin into their locker room as did Joey with Sora.

“Break time, 10 minutes!” The announcer called out much to Kaiser’s joy, she hurried past her teammates and into the lounge – picking out multiple snacks. She quickly paid for them and made her way down a different hallway, but she didn’t even notice because of the bag chips she was snacking on.

Walking past a cracked door she didn’t take any notice until she hears Sully’s worried voice. Backing up she silently began to peer though the crack of the door and listen in.

“This boy almost killed my friends and I!” Sully said with tears in her eyes as he mother roughly slapped her.

“I don’t want to hear it, if Eledon wants to work with him – it must be for a good idea.” General Red said casually as Sully’s scream got louder.

“Are you the Commander or not?!” Sully yelled as Res suddenly grabbed at her cheeks and pulled her into a loving kiss as Kaiser’s snacks hit the ground, she quickly hid behind the door as Res walked out looking around. Res peering off in Kaiser’s direction began to smile, with a quick snap of his fingers he then went back inside the room.

“Sully, I already apologized. I also already told you I was using half my power, no I didn’t almost kill you – if I wanted to I would had.” Res explained as Sully slapped him.

“Where do you get off thinking you can kiss me?!” Sully yelled making Res giggle.

“Just listen to the plan, or we’ll have to shut you up.” Res threatened, making Sully take a few steps back as she looked at her mother who was in pure agreement with Res – Sully could only grab at her heart in fear.

“I need to warn the others, I knew he wouldn’t just disappear after that battle on Defeat Road.” Kaiser said to herself softly as she began to run forward she quickly stopped as she ran face first into a tall man, landing on the floor she rubbed her butt in pain as she quickly glared.

“Warn the others about what?” Eledon asked adjusting his glasses as Kaiser’s eyes began to open in fear.

“Did you capture our little spy Eledon?” Res asked peering out the door with the smirk, Sully quickly ran out with tears immediately filling her eyes as she saw Kaiser in the crossfire.

“Kaiser please, run!”





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Dust Tournament Part One –

The Earth and Wind Lords both rose from their chairs, appearing on the TV’s around the arena for all to see clearly. The Earth Lord began to smile as he was the first to speak.

“Welcome students, teachers, and others! We hope that the first ever Dust Tournament goes well, to ensure that we have made rules.” The Earth Lord began as the TV started making cute little images all relatable to what he was saying. “Two loses in one team means you’re eliminated, if your team leader has already fought before in the same round and they go again they have a chance of winning back a ‘life’ for the entire team.” The Earth explained as the Wind Lord began to speak.

“To spice things up, the grass is limited to a 5 second out – if you’re even on the grass for so much as 6 seconds you lose that match. A special guest fighter will also be presented at the end.” The Wind Lord as everyone watching began to cheer in excitement.

“Heh, aren’t you lucky? If that rule was a thing 40 years ago you wouldn’t be in the position you have now.” The Earth Lord said with a whisper, making the Wind Lord’s face slowly turn red with frustration.

“Their getting so stressed with the rules lately, what are they scared of? Kids having too much fun?” Doce said a loud making Isaac laugh in agreement.

“So I take it no neck breaking huh?” John said with disappointment as girl with two toned hair looked in disgust.

“John! You only do that to execliss’s, not us!” The girl whined as she began to tug at John, Renton could only smirk.

“Thought you said nothing serious, what happened?” Renton said whispering to John making Johan push him to the ground, before another word was said a tall women picked up Renton by the collar and bought him to his feet as she sighed.

“How many times do I have to tell you? Stop wasting energy beating each other, use it to beat the enemy!” The girl complained, making John sigh.

“Hi Sunday Senpai.” Doce said throwing an apple at her which she quickly caught much to her liking.

“That’s one of their teachers! Will we be seeing ours?” Kaiser asked amongst her team who all shrugged expect for Konan who simply pointed at the 3 climbing down from the stands to meet them.

“Because stairs is too mainstream?” Lola asked in confusion as their teachers walked up to them.

“We’ve been watching you guys – closely. Good job.” Erwin said smiling as he softly patted Konan on the head, much to his dismay as Konan attempted to pull away.

“Your guy’s teamwork as whole has improved drastically!” Goma mentioned making Kaiser and Maximus look at each other and smirk, Jesse casually walked over to Lola.

“You’re a fully range fighter, one on one like this can go – differently for you than when you’re on the battlefield with others. You will be lucky if you have the chance to self-heal.” Jesse explained, only making Lola’s ear go down in sadness. “You have a lot of disadvantages, but you’re smart. Remember to be brave, don’t close your eyes.” Jesse finished, patting Lola on the shoulder.

“Your motivation speeches are always wonderful, you will never lose it Jesse.” A voice said, making them turn around to see Sully’s mom in the flesh – Erwin saluted without question.

“Good to see you General Red!” Erwin said shaking hands with her.

“Always so formal, tell you father I said hello. I didn’t realize you of all people would be so unfortunate as to get the nation hopper as your student, I am truly sorry.” General Red said loudly, only making Kaiser glare – Sully quickly ran past them to salute her mother.

“Stand down Sully, I hope you don’t disappoint me.” General Red warned.

“Of course not ma’am, I didn’t request this a year in advance for nothing!” Sully said making General Red smile, she actually bent over and gave Sully a kiss on the forehead before walking away – leaving Sully speechless as she watched her mother leave.

“General Red displaying affections, and in public of all places? My, my.” Erwin said in shock, Kaiser looking up towards the clouds quickly noticed a brown bird watching over them in the Arena – chilling on top of the arena it watched everything.

“Something special about those birds? Do you remember anything?” Erwin asked, making Kaiser jump in shock.

“I remember how often I use to see them the first two weeks of school!” Kaiser said, looking back up the bird was gone. Hell-Gal began shouting from the stands, getting Kaiser’s attention she ran over where Vicky too was. “Hey guys, when are you coming down? The match is about to start!” Kaiser said, making the two sigh.

“Sophia’s team bought their way into her, which replaced my team unfairly. I just want this thing to end, good luck and all but I hope they don’t fuck you over.” Hell-Gal said as Vicky patted her back.

“My team got disqualified although I must admit we had it coming! We couldn’t come up with a last box so we made a clone, it was good enough to let us pass but after a while it dissolved.” Vicky said blushing with shame as Kaiser was nudged by Maximus – seeing him point he saw Lola and her owner once again.

“Do you realize how rich I will be if you win this?! If you ever want to see your planet again you will keep getting up until you cannot breath!” Her owner said as Lola could only look at the ground, Kaiser, Konan and Maximus began to walk towards the two but was quickly stopped by both Goma and Jesse.

“I know what think is right is right morally, but as a societies point of view this is ok. You will do only more harm than good handling it the way you’re about to.” Jesse explained as Goma went into close.

“With all due respect, this isn’t the old days. She keeps all her savings, she will never have to pay rent or for food it’s all your job – you bought a license to have an alien attend Earth life with you. She is forever your guest, she owes you nothing.” Goma said, making the man anger as he went to hit Goma – Goma simply grabbed his hand and bent his arm back. “Assulat on a teacher on an arena campus? This is a high fine, but I could overlook it and not press charges..” Goma said trailing off as the man just looked at Goma in disgust – Moonair ran over to give Lola comfort with her owner too close by.

“Salutations Gregory, how you care for your guest is awful – as if this beautiful intelligent bean was a mindless slave.” The man said as Gregory rolled his eyes. “If having such a unique guest is out of your pocket, then you shouldn’t had done it in the first place Gregory.” The man said as Gregory began to glare.

“It’s human like you that give good humans bad rep! You should be ashamed!” Moonair yelled as Gregory lifted his hand to smack her he was quickly stopped by Kaiser’s hand.

“Let’s act like civilize people here, yes?” Kaiser suggested as she dropped Gregory’s arm, Gregory simply growled and made his way into the stands.

“Moonair, I do expect highly of you. Do your best.” The man said he too made his way into the stands, Moonair smiled at Kaiser for helping. The announcer began walking up to get his place on stage, Lucy grabbed John’s hand in joy.

“I wish you the best John, I need to join my team now.” Lucy said as she kissed John on the cheek and left to be with her team, the announcer grabbed the microphone.

“Welcome to the Earth Nation you beautiful Wind guests! First up, we have Ran of Wind VS Lucy of Wind!” The announcer said loudly as both their pictures appeared on the screen, Ran was quick to jump on the stage – hopping around in excitement as Lucy casually walked on to the stage. “Okay ladies, no killing! Begin!” The announcer screamed as Lucy slowly peeled off her long red stocking much to Ran’s confusion.

“Uh, you know this is a fight right? Not a body contest!” Ran explained, making Lucy simply as she began to run at her fiercely – quickly changing her stockings form with gray energy – it molded into a red long sword. Slashing at the Ran with her guard down, Lucy managed to slice some of Ran’s chin causing Ran to get her senses and quickly do a leap back with wind energy as she wiped the blood from her chain.

Lucy began to smirk as she untied the ribbon from her hair as it molded into a hand canon, making Ran’s eyes open widely as Lucy started her barrage of explosive – heavy duty bullets went flying towards Ran and her area. Creating a large cloud of black smoke, Lucy began to smirk even more as Jin’s eye were filled with horror – Lucy using water energy made a decent sized ball in her hand.

“I will never understand this place, letting kids against someone our age? What did you expect, for me to go easy or something?” Lucy asked as Jin began to yell.

“We’re all from the Wind Nation, hello! It’s not fault the Earth Nation made these idiotic rules – would you take it out on her?!” Jin yelled as Lucy simply stuck out her tongue.

“Correction, you and I. Ran isn’t she’s a Nation Hopper you dumbass, a traitor! If their do it once, their do it again!” Lucy said yelling back at Jin just as a long chain with a spiky ball was chucked out the dark smoke, aiming for a distracted Lucy.

“Lucy, pay attention – look out!” John began to scream, as Isaac snickered with delight. Lucy looking towards the smoke was already too late, the ball and chain wrapping around her leg bought her to the ground making her ball of water explode all over her as she began to quickly get dragged much to Jin’s joy and John’s dismay.

Ran jumping out the smoke and high above an injured Lucy began to spit ‘invisible’ balls of spit down upon her, within seconds ‘sound bombs’ went off all over Lucy as she began to scream in pain – her ears slightly bleeding. Ran making a soft landing due to her wind energy, calmly walked over to a slow moving Lucy who was desperately trying to take off one of her gloves – Ran began lifting her up by her shirt.

“I am Ran, of Wind. Do not forget that!” Ran said proudly as she pulled back her arm for her final blow Kaiser began to cheer.

“Yeah, go Ran!” Kaiser screamed, causing Ran to look back slightly – long enough for Lucy to use her energy once more. Her scarfing wrapping around Ran’s eyes as Lucy smirked greatly, this time John was cheering. The scarfing was began to get tighter and tiger around Ran’s head, before Lucy could even start to slowly take off her gloves again – Ran punched her swiftly in the stomach with a burst of electricity going from Ran’s fist into Lucy’s body shocking her greatly because of the water from before – her scarf fell to the ground.

Ran casually threw Lucy into the grass, the announcer was quick to begin the countdown – John watched with disappointment.

“5…4…3…2…1…0 and this battle goes to Ran of – Wind! Team Number 69 is down a point!” The announcer screams out as the crowd goes wild, some out of joy and even rage as they began to throw cans and fruit at Ran which she easily dodged.

