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Kenni: My internet has been out nearly all week blah! I'm glad I got to update somewhat
on time. <3

Who's ready for the 2nd OC winner to be announced?


1st Mission

Ch. 05 –


Lola gripped the sides of the tree tightly, her legs shaking. Kaiser slowly grabbed a stick and began writing. ‘If we run and panic, we’ll just be easy targets.’

The Doctor nodded as pulled out one of her knifes, throwing it in the air it vanished reappearing as a mirror – Kaiser began writing again.

‘Even tier one students can be dangerous with a sniper at an unknown distance. 2 on the right, but the other two are out of sight – sniper and white mage could be a possibility.’

“Come out already!” Yoko yelled taunting them but making sure not to go too close to the trees. Sakura soon followed up with the taunting.

“Do you think before we win we could loot your body before they kill you?” Sakura asked cheerfully as she pulled out her tonfas, her pink cat ears pricking up high.

Kaiser’s teeth began to grind, quickly she did a hand signal towards Lola – without words Lola came out of her hiding spot and blasted two large rocks near Sakura and Yoko, causing the dust to slowly rise.

Before Lola could get back into her hiding place she was shot, starting from the bullet wound in her heart – she slowly began breaking like glass. Beowulf quickly looked away with a hand covering his mouth – he balled his fist.

“Got’cha!” A voice called out from a distance that neither team could tell where.

“No fool, it’s I who have you.” Lola said from above sitting on a tree branch – staring at the sniper boy 20 trees away from her. Kaiser pointed up as her team got the message; they quickly began to get on the same level as the sniper and Lola.

 Sniper boy began scoping around for his prey, not seeing anything he spilled off his goggles and ear protectors – revealing a pair of bunny ears.

“Why must snipers be so unnecessarily loud?” The boy said to himself sighing as his other teammate began violently shaking him.

“Hurry Shin and call the others, they found us!” The girl warned him as she pointed towards Team 1 closing in fast, without a thought he put back on his ear protectors and shot flare gun.

“His hearing is very good but also sensitive.” Kaiser stated as they continued to tree hop towards the two.

“Lola those rocks didn’t hit them at all did they?” Beowulf asked looking back at her, she simply nodded.

“I’m not worried about them, we need to take care of the sniper 1st, their aim is unbelievable – simply can’t be the work of a human. But this is still a tier 1 team, if they think they’re winning for no more than a second they let their guard down and celebrate.” Lola stated as they were merely trees away from the two.

“So the flare is for them or more reinforcements?” Beowulf questioned only to have sharp pain enter his stomach due to Sakura’s tofa hitting him dead – sending him flying into a higher tree. Gaining his senses he managed to safely bounce off the team and on to the branch of it only to be hit into by Sakura once more, ready to hit him with the other tofa he slide down the tree sweeping her feet from under her.

His hands giving off green energy, he touched the tree quickly pulling out twin swords, and he raced towards Sakura both their weapons stopping each other, grinning he kicked her chest sending her flying down in between the two teams.

Beowulf jumped down and landed beside her, smirking he threw Sakura’s weapons towards Shin who began to catch it. Without warning a swift punch was delivered by Kaiser, grabbing Sakura’s weapons and Shin missed – she tossed them beside Sakura.

Shin got knocked into the mage girl, she began to quickly help Shin up glaring – he ran towards the group clicking in a button, his sniper grew thinner and longer like a staff.

Yoko drove his spear towards Kaiser, only to be easily dodged and countered by Kaiser – getting his shirt grabbed and then pulled over his head he was kicked towards Lola.

Quickly she blasted a fire ball at the incoming boy, making him stop in place the smoke slowly faded away as he started falling towards the ground – Lola sighed looking at the falling boy; his speed started deceasing as he was safely placed on the ground.

“Thanks for helping my teammate but look out for yourself 1st!” Sakura shouted as she went to hit her with one of her tofas, Lola’s eyes shut waiting for the painful contact soon to come. 3 seconds overdue for her hit she opened her eyes to reveal Kaiser stocking the tofa hit with her arms.

“Always look out for your teammates, no matter what – you guys didn’t even attempt to move an inch to save him.” Kaiser stated as she kicked Sakura in a tree, looking back at Lola she smiled.