“W – why are they acting like that?” Kaiser asked in confusion as a large orange was headed for Ran, Kaiser was quick to get on stage and catch it as she looked up at the man who threw it from above.

“Ohh, we have two nations trying to defend each other!” A person yelled, John rushed over to Lucy and picked her up as he glared at Ran.

“Soon their get a team together, then our worse fears will be here!” Another woman yelled as Kaiser and Ran just looked around in discomfort they final walked off to see Moonair waiting.

“Great fight Ran, just keep your guard up more.” Moonair suggested as Ran saluted her and walked off over to Jin as Moonair gave Kaiser a look.

“I swear it wasn’t on purpose!” Kaiser immediately said as Moonair sighed and kissed her forehead.

“Try not to distract my teammates please, unless you don’t want to fight me?” Moonair said teasing her.

“Of course I do, and we will! It won’t happen again – promise.” Kaiser said smiling as the announcer began announcing the next set of fighters.

“For the next round we have John of Earth VS Sohpia of Wind!” The announcer said, much to John’s joy as he walked up on stage cheerfully cracking his neck.

“This fight is sure to cool me off.” John said to himself as Sophia joined the stage – they both pulled out their weapons.

“Are we ready you? Good, because I am! Begin!” The announcer shouted as John was first to start running, throwing his fists Sophia blocked each one with easily before finally shield bashed John - hitting him in the head with her elbow as he growled.

John finally threw a hit that catch Sophia off guard, he was quick to grab her sword and throw it out of her reach – she began to smirk as she lifted her fist to John she started to throw a few punches which John easily blocked. John getting bored swiftly bashed Sophia’s shield into her own chest causing her to cough out a rich red blood.

Sophia blew a light cover of dust, she then quickly ran off in order to retrieve her sword but was should stopped by leaf blades as sharp as razors – just inches away from her sword every inch of her own body was getting sliced as she made her way towards her short sword. Seconds before touching it John was there to pick it up, handing it to her she began to smile with joyful as her hand went to grab it – John quickly pulled away and broke the sword over his knee much to Sophia’s horror – making his smirk.

John slowly let thee leaf shower vanish, handing back her broken sword Sophia was quick to begin to uselessly slash at John – making him laugh greatly. She spit across his face, making him do a swift round house kick into her face – sending her flying into the stages ground.

John using a bright yellow but white energy formed a large lightning bolt, throwing it at a injured Sophia the only thing she could do was hold her shield – luckily for her the blast darted straight back at John. With a loud crack and roar, John’s body was nowhere in sight as Sophia slowly stood up in joy. Before she could even jump a 2nd time John was there, wrapping his fingers around her neck harshly as he slammed her dead into the ground – rendering her unconscious.

“And a merciless victory goes to John of Earth! Team . 2 is down by one point!” The announcer yelled, making the audience cheer and boo – John walked off stage as if nothing happened. Lucy and Kaiser were quick to surround him.

“Nice work out there John!” Kaiser said smirking as she wrapped her arm around his neck, Lucy could only glare at the close contact but still attempted to act proud.

“You sure gave her a piece of your mind, sorry for getting hurt out there.” Lucy explained with a blush as John was quick to hug her.

“Sooo…an item?” Kaiser asked as Lucy immediately had stars in her eyes.

“Oh you bet, he’s all mine!” Lucy said with excitement as John’s face was a bright red.

“I have to say, it’s only been 2 matches and yet I can already see the extreme fighting difference when fighting with a team or one on one.” Gein said from behind, now making Kaiser use to his tactics she simply giggled as she hugged him ‘hello’. “I remember making you jump.” Gein said as he sighed.

“Phozor of Wind VS Lola of Earth, two aliens will now duke it out! Will the medium blood show the high blood up?!” The announcer yelled as Lola’s eyes got big – Phozor was quick to appear on stage in all his glory.

“Wow, a high blood – same planet as me.” Moonair said casually as Lola gulped.

“Why would they pair me with him, that’s uncalled for! This usually never happens!” Lola said as she quickly pushed on to the stage shortly after her sentence.

“5…4…3…2…1…0 battle!” The announcer screamed as Phozor simply made a rose appear and sniffed it, Lola was quick to whip out her book – with purple energy she flipped Phozor upside down who acted completely casual about it. Phozor began to smirk as he freely walked towards Lola, shocking her she increased the force of the gravity much to no effect – quickly turning her pages her energy became blue water like dragon. Violently slashing at Phozor he was quick to use a greenish blue energy to encase himself in crystal – the water dragon ending up useless as it vanished.

Phozor began to smirk, with the same energy he created a larger – crystal dragon ready to kill Lola. Her eyes in pure fear as she stared death in the eyes, before the attack could even come to blow she began to scream loudly.

“I give up, I give up!” Lola screamed, the crystal dragon disappearing as Phozor was there to give her a beautiful rose – putting on a genuine smile as the match ended.

“Phozor of Wind easily takes off with a victory, Team X is down by one point!” The announcer yelled as Lola rushed off stages, she faced all of her teammates with tearful eyes.

“I – If you laugh at me I swear I’ll never forgive you – never!” Lola screamed with tears in her eyes, her voice harsh from yelling as Maximus simply hugged her.

“We’re not perfect.” Konan simply said.

“You did well.” Kaiser said smiling, the furious tears that ran upon Lola’s face slowly began to stop.

“If I had extra time to awaken my eye, I would of won easy!” Lola said aloud, with Moonair close behind to sigh.

“You know good and well you can’t rely on that to win!” Moonair exclaimed, Phozor could only laugh.

“With or without it, it’s impossible to win against me – you’re both low bloods to me!” Phozor said smirking as Moonair simply rolled her eyes, Kaiser stood in her way.

“Oh great, the nation hopper of Fire to Earth – you’re really below me!” Phozor said, making Kaiser glare. “If you truly want to fight me, meet me in space.” Phozor simply said, making Kaiser confused.

“You go to space or something, really - you?” Kaiser in disbelief as Phozor gave her the middle finger.

“I do 6 months in space and 6 months on planet Earth, you wouldn’t know anything about it.” Phozor said walking off as Kaiser’s face was a hot red.

“P – Phozor…can you tell me what my planet was like since you’ve been before right?” Lola asked, making the immature conversation die out as everyone took on a serious demeanor.

“It’s nearly all rebuilt now.” Phozor chimed with a slight smile, Lola could only question more.

“R – Rebuilt? What happened to it beforehand?” Lola asked, deeply interested in the information that Phozor had to offer.

“Your planet, and many others resources just fell. The weather was unlivable, the oxygen itself was poisonous, and the ground itself changed texture – leaving it un-walkable. But all of that is in the past now, maybe soon you can return to it.” Phozor cheered, leaving Lola to smile wildly.

“I’m happy you’re learning Lola, but now we’re down a point!” Maximus nagged, making the smile quickly disappear from Lola’s face as she looked off annoyed. “Don’t give me that look, you lasted a whole minute Lola!” Maximus whined in frustration as Lola’s face go red.

“I would love for a human such as yourself to go against him! You’d lose!” Lola screamed with all her might as Kaiser and Konan separated them both.

“We both have to be adults about this, stop yelling children.” Konan spoke with a calm voice as he held Maximus away.

“It’s true, you lost too easy Lola. But yelling at her won’t fix it.” Kaiser explained as Lola sighed, she lowered her fists.

“When you’re like me, and fight someone like him – it’s just possible. He even got to stay and live on his planet, multiple times.” Lola said with sorrow in her voice, before they could even reply someone quickly came on to the scene.

“Shut up, you’re not supposed to be talking about these things. Be lucky you’re alive, especially after that comment.” A tall, but nerdy looking man said – all turning around Kaiser’s guys got wide as she pointed.

“T – t – the guy from the Wet Nation, he was with Sully’s mom!” Kaiser said as the man walked over to her and began to pull at her cheek.

“I’m 2nd in Commander, call me Corporal Eledon.” Corporal Eledon spoke with a harsh voice as he freed Kaiser, he adjusted his glasses as he glared – Moonair could only stare.

“Wow, your eyes are almost as blue as Kaiser’s!” Moonair cheered, making Corporal Eledon’s glasses foggy as he ‘shoo’ her away.

“Why are you here?” Kaiser asked in confusion as Corporal Eledon’s mean face appeared again.

“We’re everywhere, as the army we portal every nation ground wise – it’s our duty you dork.” Corporal Eledon said as Kaiser could only sigh.

“Being in the military is almost as foolish as being a lapdog to one of the Lords.” Maximus barked, causing him to swiftly get hit by the back of Corporal Eledon’s hand.

“Didn’t you hear me before? I said shut up.” Corporal Eledon threaten as Maximus held his face in frustration – he glared at his own feet. Eledon walked up to Lola and stared at her evilly for a few seconds.

“What do you know about Ashley, her secrets? Why she died?” Eledon asked, making Lola take a step back as the rest of Team X’s heads came up all at once.

“What do you mean, her secrets?” Lola asked with curiosity in her voice, he simply sighed.

“Next question.” Eledon quickly said.

“She was with my Team and I, we’re sent in the woods and ran into another team. They killed her, and eventually got killed themselves.” Lola spoke as Eledon’s fists began to ball up.

“So you guys just let her die?” Eledon asked as he looked over at the other 3.

“We all fought our hardest!” Kaiser spoke as Eledon was quick to laugh.

“So you’re just weak is all?” Eledon asked, Kaiser could only bite her tongue as she glared. “You know what, just good luck in the tournament – you’ll need it.” Eledon said as he made his way towards the stands, Konan could only sigh.

“He wasn’t there to understand…” Konan said softly as he gripped his book tightly, he was suddenly pulled his robes.

“Your angelic form bullshit, why didn’t you use it to save her?!” Maximus shouted, Konan was pushed his hand away as he glared.

“Why didn’t you and Kaiser fuse?! I just remembered how to you idiot – I am a fallen Valkyrie! Once they know I unlocked this form again their come for me, and I’ll be ready because their all fools – dressed exactly the same.” Konan said as Erwin cleared his throat.

“Excuse me?” Erwin said, making the team jump as they turned to see all three teachers baring over them.

“You actually created a….thing? Really?” Goma asked with pure shock as Jesse’s face as a bright smile.

“We will…talk about this.” Erwin said softly as he rubbed his temples, the announcer began to clear his throat.

“Sully of Earth VS Moonair of Wind!” The announcer called out as several mouths dropped, the watchers just continued to scream in joy. Sully was quick to hop around in excitement.

“I finally get to kick your ass! No one can stop me!” Sully giggled with excitement, she began to smirk as Moonair simply walked past her pushing her aside with saying a word. Sully simply made a kissy face at Kaiser as she followed Moonair on stage.

“5…4…3…2…1…0 Battle!” The announcer screamed as Moonair rushed over she began to do a series of kicks that Sully barely managed to block each hit, Moonair finally did a harsh round house kick in the air – knocking Sully’s aside Moonair rushed to hit her in the chest but found herself hitting and breaking hand against Sully’s hard rock armor that she summoned at the last second.

Moonair did a large leap away from Sully using her wind energy, grabbing her hand in pain she began to whine but quickly started healing her hand with wet energy. Sully getting her senses back pulled out her crossbrow, firing arrows at Moonair with invisible energy coated on them – Moonair dodged them quickly with ease which made her smirk as she pulled out her book.

The arrows began to burst with a loud sound, bringing Moonair to her knees as the crowd began grabbing their ears in pain.

Sully casually walked over to Moonair as she pulled her by the hair, she began to lick her neck.

“You realize you lost right? Why not give up now, maybe I can save your pretty face.” Sully whispered, making Moonair furious as she bashed Sully away with her shield she quickly got up and began slashing away at Sully – slashing her skin and clothes in multiple places Sully was finally able to spit a small ball of ghost goo. It began to slowly stop Moonair’s arm movements much to her surprise.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” Moonair asked in anger as Sully began to smile again, she started to slightly split up blood. Using blue energy, she encased Moonair’s head in a bubble as she began to slowly walk around her smirking.

“Sully, don’t you dare kill her!” Kaiser screamed, Maximus simply put his arm in front of her for no surprises. The announcer began to bite the inside of his cheeks as he looked towards the Earth and Wind Lords.

Moonair began sticking her tongue out, much to everyone’s surprise as Sully glared.

“I will drown you, and have no regrets!” Sully yelled as Moonair smirked she began to yell using wind energy – she broke the bubble with ease which also sent Sully flying away.

“I can breathe in water, unlike you.” Moonair said softly with a smirk, Sully regained balance and began to look around – not seeing Moonair in sight she laughed.

“Oh that means I won, she ran away – she left! I won, won!” Sully shouted with joy, before Kaiser could even saying anything Sully was harshly stabbed by a rapier though her shoulder – darkness from the rapier went though out Sully’s body.

Sully painfully grabbed the rapier as she began to raise her leg coated in thunder energy, kicked her leg back into Moonair chest – stunning her greatly. Sully began to smirk once more, getting her free fist hits into Moonair’s face her movements slowly started to stop.

“W – what? My body…it’s stopping…” Sully said painfully as her hands fell to her sides, dark energy was running out of her and into Moonair.

“Darkness can be slow, but effective.” Moonair said smirking as she held her arm up high, using red energy her arm began to get encased in flame. Sully’s eyes widen as Kaiser’s smile grew, Moonair  was slammed her flame fist into Sully’s face – sending her flying into the wall. Before she could even fall on the grass the announcer began to blow his whistle loudly.

“Match time is over, the winner is no one. Neither team will have a point taken away!” The announcer shouted Sully lifted her head from the ground she began to smirk as Moonair’s eyes were filled with rage.

“You’ve never said anything about a match time before, it’s her own fault for stalling – she’s out of bounds!” Moonair began to yell as the announcer lifted up a new looking weapon, Moonair’s ears began to drop as Kaiser quickly got in the middle and pulled Moonair away.

“We all know you should have won.” Kaiser said softly as Moonair could only bite her lip as she sighed. “Congratulations either way, that flame fist you had made me sweat!” Kaiser cheered as she lifted Moonair up and began to spin her around a few times before setting her down, Moonair finally broke out a small smile.

“I do it for you.” Moonair said with a wink as she kissed Kaiser on the lips quickly, she made her way to her team leaving Kaiser dazed.

“Your girlfriend seems talented, hope we don’t lose to her or her teammates.” Maximus said with a sigh as Kaiser simply looked annoyed.

“We’re strong! So is Moony and her team, it’ll be a true fight!” Kaiser said proudly as Lola giggled.

“She makes it seem like not all humans are bad, but then again she got a tie with Sully – that was all Sully’s doing or her bitch of a mother.” Lola said as she rolled her eyes with disgust.

“Their willing to give us a break, we can go to our private wait area with no one around.” Goma mentioned as the students began to slowly gulp, they quickly made their way to their locker room.

“So spill it, you created a union form of all things? During the exams?” Goma asked with pure shock as Erwin could only gasp.

“Union is a myth, don’t inspire their myths!” Erwin shouted as he grabbed at Goma’s collar.

“Far, from a myth.” Jesse said silently, Maximus stood up.

“Kaiser found a book, about union – it seem interesting enough so we invested in it. We formed a union during the spa, not the treasure hunt.” Maximus explained as Goma sighed in relief.

“You literally formed into one entity truly? That is bullshit….” Erwin said in disbelief as Jesse simply sighed.

“Kaiser, Maximus – you’re one person when fused. You’re a true journey that can only be recorded, not many can know what we feel – don’t fight for dominance over one another. You’re fighting for one goal, whatever it maybe.” Jesse said smiling as Kaiser and Maximus simply blushed at the ground.

“Union is so dangerous you’re lucky to be alive.” Erwin said sighing as he fell back on the bench. “You guys aren’t even the same height…” Erwin said softly.

“People are scared of pushing themselves when training is all, if you want it badly enough….” Goma softly trailed off as Lola showed off her planet’s flag.

“What does this symbol mean?!” Lola shouted, Erwin’s eyes opened in shock as he looked over at Goma.

“A disgusting alliance is all, I only serve Luci.” Goma said proudly as Kaiser grabbed at Goma’s hand.

“Who are these people?” Kaiser begged for answers, the Erwin and Jessie could only sigh as Goma’s eyes were filled with excitement.

“Luci was the greatest man to walk this very earth! You couldn’t begin to understand that man, you have no idea.” Goma said with tears in their eye.

“Kaiser of Earth VS Joey of Earth!”





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Stolen Flower(s) –

Doran began to smirk as the boy and Vicky cleared the battlefield, without a second word Doran’s hand glowed a dark golden yellow – within seconds sand was wrapped around Kaiser’s leg leaving her unable to move as she looked down annoyed with the sand.

Doran started charging at her, his arm encased with a low flame Kaiser began to smile as they both punched each other’s fist – the heat wave blew back the tree leaves and things around it. Seconds passing Doran’s flames began to go out as Kaiser’s punch broke though she slammed her fist hard into Doran’s face. Causing Doran to fly back into a tree, knocking him out cold as Kaiser sighed – shaking off the sand from her leg.

“Wow really? That was it?” Kaiser asked in annoyance as Vicky ran over and grabbed Kaiser’s hands as she began shaking her.

“Oh my thank you, thank you! You were amazing!” Vicky said in joy as the boy came over to the two of them with shame in his eyes.

“Sorry for, for being a fool. I love you.” The boy stated to Vicky proudly, stars was in his eyes as he simply received a sharp slap across the face from an angry Vicky.

“I was a fool for even wasting my feelings on such a follower like you, grow a back bone Tom!” Vicky yelled as she began to walk home – Tom simply watched her sadly until she disappeared. Turning back to Kaiser he smiled with a wink, Richard came down from a tree and immediately went to check on the knocked out Doran.

“W – What is going on here?” Kaiser asked in confusion as Richard came over to them with Doran across his shoulder. He stuck out his hand for Kaiser to shake.

“Thanks for playing along, didn’t expect you to be so harsh on Doran though. Well it was unlucky Vicky got you to help, we’re hoping for someone like Kaicus. Put the plan still worked.” Richard said smiling as Kaiser began to back away.

“I don’t like being used, I don’t want drama. I helped Vicky out, now I’ll be on my way.” Kaiser said walking back to her house she began to sigh as she didn’t know what to do with herself. Looking down at her right leg she sigh once more as she went to the bathroom and began to get ready for the spa.

Peeking out the bathroom to make sure no one was around, she slowly began to leave the bathroom heading for the spa in caution.

“Sneaking around are we? Well I’m just happy to see you go off and enjoy yourself here, too much fighting – you will start to lose yourself.” Moonair said from behind Kaiser causing her to jump up high in the air.

“O – Oh, hi Moonair.” Kaiser said nervously as Moonair’s eyes were focused on Kaiser’s right leg.

“Did you hurt yourself recently?” Moonair said, touching Kaiser’s leg she gasp loudly.

“Your leg is, robotically! Why are you hiding it like that?” Moonair asked in shock as Kaiser began to hide her face.

“You knew without even looking, well – it was just a freak accident. Fell from a tree, dislocated my knee and cracked my bones in several places. The only way I could continue fighting was if I got my weak leg severed and replaced with something more, durable.” Kaiser admitted, Moonair simply happy as she kissed her on the forehead.

“Go enjoy yourself, and if you need someone to wash your back tomorrow…I’d be more than happy to.” Moonair said with the bite of her lip as she winked, walking back to her room leaving Kaiser speechless with a hot red face. Continuing out the door she was quickly grabbed from around her neck as they continued walking towards the spa.

“Ahh, so you moved on to one alien to another! I see your type.” Maximus said jokingly as he let Kaiser stand up straight, she eyed Maximus up and down in caution.

“Being so...friendly all of a sudden, what do you want Maximus?” Kaiser asked with annoyance yet again her voice, Maximus simply pulled at her cheek.

“Tigz had a long talk with me, I also saw you grab some earth herbs soooooo.” Maximus said trailing off with his words, he began to take the lead bringing them both into a beautiful spa area surrounded in freshly bloomed blue roses. Kaiser’s eyes began to sparkle from seeing her favorite flower and color all in one go, running towards the spa she began to taking off her light shirt. Looking over at Maximus she began to cover herself getting nervous, quickly causing herself to get hit across the head from Maximus.

“Stop be so shy dork, I’m not here to seduce you. There are plenty of other girls, I don’t want or need you in that way – thank you.” Maximus simply said as he stripped down, tying his long hair up tightly – took a large leap into the water. Sighing, Kaiser too stripped down jumped in. Bring her sweats close to her, she pulled out two small objects. Within seconds she rolled a blunt, blowing fire out of her mouth it was quickly lite as they both began taking drags off of it, Maximus began to cough loudly making Kaiser laugh.

“Look, I’m sorry.” Maximus began with a serious face, causing Kaiser to stop laughing as she looked shock. “It was ridiculous to fight over Lola, especially when neither of us were dating her! We’re in a four man team, we all need to trust each other.” Maximus finished, making Kaiser speechless as she could only smile brightly. “Heh, I guess I thought if we fought over a person – you’d be more pump when we fight. It was a stupid idea huh?” Maximus said nodding his head in disbelief.

“You were silly that’s, if you to get me pumped up for a fight simply ask me to fight you! I’m never any less pumped.”  Kaiser said, Maximus nudged her slightly.

“Most of the time.” Maximus corrected her, causing Kaiser to blush as she laughed nervously.

“Most of the time!” Kaiser said smiling, Maximus slowly opened his arms widely.

“Just, once.” Maximus said looking away, Kaiser realizing what he meant began to smile as she hugged Maximus tightly – both of their signs began to glow brightly. Kaiser between her collarbone blue, an Inter-Yin sign with Maximus having his red Inter – Yang sign placed on his right shoulder blade. The clouds around them began to go black, scenery around them began changing vastly.

“Kaiser, what is going on?” Maximus said as they undid their hug, the same wolf goddess from before appeared before their eyes.

“OMG it’s the wolf goddess of Union! What are you doing here?” Kaiser said in shock, the goddess looked at her in annoyance.

“Address me as Goddess Lupia or Goddess of Union you hybrid. You’re both idiots to not realize why I’m here, do you Kaiser Feuer and you Maximus Giyu wish to create a Union?” Lupia asked aloud making Kaiser slightly nervous as she looked back at Maximus.