Shin began spinning his staff, blocking the sharp attacks from the doctor she smiled.

“You’re good at spinning sticks, you’ll make a fine cheerleader.” The doctor said as she threw several knifes again at Shin, this time two being coated with yellow energy. Making contact with his staff immediately actived both knifes.

The wind slowly began cutting him as it carried him off of the tree, floating high his screams became slowly vanished into the wind.

“W – Where did you take Shin?!” The girl yelled backing away slowly in fear.

“He’ll be fine as long as he can figure his way out the forest.” The Doctor stated shrugging, she pointed towards both Yoko and Sakura.

“You have a job to do, as do I.” The Doctor said bowing as she went over to Beowulf and began healing him with blue energy surrounding Beowulf and her hands. The girl watched in amazement – snapping out of it she ran over to her teammates and began healing them.

“Let’s make distance between our Teams.” Kaiser said as they began walking towards the opposite direction with her team quickly behind her.

“Hey guys, what do you think they meant when they said loot us before they kill us?” Lola asked the group, The Doctor nodded in agreement.

“Seems like the loser would have been dead either way, this is the same nation – why this cruelty?” The Doctor added, Kaiser remain silence as she listened to the words of her teammates.

“I remember hearing rumors like this growing up, makes me think the rumors have more truth in them.” Beowulf said glancing up high towards the trees. “They also said this forest made you crazy, many were sent here just to die. Honestly when both teams’ instructors left so suddenly I feared the worst.” Beowulf added.

“People can vanish and no one will say anything?” Konan asked curiously.

“I guess this makes sense, my dad was also a doctor – a great doctor. He helped many, some not returning for many reasons. Moving, Adventuring, Studying, Training, yet we never heard of them again from anyone. The paper work for the disappearing patients just stopped coming in and eventually disappearing, my dad said they just got well.” The Doctor explained holding her mask tightly.

“If we learn too much, we’ll disappear as well.” Kaiser said not looking back at her teammates, within seconds a loud explosive went off behind them.

“That was near the other team!” Lola exclaimed looking back at the burning trees, The Doctor began walking towards the explosive only to be stopped by Kaiser and Beowulf.

“If the losing team was meant to die I think it already happened, we can’t risk our lives going over there.” Beowulf explained, with Kaiser nodding. A brown bird flew out from the flames, it’s shadow went over them all heading North.

Kaiser all began running after it, soon her team quickly following.

“The bird, it’ll show us the way to get home.” Kaiser said getting to lower grounds they safely pursued after the bird with the trees as their cover.

“That bird flew out the flames! Is it the cause of their death?” The Doctor questioned looking at the bird as she furiously wrote down every detail she could.

“Seems like it, it’s huge! The guards should kill it quickly, a monster yet again in the Nation? We’ll soon to get mocked.” Konan said sighing as her eyes were never off the bird.

“Just stop asking questions for now, please. I have a study group we can go to tonight - let’s just go with the flow on this.” Kaiser suggested grinding her teeth, the bird sped up.

“After it! It’s running away!” Beowulf shouted as they all began running, only to be stopped by shock and fear.

Sakura’s body was burned beyond belief, her pink hair stained with silk still flowed though the wind in all its glory. Yoko’s spear was impaled into their White Mage, her once white robe soaked with her blood. Her yellow eyes still brightly open, face of fear. Yoko’s own shield ended his life, only his top half was in view – Shin was no one to be found, Konan’s screams filled the forest.

“Death is so lovely!” Konan cried out laughing.

“Are you actually okay? Need a mood relaxer?”  The Doctor asked a little freaked out.

“What? Did you expect me to cry like an infant after I saw the bodies?”  Konan questioned her annoyed as The Doctor rolled her eyes.

“Our team was fighting with some honor; or at least I want to believe so.  I don’t remember you doing anything, but now you see dead bodies and make a scene?” The Doctor stated with the same annoyed look – Konan and The Doctor got close to each other only to be held back by both Kaiser and Beowulf.

“We can’t waste energy on friendly fire.” Kaiser stated cause The Doctor to take a breath and nod, being released she threw a dark coated energy blade at the bodies – covering them up. Konan angrily pushed Beowulf away storming ahead of them.

“She has problems.” Beowulf said dusting off his shirt.