“Don’t be nervous, we will be powerful together!” Maximus said with excitement.

“Uh well yeah, you do know we’re doing this for a pure power boost right? No strings attached…” Kaiser attempted to explain as Lupia became inpatient.

“I would usually kill by summoners at this point, but it’s a while since someone created a Union. Jessica and…whatever her brother’s name is was the last I’ve seen in a while.” Lupia said rushing them along.

“Yes, we accept!” Kaiser and Maximus both shouted as Lupia began to smile, pulling a large book with a snap of her fingers both of their signs ended up on the page – she ordered both to sign as they both climbed out of the spa they signed their names.

“You will not need to do this again when creating a union with each other, now you must always remember this to continue: A union is created when two or more hearts beats as one entity.” Lupia said as she vanished.

“W – What does that even mean?!” Maximus asked with panic in his voice.

“This started because we hugged we each other and laughed, our hearts were beating as one entity.” Kaiser explained as this time she open her arms widely for Maximus to pull her in for a hug, a bright light took over them as their signs began to pull together rotating fast – pulling together into one form their sign was on their back as the bright light vanished.

Leaving a tall dark haired, 4 eyed and 4 arm person hugging itself – they began to open their eyes slowly as they looked down at both their hands, soon another set of hands joined them; shocking them greatly as they jumped into the air.

“I, we – have four arms? But two legs?” They said in shock as one set of their hands touched one side of their face. “We, our eyes feel weird.” They said to themselves as they went over to the water and examined themselves.

“Two blue eyes, and two red. Huh, I kinda thought we would have two purple eyes.” They said in a voice very similar to Kaiser.

“Shut up, quadruple the eyes is better than two!” The said in a voice similar to Maximus. “Besides, we look amazing.” The same voice said in amazement.

“It seems like both our attributes combine, even down to the colors. Our face markings and hair ties, even our outfit.” The voice said similar to Kaiser’s voice.

“Why hello, I’m surprised to find someone in this spot.” A voice said from behind them as they quickly turned around in shock only to see a near naked Moonair, barely covered by her tower – their face began to flush red. “Gosh here I am being rude, I am Moonair of the Wind Kingdom.” Moonair said bowing slightly as she let the towel drop, they were simply speechless.

“Hehe, shy are we? No need to be, you look very head strong.” Moonair said as she walked over to them smiling. “You remind me of, two people really. You better take your hair ties out and let your hair down, while you’re at it you really do need to strip down! Someone didn’t come dressed properly.” Moonair said teasingly as Kaiser and Maximus began talking to each other in their union forms head.

“Uh, Maximus what are we going to do?! Our sexual organs!” Kaiser asked nervously.

“Just relax, Lola ran this by me once since her and I were opposite genders. We just both need to agree and think solidly on a specific gender.” Maximus explained, making Kaiser calm down as Maximus said ‘Girl’ and Kaiser ‘Boy’ much to both of their surprise – Kaiser began to smile.

“Aww, did you say girl for me? Hey I don’t mind being a boy.” Kaiser said slapping Maximus on the back in support, they both agreed on ‘Boy’ as they came back down to earth with Moonair’s question.

“Hello cutey? What’s your name?” Moonair asked, snapping them out of their conversation.

“Oh, uh – uh. Kai…mus. Kaimus!” Kaimus said a loud making Moonair smile.

“Why don’t you take off your clothes and join me in the spa, Kaimus?”  Moonair asked as she gently climbed into the water, Kaimus began to dress down to his bright purple boxers which made Moonair laugh.

“For a fighter, you try hard to match your clothing!” Moonair said teasing Kaimus as they gave off a nervous smile.

“It’s to make cute girls like you notice my style as well as my skills!” Kaimus quickly said, causing Moonair to laugh once more.

“So you do fight well, why haven’t I seen any videos of you fight then?” Moonair asked as she picked up the blunt, Kaimus was quick to lite it for her with his finger as he got a nervous smile.

“Ugh….good question.” Kaimus said nervously as Moonair simply inhaled deeply, Kaimus pulled of his underwear as he quickly got into the spa.

“No matter, I am not trying to have fun with a big star today – I’m not ready.” Moonair said as she wrapped her arms around Kaimus neck. “Tell me Kaimus, do you – a human find me an alien attractive?” Moonair asked, causing Kaimus’s face to flush red once more as he simply nodded ‘yes’. Within second they began to make out furiously, swallowing each other tongues. Both their bodies getting hot as they were pressed up tightly against each other.

“Run it pass me again on how you’re not ready?” Kaimus said breaking away from the kiss.

“You need to take my virginity, then I’ll be ready for tomorrow.” Moonair said blushing as Kaimus could only look in confusion, Kaiser knew exactly who she meant.

“W – What?” Kaimus asked in confusion, Moonair simply put a finger over his mouth.

“Shhh…be honored that a human is taking an alien’s virginity – I will never forget you. But we can’t be together, so don’t fall for me.” Moonair explained as Kaimus nodded ‘yes’ rapidly in agreement, Moonair putting a condom between her teeth began to smirk as the night was soon filled with not only the moans of Kaimus and Moonair but many other couples too.

Within hours they were finally done as Moonair began to get dress, she looked back at Kaimus who was getting undressed – she winked.

“Thank you Kaimus, not only have you helped me for tomorrow but my frustration is all gone! My team will appreciate this.” Moonair said with a slight bow as she began to leave, Kaimus began to follow from a far. Sneaking into their house by climbing into their Team’s patio, one of Konan’s zombie solider stood guard, seeing Kaimus the solider called for Konan who was quick to pull out his new rapier in defense.

“I will not be made a fool of again by some spy!” Konan yelled, making Lola leap from her bed and grabbing her spellbook from under her pillow Kaimus simply put three arms in the air and while with the last one he put his finger to his mouth.

“Shhhh!!! Guys wait, it’s Kaiser and Maximus! We created a union!” Kaimus explained, making Lola drop her book as she ran over to them – shoving the solider out the way she began to eye them up and down in amazement.

“You have a God form, not a knight! This is genius!”  Lola said in amazement as she began touching all 4 of their arms, Konan could only stare in disbelief.

“You two…..fused? Into a type of Greek god, that’s insane! Union has been long forgotten between everyone especially humans. How the hell did you two learn and manage to get a god form? Neither of you are a hybrid!” Konan said in shock but was overlooked.

“Soo, how do we unfuse?” Kaimus asked Lola as she began to frown.

“You’re unfusing already?! You two are no fun, even together – how boring.” Lola said sighing. “You two must both experience extreme shock, and get extremely tired or you can simply unfuse by both agreeing to unfuse.” Lola explained, causing Kaimus to scratch his head curiously.

“How can we create a situation where we’re both shocked?” Kaimus asked Lola thought about it for a moment, she grabbed Konan and pulled him into a kiss. Ending the kiss she looked at Kaimus whose face was completely normal, unaffected by the display of affection.

“N – Nothing? Wow, one of you matured big time.” Konan said in amazement as Kamius began to smile widely.

“Hey Maximus, lets split.” Kaimus said in a voice similar to Kaiser.

“Ok Kaiser.” Kaimus said in a voice like Maximus – the two split up their form fist bumping each other as they both smiled. Maximus walked over to Lola and smiled warmly.

“Tigz had a long talk with me, it helped me a lot. I realize Lola that no matter how many times you reject me, I will always love you til the day you die. I understand we should see other people before we’re ready, I won’t let my personal feelings for you to be thrown into the battlefield. I am a teammate you all can trust!” Maximus said proudly, making everyone in the room smile. Kaiser simply sighed in relief as Maximus nudged her with a smile on his face. “What? Thought I got over Lola for Moonair? Don’t worry, no more fights…..over women at least.” Maximus said as they both fist bumped once more – Kaiser eyes opened in shock.

“How do I explain to her that, that was us tonight?!” Kaiser asked in fear as sat on bed in confusion.

“Isn’t her eye still open from the battle before? It’s most likely she already knew all this, but you should tell her – win brownie points.” Lola stated, Konan simply spit his drink out.

“Y – You mean to tell me that you two had sex in your new union form? Does that count as a 3 way?!” Konan began to roll around on his bed in laughter.

“You know what’s really funny? Once Sully gets word of this – she’ll flip!” Lola said.

“No one will know about our union form! If it’s been forgotten and uncovered for this long, it’s probably for a reason! Let’s keep this hush hush!” Maximus suggested.

“Wow, Maximus made a point everyone!” Konan said sticking his tongue out playfully.

“Although Maximus has a point, I want to make it clear to you guys and Sully – we’re not in a relationship!” Kaiser said in annoyance, making Lola burst out laughing. John began knocking on the door as she came in throwing a pillow at Maximus’s face.

“We’re trying to sleep, have fucking manners you imbeciles!” John said a loud, making Lola annoyed.

“I am sleepy, but I hate listening to others especially! Leave us be, I need to sleep anyway.” Lola said as John rolled his eyes and walked out, they all began to go off to bed.

// Next Day //

Soft, beautiful singing could be heard clearly throughout the house. Waking everyone up one by one, they slowly but surely all made it downstairs to find Moonair singing and cooking fluffy pancakes with chocolate chips.

“Voice of an angel.” Kaiser said softly, making Moonair smile.

“What are those small dark things?” Maximus asked grabbing a plain chocolate chip, Kaicus began to stand on the counter.

“The Zaharisi family, creator of most candy as made a new discovery and is now publishing them freely. I being Kaicus Zaharisi of course got a bag of chocolate chips free of charge! Chocolate balls, bars, execliss’s, milk, etc. is being distributed across the nations. I promise you will like it.” Kaicus said, taking a big chuck out of his waffle.

“I guess it finally felt like the right time to explain that to us huh?” Po asked annoyed as Kaicus could only smile nervously.

“I want you to think of me as a teammate, not a liability that you have to go out your way and protect.” Kaicus said as Chuck simply ruffled his hair.

“You aren’t even weak, you have no need to be worried – we’re your teammates. You can tell us anything and everything.” Chuck explained, making Kaicus smile warming.

“I have to say, member of a candy maker? That sounds delicious.” Kaiser said they all took their seats with everyone.

“Pattern face over here is in near tears, I guess I would be sad too if my crush didn’t like me back. I get anyone and everyone I please.” John said bragging as Tigz’s eyes began to roll.

“I’m not an arrogant ass like you, as long as she is happy – I am happy.” Tigz said smiling as Maximus jumped up in agreement just as everyone got their plates they began to stuff their faces with Moonair’s cooking and Kaicus family creation.

Kaiser went through 50 pancakes before finally calling it quits, washing her plate she began to walk over to Moonair.

“Uhh, hey there. I was just wondering, if we could go somewhere and talk?” Kaiser asked blushing, Moonair could only smile as she nodded ‘yes’. Before another word could be said Sully quickly rushed through the doors.

“Kaiser!” Sully yelled, making nearly everyone jump out of shock – all the attention anyone could give was all focused on Sully. Sully stood there for a minute, not knowing what to say.

“Uh hello, Sully?” Kaiser asked, snapping Sully back down to earth – she took a big gulp as tears began to roll down her eyes.

“I – It’s Res! He’s here!” Sully yelled, everyone grabbed for their weapons and followed Sully for a good distance. Suddenly, an arrow of lightning was darted for Kaiser who simply hit it away with her sword.

“Oh my, you’ve got better! But don’t get cocky.” Res’s voice rung out from an unknown place, Moonair had a very annoyed look on her face.

“Something is very off.” Kaiser said softly as she looked around in caution, the shadow below them began to expand into million pieces. Looking up in the air she saw at least 700 arrows covered in thunder ready to rain down upon them, flames began wrapping around Kaiser’s arm as ice wrapped around Maximus’s arm. Before they could even go to attack, Moonair was quick to run past them.

Dark orbs appeared around her, pointing towards the arrows they began to hit the arrows one by one which also quickly disintegrated them on contact.

“This isn’t a game Sully!” Moonair yelled as she began walking towards Sully, the final arrow was headed straight for Moonair who simply blocked it with her shield without a take back. Making Sully’s eyes widen in shock.

“S – She’s strong.” Joey said in amazement as Sully began to bit down on her lip thinking of her next lie.

“Sully, are you really crying wolf?” Kaiser asked in disappointment, breaking Sully’s train of thought Sully quickly began hugging Kaiser and crying furiously much to Kaiser’s confusion. “Are you, trying to distract me or something? Sully, if Res isn’t here – just tell me the truth okay? I won’t get upset.” Kaiser said softly as she began to pat Sully on the head.

“We’re only here for another day! I won’t live with your annoying fan girls meddling like this, control her!” Lola yelled, shocking most around – she was clearly annoyed. “This is our time to relax, and she uses to create issue after issue! News flash, this is about fighting and cooking every execliss in sight not about romance!” Lola yelled in frustration.

“I wouldn’t expect an alien to know what love is.” Sully said smirking as Kaiser sighed and released from the hug, getting ready to scold Sully Kaiser was rudely interrupted by Moonair’s sudden charge at Sully before anyone could say anything Moonair had a rapier to Sully’s neck.

“I’d suggest you top talking, you have endless excuses. Just shut up and we’ll be on our way.” Moonair threatened as Sully gulped and mouthed ‘ok’. Moonair putting her rapier away was swiftly hit by a normal bow from Sully’s crossbow, falling to the ground she began to pull out the arrow from her leg and heal it with wet energy – Sully went for another attack while Moonair was dazed only to be stopped by Kaiser who held on to Sully’s arm, squeezing them tightly as Sully began to yell in pain as she dropped her crossbow.

“Oww, Kaiser you’re hurting me!” Sully screamed out, Gein quickly came over and gave a supporting hand to Kaiser on her shoulder.

“She’s sorry.” Gein said, apologizing for Sully making Kaiser let go as Sully’s face was covered in tears she quickly ran off as Kaicus began looking annoyed at Kaiser.

“That’s my leader y’know?! You could have been nicer to her!” Joey said, making Kaiser and mostly everyone else roll their eyes are he began to pull Gein and run with him. “Let’s follow her and make sure she’s okay!” Joey said as they both dashed after her, eventually eyes were on a confused Sora who nervously smiled.

“Tell Joey, that she could have told the truth and I wouldn’t have had any need to be mean. You’re on a lively team, good luck.” Kaiser said as Sora quickly nodded her head and made her way home with quick speed – Kaiser could only sigh as she went up to Lola. “We should talk later, after this whole circus I just need a chance to clear my head.” Kaiser said rubbing her head as she made her way home, she began to look around. “Hello? Is anyone home?” Kaiser called out inside the house, but there was no answer much to her liking as she made her way upstairs and into her room – she flopped on the bed as she began to stare at the ceiling.

Within minutes she started to close her eyes, soon she began to snore – minutes passing as she was sleep peacefully. Feeling something biting her she quickly woke up and slapped a brown spider that was feeding off her arm, almost immediately her head began to hurt. Lasting for only a couple seconds, memories were flashing back. 'Drink the milk from your favorite cow.’ Was all the voices said, her a few moments she saw herself much younger drinking milk while she was cuddled along with a big red cow.

The headache finally passing was the least of her worries as a thing of ghost goo was thrown across her eyes, within seconds she was pressed up against the wall and being tied with a strong ghost goo type rope.

“You really shouldn’t play hard to get y’know? It just makes me want you more.” A voice whispered next to Kaiser’s ear, making her jump even more.

“What the fuck is going on?! Unhand me, who is this?!” Kaiser began yelling and jumping, but the ghost goo bounded her to the wall and bed. Not another word was said was said, just a loud ‘click’ could be heard from a loading a gun.

“You’re stupider than you look.” Moonair said to Sully, holding one of Kaiser’s revolvers tightly she aimed it at Sully’s head.

“Ohh be careful now dear, you’ve never held a gun before – I bet the safety is still on.” Sully teased, making Moonair smirk.

“See now if my eye wasn’t awoken I’d fall for that, you do not realize what power I process. Want me to tell you your future? If continue to assault Kaiser, your brain matter will be all over the wall.” Moonair threaten making Sully lift up her hands away from Kaiser, she began to smirk. “What?” Moonair asked as Sully’s eyes went red, she quickly pushed way inside of Moonair’s body – easily taking control she smiled.

Kaiser encased her body in flames, hardening the goo it was easy to break free. Calming her flames down she peeled the goo off her eyes to see Moonair standing there cutely.

“Oh uh…Moonair? Where did Sully go?” Kaiser asked as Moonair began to scratch her head curiously.

“No, just you and I. You must have been hearing things.” Moonair said as Kaiser looked down at the goo in her hands, as she began to say something Konan, Lola and Maximus all walked through the door – leaving Moonair the chance to slip away.

“Why was she in a hurry?” Lola asked as she looked down the stairs to watch Moonair run, Konan began to laugh.

“No need to be shy now kids!” Konan said laughing as Kaiser quickly brushed past them to all, heading downstairs she noticed Moonair near the door – rubbing her head as if she just woke up.

“Who did this to you? Is Sully here?” Kaiser asked as she helped Moonair to her feet.

“She took over my body the little bitch, she’s probably headed for her house.” Moonair said as she rubbed her head, Kaiser was quickly out the door and running over to the Red House. Knocking on the door repeatedly for all she was worth, she began to draw attention to herself from others around.

Kaiser began backing away from the door to get distance, a blue hexagram appeared under her feet as she began to run fast straight towards the door – seconds before impact it opened only for her to get rammed by Gein, she was sent back flying.

“Ohhh that was a dirty fucking move!” Kaiser said in pain as she got up, holding her chest in pain Gein began to sigh as he took his stance in front of the house with Joey quickly joining him.

“I’m sorry Kaiser, but we’re under strict orders.” Gein explained, not being able to stare Kaiser in the face. Kaiser balled her fist together as both her arms began to get encased by her strong flames, glaring at Gein she began to slowly walk back up to the house.

“You take orders so well, even when you know it’s the wrong orders! Gein, don’t make me do this!” Kaiser said as she began to raise her fist as Joey and Gein surrounded her she could only ball her fist up tighter as she was ready to fight at any moment.

Joey was the first to charge at Kaiser, throwing his sickle-boomerang at Kaiser – she easily dodged it. Joey going in for a punch was rudely interrupted by a sharp kick to the abdomen by Kaiser. Kaiser grabbed at Joey’s neck, burning it as he began to scream – water the size of a pond was thrown on top of them. Kaiser, Gein and Joey began coughing up water as they all looked down at their malfunctioning gear – Joey began to freak.

“Water can’t effect our gear, what the hell is happening?!” Joey shouted as he began to press buttons, none of them working before they could say another word the water in front of them began to form before their eyes. A boy with water like hair and eyes appeared before them, looking down at the three – he began to help them up one by one.

“A – Are you the person who interrupted our fight?” Kaiser asked curiously as the boy simply stared at them.

“Can you not understand English? I know Russian and French if it helps.” Gein asked, even shocking Kaiser.

“Three languages? Wow, impressive.” Kaiser said nodding in approval.

“We’re talking to you! Did you break our equipment? I hope you have the coin to fix it!” Joey said in anger as the boy grabbed at Kaiser’s hand – making everyone worried as they grabbed for their weapons, the boy changing the nature of his hand to water began to blend it into a small tool. He fixed Kaiser’s gear with great speed, much to everyone’s shock. Without another word he began to fix Gein’s and Joey’s too.

“Now that I have did you all favor you must do one for me, please stop fighting here. Save it for tomorrow.” The boy said, making everyone rub their heads in embarrassment.

“I know it’s the last day and all, it’s just – I can’t let people push me around like its field day!” Kaiser said as the boy could only stare. “Okay, I’m rude. I am Kaiser of Earth.” Kaiser introduced herself as she held her hand out – the boy shook it.

“I – I’m Wasser.” Wasser said forming a small smile.

“I’ll wait for tomorrow to continue this, for you Wasser.” Kaiser said, holding her thumb up with a wide smile.

“Kaiser, how about you take Wasser to your house to chill? You did come over and start this.” Gein suggested, making Kaiser get an annoyed look on her face as Wasser pulled her away.

“Man that team is full of nerves! Look, my house is up ahead – the blue one.” Kaiser explained as they walked for only a few minutes before making it, opening the door Moonair and Lola was seen each fixing a rollerblade that belonged to Tigz.

“You guys are the best, I am forever in your favor!” Tigz said bowing to them each one at a time, Kaiser could only stare along with Wasser.

“Did he break his rollerblades? I didn’t realize you guys were handy.” Kaiser commented, making Moonair and Lola smile.

“Believe it or not Kaiser, we’re more than just a pretty face – sorry to break it you!” Lola said making Moonair laugh, Maximus began heading downstairs.

“What’s with all the laughing?” Maximus said just as he saw Wasser, his mouth hit the floor as he took off his eye patch and began to look up and down. “Oh my maker, you’re the new race of workers! But how are you out so early? Are they testing out the defective ones first?” Maximus asked in shock, only making Wasser’s eyes roll.

“I guess.” Wasser said in annoyance.

“What are you two talking about?” Kaiser asked confused, but was overlooked.

“How did you even get here?” Maximus asked him, obviously getting him a hard time as Wasser signed.

“I teleported, Wet Nation and Wind nation has portals connected to each other everywhere. I broke free from the lab and left” Wasser explained, making Maximus’s eye widen.

“I’m definitely reporting this in.” Maximus said as he got his scanner out, Wasser just held on to his arm.

“I just want the freedom to think on my own, you guys must know better than anyone how that feels.” Wasser said, making Maximus sigh as he closed his scanner.

“Fine, hideout here – you could have a chance to get fixed and lead the proper life you’re supposed to but fine. Stick with being a defective clone, just know you’re team less.” Maximus said with his head held high as he began to walk upstairs.

“Why did he feel the need to report you? He usually minds his own business.” Kaiser said curiously.

“He’s heir of the Giyu clan, bringing in someone like him will give Maximus a good reputation amongst his clan members. “ Lola explained as Wasser began rubbing up his arm, Kaiser immediately rolled up his shelve to reveal the rest of his tattoo.

“You have the same symbol like on my watch but red, just like Lola’s and Moonair’s planet signs. Can you tell me anything more about these signs?” Kaiser asked curiously as she showed him her watch.

“You’re missing Black and Yellow, it’s funny how Blue isn’t important anymore. There all different alliances fighting towards one goal, Raimi is the leader of Red, Grim is leader of Black and Dimitrios is leader of Yellow. Raimi lives in a space colony, she’s as much of a dick as the Grim Reaper.” Wasser said getting chills as he began to shake.