“So does everyone else here, let’s follow her?” Kaiser said heading off towards Konan along with The Doctor. The bird was nowhere to be found; above all the green trees looked the same. Every turn was the same as the last; every rock that was moved was found in the same spot as before.

Hours passing, they finally saw the end of the school building all smiling in relief the conversation finally picked up again.

“I’m sorry for acting like a crazy bitch, and a useless one.  I’m not good sparring.” Konan admitted shyly, making Beowulf laugh.

“What do you mean? If you can’t fight how are you in a tier 5 school?” Beowulf said walking around Konan studying her, Konan lifting her hand to smack Beowulf Kaiser spoke.

“She’s only good at killing.” Kaiser stated, Konan dropping her hand she smiled – Lola clapped them back into reality.

“We must hurry, rather to our instructors or home – we need to not be here.” Lola warned, they all nodded and began walking along side the school near the bride.  Heading towards it figures were ahead of them waving.

“You did well on your 1st mission ladies, and gentleman.” Tra said chuckling patting Beowulf on the back.

“Could of made better time but it will do, I suppose a victory meal is in order.” Erwin said clapping for them lightly; make The Doctor’s fists tighten. They all began walking into town looking where to eat.

“Instructor Erwin gives me bad vibes.” The Doctor stated softly towards her team, Konan nodded.

“Me of all dead loving creatures – is truly creped out by that man.” Konan stated as Erwin picked a fish shop to eat at.

“Keep talking and some are bound to hear and protect him.” Gomoasku said behind them casually, causing them all to step forward.

“Luhrer! I – er. Why would they protect Luhrer Erwin?” Kaiser asked curiously as they all were suddenly pushed into their seats.

“Because my old man protects this town better than anyone, I will take his place soon.” Erwin stated proudly as he ordered for entrainment, within minute’s small papers and the Earth’s Nation herb was brought over to the group.

Smacking his hands together in relief Erwin began quickly rolling, lighting each joint and passing it to every person at the table.

“You deserve this team, besides you’re still wounded. The herb should heal all.” Erwin said smoking his in one big inhale, he spit out the remains straight at The Doctor’s head making her jump up.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” The Doctor shouted throwing her joint at him, catching it he threw it back at her.

“Just light up and smoke, do everyone here a favor.” Erwin said laughing with joy. Calming down, they all started smoking their joints. The fresh cuts were quickly fading away, looking at each other they smiled.

“All my strength is back to normal – or maybe I do have a bit of a boost!” Kaiser said stretching happily.

“Look at that! Only took them 10 seconds if that to heal, if we aren’t a head of the Wet Nation I don’t know who is!” Tra said checking them all over, with a smile he got out his stave and a yellow energy sparked off of it on to the kids. “All your weapons are in tip top shape as well.” Tra added.

“I wish to be you Senpai.” The Doctor said quickly with lust in her eyes, only to be nudged by Beowulf.

“So uh, what do you mean? Why are the Wet and Earth Nation arguing?” Kaiser asked cutting in.

“You see that? This herb comes of us; we found it and made multiply ways for this one herb to heal people in seconds. They also have magic water that heals but that was just given to them!” Erwin said slamming his hand on the table as all the food arrived.

The kids began mowing down the food before their instructor’s very eyes, only to be stopped by a voice.

“Just like a proud barbarian you fight and claim for what you stole.” The voice said, Erwin began to stand up for to be stopped by Gomoasku’s hand.

“Let’s not start fights, like a barbarian.” Gomoasku said a loud – Kaiser steadily chomping away at her food.

“We make a healing treatment and share it only to have it stolen and get ‘props’ from it!” The guy said furiously as he stood up himself, only causing Gomoasku to sigh and sit down.

“What is your Nation?” Beowulf asked the man directly, causing the man to laugh.

“Wet Nation of course, do you people know what the air of true freedom smells like?” The man asked, Erwin stood up and began walking to the man.

“True freedom?” Kaiser repeated, her fork dropping she was fully focusing on the conversation.

“Name.” Erwin stated, placing his hand over his left hip he began gripping it.

“Moiste, that’s how your mother was like.” Moiste said grinding; Erwin’s teeth began grinding together as his students snickered.