“What is their goal exactly?” Kaiser asked, Wasser could only shrug.

“Hell if I know.” Wasser said as Konan came in between them.

“The tournament is tomorrow, why not make Moonair useful with your battle tactics and have her teach you some dark skills?” Konan suggested as he pulled out a couple dark stones giving it to her.

“Um, I’m right here!” Moonair said handing the other rollerblade to Lola she walked over to them. “Kaiser! Why didn’t you ask me sooner? I could have taught you so much!”  Moonair said as she pulled Kaiser outside for minor training, within hours of foaming small dark energy balls and total absorb she was finally managed to learn her first and only dark move: Dark Punch Minor Absorb. Falling on the ground, her breathing was heavy as Moonair joined her side she began to smile.

“You truly do impress me, I only thought I could manage to squeeze in Dark Punch – but you learned absorption so easy! It will be fun, fighting against you Kaiser.” Moonair said happily making Kaiser smile brightly.

“It’s only because I had a great teacher! I hope we get the chance to fight each other, man what am I saying? With how you fight, I will definitely be seeing you there – I plan to win it all!” Kaiser said, making Moonair blush Kaiser began to get serious. “Moonair, what I wanted to talk to you about earlier. Maximus and I – formed a union last night and.” Kaiser began to say but was quickly stopped by Moonair’s sudden lip contact.

“I know, for your honesty my favorite human – you will be rewarded greatly.” Moonair said as they kissed once more, Moonair grabbed Kaiser by the hand and lead her inside into her room – kicking out her teams much to their dismay Kaiser and Moonair had an eventful night.


Next Day


Team by team, they all began getting teleported to the center of a large arena that was clearly located in the Earth Region. Seeing the full arena filled with laughter, yelling and more Kaiser’s smile only began to grow as she balled her fist and held it high in the air along with Maximus, Lola and Konan.

“The tournament begins, I’m Kaiser E. Feuer!”



Dear Satan Help Us Chapter 16
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The King's Passage - 6th Installment of ~SHU~

When I posted here the format totally changed - if you want to read it in a better and spaced out format the link is:…