“I hated my mother, but I respect her. But who are you, dead.” Erwin said as he lifted up a small stick – pink energy wrapping around it; it quickly grew into a large steel mace. Putting it in his mouth he took a swing, Moiste dodging it the table shattered into pieces.

Moiste balanced on top of Erwin’s shoulders – grabbing his armor he slammed down into the ground leaving all around stunned.

“Erwin! Relax, attacking with ang – “ Tra began only to be silenced by Erwin’s yell.

“Shut it paste boy!” Erwin yelled putting his mace back in his mouth he jumped spinning twice; crashing his mace into the hand blades of Moiste. Slashing away, Erwin’s clothes and skin were cut in several places.

Gomoasku back flipped off a near pillar kicking Erwin aside lightly; grabbing her short blade she made quick work disabling Moiste’s arm guard only to be kicked firmly in the chest, flying Erwin grabbed her hand and swung her into the seat – wielding his mace with both hands he slammed it down once more.

Moiste began howling in pain, unable to block or dodge the attack his chest was hurt. Erwin began grinding.

“You lose.” Erwin said smirking widely, The Doctor rolled her eyes.

“Impressive, but you still needed help.” The Doctor said aloud, Erwin stared at her with a cold look. Taking the moment he kicked Erwin swiftly in the chest, getting up he stomped his foot. A wave of water splashed down around everyone, looking up Moiste was nowhere to be found.

“Nice get away.” Kaiser said looking around Erwin waved his hands in disapproval.

“We’re done here, get your homework done and sleep. I’ll think about rather or not you get a mission or an ass kicking from us.” Erwin said leaving quickly off into the distance; Tra shrugged giggling he pointed at The Doctor and Beowulf.

“I will be training you two personally.” Tra said patting both of them on the shoulder smiling, he walked off. Gomoasku bowed slightly holding their fist together.

“Kaiser, Beowulf, Doctor. You’re in my hands.” Gomoasku said walking off, leaving the group stunned.

“So I’ll be with Erwin?” Konan said blinking furiously, The Doctor began laughing.

“I think it’s time we do return home.” Beowulf stated, they all nodded waving they all set for home expect Kaiser, she headed towards Gein. The fresh cool night was relaxing for such a walk on a long day.

The thoughts of Moiste words travel though Kaiser’s mind constantly.  Turning on to Gein’s street Chuck was there waiting.

“Greetings.” Chuck said as they both began walking inside.

“You look a little beat up, are you okay?” Kaiser asked looking over Chuck, his face bloody and clothes ripped – he walked with a limp. He waved for them to go inside; quickly going down stairs a different group was there.

“Kaiser.” One of them spoke softly; Kaiser began looking around the room with caution.

“You faced the brown bird and lived right?” One of them asked walking up to her, Gein came in the room placing his fist on Kaiser’s shoulder.

“Don’t just throw questions, wait and give her your name for god’s sake.”  Gein said annoyed, they all began apologizing.

“We got attacked, the program this school kicked in. We aren’t fit for a tier 5 school.” Chuck said nervously as he took a seat.

“I know it will hurt both yours and the schools pride but if you need a lower school then you should get to able to have that option.” Kaiser stated, Chuck just nodded in disagreement.

“Should is right, but they’re just killing us now.” Chuck said in fear tightening his fist.

“But if they wanted you dead you’d be dead, if you took out the bird you should be fine right?” Kaiser asked quickly as the room got silent.

“We’ve all been attacked, but only a few people have seen the principal meaning certain death. But you guys are fine; the school is working completely backwards now!” One of the kids shouted out crying.

“How many times have you seen the bird? Some say the principal and the bird have the same cold hearted stare.” One of them said, Kaiser began shaking her head no.

“I killed one of the birds for sure, but the next one I saw was twice as big – didn’t try to bother me.” Kaiser said pacing a bit. One of the students came up to Kaiser.

“I’m Kolka, I had an older brother. He was killed in the field, MIA. But beforehand my brother would cry day on and night, about people vanishing. He’d beat certain teams and never heard of them again, his cries grew so big. One morning he never came down stairs, apparently the night before he had an important mission that took his life.” Kolka said with tears running down her beautiful blue and yellow fur.

“If we learn too much, we die. If we ask too much, we die. We’re here to fight; I’m starting to question everything. I was put in such intense training? No one was blocked out from everyone else but me.” Kaiser said grinding her teeth together.