“While I'm off with your instructor Erwin you will be given a special mission, me being who I am – I know everything. Nothing passes me, I entrust you to guard my child from these wicked creatures.” The Kng said lifting his right hand towards the slowly hidden door rising. Two guards walked out from the door, traveling behind them long brown hair flowed violently, coming in between the guards a young girl with bold green eyes looked over the group – her father and the teacher's were no where in sight. “S-she's beautiful! I know I can become King and ma-” Beowulf began spitting out before feeling a swiss punch from Konan, holding his side in pain he dropped to the floor. “Ow, ow, ow, ow.” Beowulf said in pain. “This mission isn't to seduce her bonehead.” Konan said annoyed as she walked up to the girl bowing as the rest of the team followed along with. “Rise your heads warriors, will you risk your life to keep me out of trouble? Better than the guards behind me?” The Princess asked looking at them with the same expression, the guards began to chuckle. “We'd fail our mission if we didn't Princess..?” Kaiser responded, in await for her name. The Princess just smiled before she spoke again. “I am Princess Zeida of the Earth Nation.” Princess Zeida said as she began walking back into the hidden room, everyone began slowly falling her. The room and the castle itself changed, the beautiful natural room combined beautiful with the expensive gold and glass around. Flowers of all types surrounded the room, Zeida picked one up and began walking over the bridge. “I don't care if you fail this mission, nor do I care if you live, if I'm in trouble – die. If I'm bored die, for example – Guard 2 jump off the bridge.” Princess Zeida said coldly not turning around, without hesitation the 2nd Guard jumped over the bridge falling to his death – she threw the flower off the bridge. “He'll be honored, it's not everyday I do a proper grave with flowers.” The Princess Zeida finished as stairs appeared at the end of the bridge, going deeper in the castle the elements themselves began to change. “She just ordered him to die, are we suppose to follow those orders too if need be?” The Dr. asked whispering around at her team, Beowulf gulped in pain. Kaiser shook her head as she pressed her finger to her lips. “The elements – suddenly it's just sightly uncomfortable to have my jacket on it.” Kaiser admitted as she unbuttoned her jacket, Beowulf began nodding. “So nice of you to notice, I get whatever I want when I want. Have you heard of the tree called “Cherry blossoms, or the Sakura Tree?” The Princess asked interested in the group. “Ah yes, they originated from Japan – beautifully blooms the pinkest of leaves around.” Lola said answering her, Zeida began smiling brightly. Konan nodded. “They bloom only in the Spring.” Konan added, Zeida began skipping along til a wooden door ended their path. Opening it, the smell of Spring and pink leaves flew out of it gently. Coming in one by one they the weather, scenery, and the feel was changed in an instant. “To the right is my families Buzoku, I could of changed this room to my liking – but this was too beauitful.” The Princess said walking into the decent sized home. Lola stayed outside enjoying the fresh leaves falling upon her skin. Entering the house it seemed empty, but the smell of food filled the house quickly racing towards the smell food was out and the queen was snacking on fine dark roasted bear and dark fried lobster. The chiefs waved them over to come eat. As began eating a young boy, or girl opened the door – their attire completely green from hair to shoes. “Hello, I am Jesse.” Jesse said introducing themselves as they took a seat and began shoving down food. Beowulf blinked at him curiously. “Are mission is to guard her, who are you exactly?” Beowulf said with caution, making one begin to rise only to be stopped by Zeida's hand. “He is your assistance, fresh back from traveling. Do you really think I'd allow just some Senior High students to protect me?” The Princess said laughing along with Jesse, Kaiser slowly raised her hand. “About that, not only this tree safe – but the whole Nation. Why is he so worried a mer creature attacking you Ma'am?” Kaiser asked, The Princess, chief, and Jesse sat still as the question escaped from her lips. “Who cares what you think or why you're doing this? Just do your job.” Zeida said shoving their food off the table as she walked out the room with Jesse steadily behind her. Kaiser sighing, Lola grabbed her shoulder for support. Minutes passing they all began enjoying the quiet house that surrounded them. “It's, too quiet.” Kaiser said slowly, looking around the room. They all ready their weapons as they slowly walked towards the door that the Princess walked out of. Before Konan could wrap her hand over the knob it was immediately opened from the outside by a tall, look a like Zeida minus the boobs. All taking a step back in shock the boy smiled and waved. “Are you the skillsmen due to guard my sister?” The man asked – Lola sighing in relief she lowered her weapon. “You scared us Prince, your sister ran out and we got worried.” Lola said smiling as she bowed respectfully. “Sorry for the sneak up, my sister stormed past me so I thought I'd get you lot before she goes off somewhere.” The Prince said as he walked off with the others behind him closely. Going deeper underground the silence grew and grew, only darkness was close to them at all times. The Prince sped up turning a sharp corner, Kaiser put her hand up for the group to stop. “I don't recall the King saying he had children, only a child.” Kaiser said a loud the groups shocked face slowly turned towards where the Prince ran off. Beowulf lite a torch – the darkness fading the hallway was straight and endless. “But we saw him turn a corner in front of us – where is he?!” Lola asked in fear looking around as they all pulled out their weapons Konan took a few steps a head stopping in place black and purple energy flowed all around her seeking into the floor of the castle. The ground under them began to shake lightly, hands flew out from underground til 3 dead looking guards rose from the ground. The team took a step back as the guards bowed to Konan. “Tell me my beauties – who has killed you and where are the killers?” Konan asked as a box of white energy covered her hand she pulled out a small thin sword – gently laying it upon each guards shoulders quickly. “What the fuck is this..” Beowulf said falling to the ground as he held his weapon tightly, he gulped. Lola quickly pulled him to his feet placing him in front of her. “She specializes in death – she's a necromancer. The dead is her puppets.” Lola stated as she felt a sharp glare coming from Konan – looking back Konan's eyes were filled with fire. “Puppets? Are you a barbarian? A slave trader? These are my partners.” Konan stated proudly as she turned her attention back to her guardsmen. The immediately began walking towards a solid wall – placing their hand on it, the hidden door rose. They began leading the group into a well spaced out room – lightly lite around the edges the room was dim and yet again silent. The guardsmen stopped in the middle of the room, looking around as if confused. “It's silent again, and this time I'm following my gut.” Kaiser said as red energy appeared over her hand – balling her hand into a fist a fired flame was now around her arm. Throwing a blast of fire at the ceiling it spread into pieces seconds before impact. Four other people shielded their eyes from the flame, all dressed in torn and used green forest robes. Behind them stood a large dark beast of an unknown kind, gripping the Princess tightly in it's tuck as she screamed. The “Prince” appeared as smooth as air, taking his seat on the beast's hand – he stroked the Princess's hair. The Doctor threw a dagger only for it to simply bounce off the beast, The “Prince” began to laugh. “I'm Ersten, thank you for handing me the Princess.” Esten said as he licked the girl slowly from her forehead to her shoulder – suddenly the dagger blew up. Releasing yellow steam around the opposing team, only three fell to their knees. “I can't move my body!” Ersten said as he began to fall off the beast – one of the hooded men took off their robes relieving blue short hair and a build of a thief. Quickly jumping on the wall for support he catch Ersten and laid him safely on the ground. The other hooded man who remain standing began slicing his finger releasing blood onto the floor the green energy flowed though his body. Konan threw dark energy on the floor, the dead began to rise quicker than the 1st time. They began forming a shield around the team. “It's a summon! Brace yourself my partners can only survivable though so much damage!” Konan yelled as they all began to brace themselves. The summoner's robe began getting pushed violently by the wind but the summoner himself remained on level ground. His wasted blood began taking forming with black and green energy around it – a large armored elephant stood from the blood. Giving a loud roar, the summoner began to screaming in pain. “Armored Phenomenon of The Forest – kill these traitors!” The summoner yelled as blood came their mouth, without another words sharps roots sprung from underground, impaling the summoner in multiple places. H-how could you just kill her like that?!” The blue haired boy said as he drew his twin daggers and charged at Lola. Stupid boy, she killed herself – her summons aren't in line yet. She simply wasn't ready.” Lola said looking at the boy with dull eyes, seconds before his dagger made contact Lola hopped over his shoulder. Touching her leg silver energy appeared around it, kick the attacker in the back sending him I flying, then doing a smooth front flip. Her legs – their like rocks.” Kaiser whispered admiring Lola's leg work, the silver slowly disappeared off Lola's legs. Smiling she, the other two began to finally move. Look into my eye – realize who your tamer is. Get us out of here!” Ersten commanded as his eye glowed a bright black, he grabbed on to the beasts horns as they smashed though the upper floors they charged though the walls. This beast.” Lola said as she threw blasts of blue energy around the beast – freezing them it was ineffective. They charged though still. I'll handle this guy, some of my partners are still here and can be put to use.” Konan said as two of her dead guards charged at the hooded man. The man held his hands together in front of his face, release a small bubble of purple energy. Immediately it blasted out into poison mist, the attacker's clothes started burn away slowly. The last hooded man began backing into the corner trembling scared to attack. The flames – their purple. Why are they dying after one a attack?” Kaiser asked, Beowulf pulled at her arm and they all began running after the beast. All of them stopped at the same time upon the 1st hole entrance of where the beast ram – the hole was hit ground level, 120 meters away. How high – is that?” Beowulf said in shock, The Doctor began looking around sighing, she looked at Beowulf and touched his unicorn horn making his knees buckle. 393.700787 ft. exactly, we have to get moving.” The Doctor replied, the others mouths dropped. They began running up at full speed, within 2 minutes they popped out onto the surface. The path straight ahead was freshly made, houses, buildings, and farms were torn apart all thanks to the beasts charge. We failed this mission.” Konan said face palming herself as Kaiser nudged her sightly. Sh, follow those tracks or we will.” Kaiser warned her as they began following the tracks – the deaths were small but the descution was far too great. Looks like only 49 deaths Konan said running as she opened her eyes, The Doctor groaned. Only 49? Do you not realize that simply 1 death is too much?!” The Doctor yelled in anger, Lola sighed making a mirror ahead of them the beast was on the other side – dead.” That's enough. 49 is a good number, 1 would be worthless and lonely. Two is still as lonely - “ Erwin said jumping in front of them, making them all come to a hard stop – The Doctor began to yell. Do you realize what you're saying?! People are dead because you vanished without an explanation! We didn't fight creatures we fought another group of tier one even zero students!” The Doctor yelled out with tears falling off her cheeks her white eyes glazed with pain she fell to her knees crying. You're over reacting, and you saw things you thought you did. But the beast was killed by me of course.” Erwin said smirking at The Doctor, he began to walk past them. What is justice to you?” Konan asked out loud, making Erwin stop he began to chuckle. Saving as many lives possible, and living out my job to the fullest.” Erwin said, not turning around to even face them. Then after I get out of college, I'll teach you what it is.” Kaiser said balling her fist he finally turned around laughing. If you want a preview I guess I could show you – your energy span doing ok kid?” Erwin asked smiling as he got his mace got – putting it in his mouth, he held his head up high. Just, fine.” Kaiser stated as she placed both hands on the halt of her sword. Beowulf began looking at the two in shock. This isn't happening right? You can't go up against a teacher.” Beowulf warned Kaiser, Konan pulled him back nodding her head. Erwin is no good.” Konan whispered as Lola began to back away slowly in fear. Erwin leaped over, ready to slam Kaiser into the ground with his mace seconds before impact her lips moved fast as sky blue colored symbol appeared around her legs. Agility.” Kaiser said she quickly shoulder bashed into his chest sending him rolling he bounced back – throwing his mace directly at Kaiser in mid rebound. She quickly got her pistol her out and shot two dark energy blasts at his mace making it vanish. Where did you put my mace?!” Erwin yelled making Kaiser smirk in amusement, Erwin's hand glowed silver as he pulled out an axe – he quickly charged at Kaiser, with a click of a button the shaft became longer with an extra axe blade – spinning it, it starting cutting some of Kaiser's clothes and skin. Kaiser gripped the handled, pulling out her sword the smooth black steel began appearing – Erwin smiling wickedly he pointed to the ground. Kaiser looking down to see a hand in a “hand-gun” motion fired a sharp rock though Kaiser's shoulder – she fell. Erwin grabbing the hand instructor Gomosaku popped out from underground, sighing they yelled over for medical attention. The group remain silent and in shock as a 3 man group of medical workers began rubbing their nations herbs over the wound – healing it instantly Kaiser still looked sick. Well at least her wound is healed, she'll be healing it for a day or so still.” The Doctor said sighing in relief as Erwin's leg appeared in front of her as she looked up. Because of your motivational speech of bullshit caused this, you both will be in detention.” Erwin said as he patted her on the head and began to walk off – Beowulf helped Kaiser up as they began walking towards their homes. Before you go, due know never speak about the mission. It's for forbidden – final warning.” Gomosaku shouted out as they went their own ways the kids groaned in pain. I didn't have a chance.” Kaiser said coughing as she leaned on Beowulf for support he began chuckling. Damn straight – he's 5 years ahead and meant to train us, he's the best of the three.” Beowulf stated and Kaiser nodded her head in disagreement. Gomosaku is amazing, staying underground that long without air – then that move, I just never saw it coming.” Kaiser stated as the sun began to set Kaiser clutched her fist. Team 01! Where is the Princess?!” Gomosaku said running from the west of them – they all stood their in shock as their eyes widen. He was able to change himself into a look of like of the princess – and of course he posed as you two.” Kaiser said face palming herself now, Gomosaku grabbed at Konan. Where is the Princess?!” Gomosaku asked nearly yelling at her, Konan just nodded her head no. Erwin and The King disappeared and left us with a ridiculous mission. We was ambushed more than once.” Beowulf explained, Gomosaku rubbed their head in frustration. The Princess is missing – The King and Erwin are at symbolism meeting along with Jesse. Who's the traitor, damn-it.” Gomosaku asked, sighing they waved them off. “Forget this, the tournament week is within two weeks – focus on learning a new skill and prepare for this.” They added as they began running towards the impact sight. Just drop me off at house 802, please.” Kaiser said in pain, they all parted ways as Beowulf took her to Gein's house – word of the Princess got out quickly, The townsmen began talking furiously about their missing Princess. Seeming endless they finally reached Gein's house, walking up the door opened immediately. Sully screamed as Gein quickly covered her mouth, sighing he waved the two off. Going down into his basement Beowulf laid Kaiser down on the padded floor. Sully immediately began pulling up Kaiser's shirt and began checking her healing wound. “Her wound has already been treated thankfully.” Sully said in relief as Kaiser was fast asleep, Gein chuckled. “Are you Kaiser's teammate? Gein Koza.” Gein introduce himself with a slight bow – Beowulf smiled. “Just call me Beowulf, this is my 2nd mission with her and it's been interesting.” Beowulf said smiling as Sully giggled. “She's reckless but she cares.” Sully said as she looked over the sleeping Kaiser. “What happened exactly?” Gein asked – Beowulf's smiled quickly disappeared as he sighed. “We had a mission to protect the Princess, but we was deceive so badly.” Beowulf explained as he shook his head. “I have to get going, make sure she's ok.” Beowulf stated as he walked up the stairs and made his way home. A loud knock was heard from the door, Gein's dad answering a young boy/girl wearing all green walked down the stairs. “I'm Jesse, Kaiser's new teammate – before any weird question's I'm a boy.” Jesse said sighing as he walked over to the sleeping Kaiser. “I was in a tier 4 school but it was too easy.” Jessie added. “Is the Princess really missing?” Sully asked as she put a wet towel on her forehead. “Yes, while I was at the symbolism with your instructors we got note a beast racked some of our town.” Jesse explained as he pulled out a joint – he began smoking it. Sully yawning, she laid her head upon Kaiser's chest. “Both knocked out of course. This is ridiculous, the camping trip is due to happen tomorrow.” Gein stated as he laid on his sofa and Jesse smiled and took his spot near the wall – within seconds they were sound asleep. The next morning was dull and quick – qucikly getting dressed they all walked off to school together in silence. Making it into the school they all said their goodbyes and parted ways. The school event today was odd, students of certain age walked were in a line for a tattoo. Before Kaiser knew it she was in front of one. “This tattoo – it's for what now?” Kaiser asked blanking looking over at the other students. The staff member just chuckled. “You're a High Senior of Earth Nation – this symbolize tribute is necessary and again once a College Senior.” The staff member explained as Kaiser pulled down her right shelve and turned around, the tattoo was freshly backed on the her shoulder blade. “Now go to the back of the school and travel with a group. Wind Nation is our camping grounds for the day or so.” The staff member added. Kaiser began fixing her shirt as she headed outside towards the back area of the school – several groups were waiting and standing on pads one – by – one disappearing. The Doctor grabbed Kaiser's hand, pulling her towards the group they all looked relieved. “How do you feel?” Lola said as she held out a small ball of their nations herb she burn it and blew towards Kaiser healing her. “Ahh, nice with a good boost too. Thank you.” Kaiser said as they began going on the pads – within seconds of being on the pads they were teleported, high into the sky clouds were around them and the sun was so close yet not hot. “This is the wind nation?” Kaiser asked in amusement, looking down, the drop seemed endless. Jumping on to the next cloud she bounced with every step, they began following Kaiser til they reach solid ground. “This isn't my 1st time here, it's still emotionless as ever on the inside.” Lola stated as she sped up her pace not bothering with the scenery, Beowulf caught up. “You're part alien and human correct? So how are you a part of this place?” Beowulf asked Lola as she looked back with pain in her eyes. “My dad was human but he merely got my egg from the normal alien trade.” Lola stated as the group was soon around her. “What exactly is a alien trade?” Kaiser asked dumbfounded making Konan roll her eyes. “I don't expect a Nation Hopper to know everything outside the walls, they weren't even suppose to live up til now so who knows how little she knows. Anyway, the alien trade is located here at the wind nation. Their space program is too advanced, they've been planet hopping and trading objects for food if that.” Lola stated with pain in her voice, Beowulf gulped. “They're not doing much trading huh? It's more like stealing – this is why you resent us.” Beowulf said calm as a warm hand came across his face. “I'm not like them, I love everyone equally and that's all I ever wanted. Why do just alien kids have to be captured? What about my parents, and then if I try to start a new life people think I'll probe them! Nonsense and too much Energy TV!” Lola screamed as the tears rushed down her face,Kaiser put a hand on Lola's shoulder and smiled. “We can change the status quo together, it will happen soon enough because as everyone can see – nothing is right. But why are we the only ones to sit here and question?” Kaiser asked after making her speech – the group began thinking. “Because you guys are above average.” Jesse said coming out of the lighthouse a cloud over, waving he spit out a yellowish energy ball into the air above him, expanding it became a large thin board appeared – jumping on it he flew to them and extended his hand. “Sorry I'm late – I'm the new team member Jesse, I crashed with Kaiser but I was still late.” Jesse said shrugging Kaiser hopped onto the board. “How do I know you're the real Jesse? I met someone like you, er – once.” Kaiser said softly, and Jesse shrugged again. “I dunno crazy lady, let's just go to their dojo.” Jesse suggested as the others got on – they began flying high above the clouds. “How does their dojo work exactly?” Kaiser asked curiously as it came into eyesight – many of their school students were already there. “This is the meeting place, I've already trained here – you guys have a few years.” Jesse stated making Kaiser groan. “Tell me, what do you!” Kaiser asked impatiently as The Doctor got out her notebook and pen and began writing, Jesse just rolled his eyes – as they got closer they all began jumping off the board onto the platform of the dojo. “So close to space, we can feel the slow gravity of space kick in a long with the time. Fighting here is actually a slow jump into the future, how you fight along with the condition of your body decides how much you learn in a day.” Gein stated beside Kaiser – looking to her aside she quickly put her arm around Gein's neck. “Gein! This is great who else is here?” Kaiser asked smiling wildly as Gein rubbed her head. “Everyone, just watch out. This camping trip can be in no more than 3 groups – but 1 out of 3 of the groups is always a traitor. I'm not worried you'll have a hard time fighting, but I'm sure you'll have a hard time dealing with Sully.” Gein said jokingly as Kaiser raised an eyebrow. The announcements began, the King of Wind was present up ahead on top of the dojo. “This camping trip is to test your teamwork, how good your suspicious skill is, and also your trust. Bonds will be made, and broken.” The Wind Nation King stated, smiling he started again. “As you know I am not your King, your King is on somewhere else here talking to my Wind Children. This will be a mixture Wind and Earth camping trip – this how you will learn your new skill, come back within two weeks or sooner.” The Wind Nation Lord added as he disappeared leaving behind yellow balls of energy that quickly faded away. The students started cheering and booing, these new rules kept getting we stranger and stranger. As the groups began separating they began their walk towards the East, sighing Konan stopped in front of them. “A new skill, we all must learn. I wish to learn how to control dead plants, could be every useful.” Konan stated as the rest began to wonder what they wanted. “How about flying?” Sully asked hugging Kaiser from behind as her team slowly came from behind them. “Hugging the Nation Hopper? Ridiculous.” Doce said smirking at Kaiser as she gave off a sharp glare, Sully only hugged harder. “Flying? That's what you want to learn?” Kaiser asked Sully taking her attention off of Doce, Sully nodded her head as she began dancing around Kaiser joyfully. “Flying is so free, and it could increase my speed.” Sully stated as she grabbed Kaiser's hand she smiled greatly. “You can teach me how to fly, and I'll give you an I.O.U” Sully said grabbing at Kaiser's tie as Joey came over and cleared his throat. “Sure, it'll take me a minute to figure out what I wish to learn but I'll begin with you immediately. I do have to ask how did you know?” Kaiser asked Sully as she slowly took a step towards her own space. “You passed out and I had to check you over, Jesse was there too. I noticed what you actually worked it.” Sully stated bluntly, taking Kaiser back she began scratching her head. “So like, no element of surprise eh?” Kaiser asked as Sully shrugged, and began dancing around her again. “It's still plenty of surprise and element. I bet me and your most intelligent member can figure the perfect skill for you.” Sully suggested as Joey once again cleared his throat. “Joey go get water and shut up.” Sully stated. “I'm not here for that! I mean, they could be the enemy.” Joey said as Chuck slowly came up seeing Kaiser, he began laughing. “I'll be, my eyes laying on you once again so soon? Soon, we'll fight.” Chuck announced pointing at Kaiser as she stuck her tongue out. “The fight will be another day, as long as I'm in charge our ally is Kaiser's Team.” Sully stated as she grabbed Kaiser's hand and began going off with everyone following. Within 15 minutes they quickly made their way to a large brick house surrounded in clouds. Moving the clouds aside they began to scope out the house. Sully, Kaiser, and The Doctor all headed downstairs for their skill training. Doce smiled at Konan as he came close up to her. “Why hello, I'm Doce – and you?” Doce asked smoothly, Konan's face began to turn. Slowing going red, she began backing up. “Uh, Kona-Konan.” Konan replied breathing somewhat heavily, Lola and Beowulf began eying each other with insane looks. “Konan, are you feeling ok?” Beowulf asked her, making Doce glare he put his hand up to Beowulf in acts of a “stop sign”. “Love was made for two pal, sorry.” Doce said winking as he slowly kissed the lips of Konan – his tongue swished deep into her mouth. Beowulf, Chuck, Lola, and Joey's mouth’s was on the floor. Doce smiling, he pulled himself and Konan back into a comforty chair. “Love, teach me what you know about Kaiser will you?” Doce asked her kissing her neck to her shoulder causing Konan to blush. Jesse remain quiet while reading his book in the corner. “Kaiser's – my friend.” Konan said slowly as she slowly began blinking she realized what she was doing, hitting him in the stomach she quickly ran off. Sighing, Doce looked up smiling. “Heh, bitch.” Doce said as he got up and looked at Lola the same way, looking at her with the same lust in his eyes. Beowulf quickly got in front of Lola – glaring at Doce casing him to chuckle. “Why does this bastard get more lip than me?” Joey said with a hint of annoyance in his voice, sighing Chuck walked up to both of them extending his hand for them. “Chuck, Kaiser's 1st classmate. We are going to be allies and need to work on achieving a new skill yes? Then let's.” Chuck said as they shook his hand exchanged their names. “I'm a white mage, but fighting with regular energy is my style too – I'll figure out my new skill later.” Chuck added. The Doctor and Sully began writing and having conversation on the scanner board in front of them, talking endlessly to each other they finally turned back to Kaiser. “For the 1st part, what energy type do you want to focus on?” Sully asked going up to Kaiser checking out her wound from yesterday, she sighed in relief. “Healed for the most part.” Sully added. “If I had to think, Darkness would be reliable.” Kaiser stated as The Doctor and Sully looked at her shock, Kaiser began looking around the room for something weird. “Uh, something I said?” Kaiser asked blinking. “Wanting to learn something like that is – different.” The Doctor said slowly still in obvious shock, Kaiser laughed it off as she got up fixing herself she began walking up with Sully and The Doctor behind. “Your creep of a teammate made our teammate run off.” Lola immediately said to Sully as soon as they reached the head of the stairs, sighing Kaiser walked out looking at her scanner Konan was a few clouds away near a bridge. Heading over to Konan, the bridge was foggy and long. Walking around a figure grew closer, rushing to it – it was everyone but Konan. “K-Kell?” Kaiser asked as she stopped a few feet away from Kell, he was standing on top of the bridge looking over at Kaiser – he smiled. “My memory is fading – or maybe being replaced. Why is it – when I announce love to my “parents” it never feels right?” Kell asked quietly as he began looking down – the sky was his ground. “It's okay, we can figure this all out together!” Kaiser suggested as she began walking towards Kell, Kell simply shook his head no as the tears slowly fell. “Maybe Zolo and Thessius will have some answers, but I can no longer live when the world is confusing me this much.” Kell said as he lifted his weight forward and began falling before Kaiser's eyes. Konan coming out of the fog looked over the bridge, looking back at Kaiser she sighed. “Is he – can he make that?” Kaiser asked fearfully, slowly staring into Konan's eyes she knew the truth immediately. Grinning her teeth, she grabbed Konan's hand and quickly took her back to the brick house. “Doce isn't right, not around me.” Konan warned her before entering the house, Kaiser just opened the door ignoring her words the pain in her eyes showed all. Sully stopped her from walking, holding her hand she look worried. “Are you alright? It's like you've seen a ghost.” Sully said checking her temperature, nodding her head and bowing she simply went up stairs to sleep. Sully turned her attention towards Konan. “What happened to her?” Sully asked immediately making Konan's eyes roll while she chuckled. “1st off who are you exactly? Demanding such answers like you own the place.” Konan said rudely as Sully grabbed on to her shirt tightly. “I'm Kaiser's Fighting Mate. What's wrong?” Sully asked tapping her foot rapidly, Konan being silent she finally sighed pushing Sully off of her gently she looked into her eyes. “Some guy jumped off a bridge, literally.” Konan stated causing Sully to take a step back in confusion as even Beowulf popped his ears up to listen. “Kaiser knew him previously, something about lies and other nonsense.” Konan added as Sully's eyes flew up. “Kell?! Green hair, small boy?!” Sully asked nearly yelling, Konan merely shook her head 'yes'. Sully taking a step back again, breathing – she went up stairs too. “What's the relationship between those two exactly?” Beowulf asked looking up at the up stairs room curiously, Joey sighed shaking his head. “Fighting Mate apparently, an hour ago it was “true love” and “marriage”.” Joey stated shaking his head as a loud laugh came from Jesse, Lola sighing she walked over to Jesse. “It's wrong to laugh at someone's feelings but more importantly this is about my other skill – I want to use a gun.” Lola stated proudly, the room silent for a moment Jesse began laughing again. “One finger pull and bam! Black eye.” Jesse teased, making Lola's face get red from annoyance she grabbed at his ear and sighed. “Maybe at 1st, but I'll be better after training – faggot.” Lola stated quietly, Jesse rising his head out of his book glared at her. “I like your attitude.” Jesse said smiling as he grabbed his gun out of his jacket pocket, it was small energy pistol. “This is the basic one, for adults at at least. Go get some target practice in.” Jesse added shooing her away. Lola sighed looking over at the others in the room she thought hard about what to do. “I'd gladly go and and watch over you practice.” Joey said with a clearing of his throat, nodding she grabbed Beowulf along for the ride too. Beowulf happily began setting up the targeting equipment outside, Lola looking over her gun – she seemed dumbfounded. “That called a trigger.” Joey said pointing at it as he chuckled, only making Lola's face turn red. “I know what's, what!” Lola said angrily as she turned around and shot at one of the targets completely missing it the shot was on course for impact into the house – watching the engry in his hand Jesse looked over the 3 with annoyance. “He just caught that, with his hands.” Beowulf mumbled in shock – Joey pushing Lola in front he starts pointing. “Her idea and terrible aim, sir.” Joey stated, placing his feet together and flat hand on his head he saluted. “Is that a new sign of how to surrender? Jesse asked shaking his head at Joey, making Lola giggle with revenge – sighing Jesse took out the two beads that tied his hair. Poking himself to bleed a await he touched his beads and threw him in the air – the white energy blinded them for a minute. Getting their eye sight back, Jesse was no where to found but a Frog with a angry look took his place. “He got away from teaching me, by summoning his pet frog?” Lola questioned walking up to the frog, it showed more annoyance with each step Lola took. “You need help with your aiming do you not child?” The frog spoke, looking into Lola's eyes deeply. “How to aim? Well yes, I do need help.” Lola started as the Frog began walking past her, he sucked in air with one huge inhale – releasing it, it hits two targets dead on. “You're a mage yes? Then the problem you face is all in your head, you may have a new tool to fight with – but your aim is always at it's best.” The Frog stated as he did a large leap he grabbed on to Beowulf's horn making his knees buckle. “Oh my god, why does everyone do this?!” Beowulf asked throwing the frog at Joey he began to freak out and throw it back at Beowulf. “I don't want it loser! You have it.” Joey proclaimed as he began wiping off the slim from the Frog. As Beowulf was about to catch him, the Frog came flying towards him – with a swiss front flip he bashed Beowulf in the chest, knocking him back a few spaces. “You have more balance and control than what you lead people to believe, I like that.” The Frog said smiling, Joey sighing he bowed. “I'm Joesph Holin sir, and you're?” Joey asked, causing the frog to think he began laughing. “Can't remember something as small as that anymore.” The Frog said as he jumped on top of the house to get a better view. “Lola, focus is what you need.” He added, making Lola look at the gun again – she picked it up. Focusing, she quickly pulled the trigger twice – the two targets were destroyed. Smiling she began cheering. “I hit the targets! I did it! I did it!” Lola said joyfully, bringing a smile to both Beowulf and Joey's face. “If Kell didn't die, what about my father?” Sully asked worriedly Kaiser just laid on the bed in silence before she spoke. “We can't automatically say Kell had the best intentions from the beginning, he's a alive for a reason right? Must be something else.” Kaiser stated as she sighed. “Because he is the Principals son he must be bad?” Sully argued in pain as Kaiser could only smiled. “The friendship runs deep, but he's dead for good this time.” Kaiser stated as she received a sharp slap to the face by Sully. “All the people who once fell will rise up again, I'll make that wish when I beat the tournament.” Sully shouted with tears running down her face Kaiser hugged her, opening her mouth to get ready to talk the window breaks into pieces by the punch of one person. Rolling for the landing, the hooded man stood up with a peace sign. “Yo.” The man said as he took off his hood. “Oh shit.”


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