“We’re tools. Usually the Nation Hoppers are just killed right away; this is why everyone is shocked you’re alive and strong.” Gein stated, Kolka began shaking her head.

“Nothing is making senses; I get my work done why am I doomed to die suddenly?” Kolka said crying furiously; Chuck slapped a paper on her mouth – silencing her.

“Quite or we will die sooner.” Chuck said shaking his head, her tears running down her face.

“It’s like the wheel of fate has started spinning the other way.” Gein said handing Kolka a cup of hot herb tea. “Zolo finally showed up, but my memory is so fuzzy about it.” Gein added rubbing his head.

“What do you mean? He’s fine now, what are his parents saying?” Kaiser asked quickly; Gein just shook his head.

“That’s just it, his parent is the principal. I could have sworn, in the past growing up it was two young looking people taking care of him. But when I think of their faces fully all I see is one man.” Gein said granting, sighing he began shaking his head again.

“What is going to happen to the losing teams during the tournaments? Nation and World Wide.” Kaiser asked looking around.

“Well I personally was leader of my team, we lost. All my teammates moved from embarrassment, but they have never written me back – none of them. Why am I still here?” The boy said taking a seat next to Chuck, hanging his head low.

“My 1st mission was in the forest, we beat a Earth Nation village team. Tier 1 students, they wanted to loot us before we died.” Kaiser admitted all looking around in shock, Doce finally appeared from the coward.

“Are you insane? We only spar with each other; we are all brother and sister. Killing one another is wrong; we only attack creatures and other Nations!” Doce bolted out steaming, his chest pumping. Kaiser just took a seat and began doing her homework, along with many others taking her lead.

The bathroom door opening, steam filled the room endlessly. Walking out a soaked, towel wrapped Sully appeared.  Seeing Kaiser she immediately jumped at her.

“I knew I heard you while I was in the shower! How was your daaaaaay?” Sully said cheerfully as she got out her scanner too and began studying.

“Living with Ms. Sully is lovely, truly.” Gein said under his breath annoyed.

“I’m due to train with one of my Luhrer’s already; I know nothing about them – not even their gender really.” Kaiser admitted not taking her eyes away from her scanner.

“That’s interesting, our special class training starts tomorrow also. You and I will be seeing each other.” Gein said looking towards Kaiser smiling.

“Speaking of school it’s already late; you better spar or go to bed.” Gein’s dad warned from the top of the stairs, snapping out the top flame he left. Everyone began saying their goodbyes and walking towards the lockers expect for Kaiser.

“It’s safer to go home teleportation style ya’know?” Sully said grabbing Kaiser’s arm. Kaiser went to open her mouth only to be pushed in the locker by Gein.

Falling, she slowly got up finding herself in her house; she took a breath of relief and went straight for her room. Falling on the bed, she got out the red notebook looking though the blank pages endless. Hours passing, without realizing it Kaiser fell out of the bed opening her eyes.

Looking up at the sun rise she slowly stood up.

“How did I fall asleep? So sudden...” Kaiser whispered, shaking her head she began walking out grabbing a banana for breakfast.

Walking to school quickly, the air was different. Maybe realizing this is the same air, the same caged air they’ve been breathing for years.

Getting to the school was there piling in, a hand was placed on Kaiser’s shoulder.

“We’re needed.” Gomoasku said with Lola and the others behind him. Nodding she began following without word.

“What is it this time?” Kaiser asked the group as they began heading deeper into the center of the village, a tall tree touching the clouds was being guard by many. Entering without fear they began up the stairs and entered the tree.

“This is big.” The Doctor whispered looking around in pure shock. Walking in a hollow room for no more than 10 minutes they reached the end, opening another double door Erwin and Tra turned around greeting them.

An older man dressed only a green robe cut off at the torso, his long beard touching the floor he inhaled deeply.

“Who’s the old man on the herb machine? If the pain is just too much isn’t it time to quit?” Konan asked curiously, the man stared at Konan for a while suddenly, he began laughing.

“I like these brats, the newer the generation the better the comebacks!” The old man said laughing, taking off the mask he stood up.

“I’m Zemlya Korol, Leader of The Earth Nation. I need to talk to you all.”




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